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I'm thinking about
changing that to my tag line to
Only The Best
Perhaps do one meal a week,
as a 'Web Meal'.
And limit my postings to that.
We'll see.

grilled cheese sandwich with ham, I believe, looks good, toasted just right, the trick is lots of butter and salt

Got a panini grill.
The above is grilled Gouda & jalapenos.

Grilled cheese decoratively presented on a black plate with slices of tomato and grapes

More or less the same, but with grapes.

A mass of pulled port.  Not overly appetising.  But maybe thats because its not greasy enough looking

The above is pulled pork:
braised and shredded, still in the pan.

pulled pork sandwich, rolls, pickles, who knows what the white stuff is, ah, it says below, potatoes, so the white stuff is butter

Pulled pork as a meal with potatoes & rolls.
The rolls are about to be made into sandwiches with the pickles.

pulled pork sandwiches with pickles and tomatoes, I like my sandwiches wet

Pulled pork, once again.
With tomatoes & pickles, this time.
Oh, and lots of salt and pepper -- them be the specks.
This just might be one of those them there

Best of the Best
Good Pictures
Good Eats

duck, eggs, lettuce, just whatever, most likely

Kumquat Duck
(I have no idea where I got quince from at this point)
with fried eggs laced with sun dried tomatoes.
The purple stuff is cabbage.

doesnt look so good but Tom Kha Gai is one of my favorites, chicken doesnt look brown enough, broccoli, corn, all swimming in a sea of coconut curry sauce, which is what tom kha gha is

Tom Kha Gha
a dish,
which if you've been reading this site
from the beginning,
you know that I simply adore.

chicken and scrambled french toast, which is just french toast made in cubes and scrambled, so cubed bread, drenched in egg yolks, and prepare like scrambled eggs or an omelete

Down the street there's a place that specializes in
Chicken & Waffles.

Well, this is chicken and scrambled French toast, made with French bread.
Syrup & Salt:
two great tastes that taste great together.

more of that chicken Tom Kha Gha, with flatbread this time, though if I did not look at the copy below, i would not have the slightest idea

Tom Kha Gha with chicken and flatbread.

eggs, stuff, cabbage, english muffins, jelly, who knows why this was the best, makes you sort of wonder what the rest of the week looked like

Fried eggs with assorted leftovers.

pizza and eggs, liked the idea of left over pizza warmed in a pan and topped with eggs, liked the idea better than it was

More assorted leftovers, well, pizza, actually.

Roast Chuck Braised, so my notes say, meat is what it be

Chuck Roast.
450 for a half hour.
Then slow roasted
(or braised)
with water on low heat.

Roast Chuck again, on bed of corn with what looks to be rice and broccoli, thats good eating, oh, I hail from the midwest where corn is considered a vegetable, so there is a veritable salad on that plate

So tender, it pulls apart with a fork.

same dish as previous, chuck, corn, different angle, different portion, different day, but nothing new to see here, this sounds much better than the pork to me this morning, all image alt notes made 4-6-16 about 3 years after the inital posting, same with title, not much other changes, div tags killed and replaced by one center tag

Same dish the next day.
Meat this greasy, and that's pretty much all I want to eat.

more Brett Food please

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