Brett Food

Sous Vide

...for you'd and me'd...

13.5 hours
maintained at 56.5℃
in a climate controlled water bath.

That's the idea behind Sous de Vide

In truth, the time doesn't matter.
It's a >= to thing.

It's the temperature that's key.
Never exceed a certain temperature,
and the meat can't overcook.

So, raw meat in a bag.
Or what I like to call a Bag-o-Meat™

Same meat hours later,
still in bag,
but fully cooked.

See, cooked...
perfectly, I like to think.

If you don't agree,
well, that's what restaurants are for.

Served with onions.
So, onions and butter.

Cooked onions and butter.

Cooked onions and butter...
and tasty-tasty meat.

Meat, it's what's for supper.

See, supper!

What's for supper?

The Good Stuff™.

It's the only thing we serve at Brett's™.

more Brett Food please

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