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Nine days old

It's going to be a short week, I believe.
But perhaps I will make up for it next time.

Or, I know. I've been thinking about adding computer stuff. So, like, you're probably way more advanced than me, but I use:
And then, to load the pictures into KompoZer (a tedious process if everthere was one if done by hand), I first:
>> And if you want the years later commentary on that (4-7-16 vs 6-1-13), I code everything by hand now, using Notepad++, have moved beyond Kompozer, and only used that batch file for a few weeks. But without starting somewhere, I would have never gotten this far. Oh, and I do my automation in Python these days. I can't recommend Python enough.<<

So, there you have it. The blind leading the blind. The near computer illiterate putting in their two cents. Shouldn't be too surprising. The rest of the post pretty much does the same thing, only with food as the focus rather than code.

The Food

This is just a protein shake. I'm liking them these days. Fast and easy, just like everything else this week. (Also this week, I'll be putting the captions ahead of the pictures to see how I like that.)

milk, cheap protien shake, shaken in a glass jar, therebe the trick

Rice, Corn, & Sausage

I think of this as rice and beans, less the beans. Into the pot I put rice (along with a random amount of water); corn (half a bag of frozen); packet of Kielbasa Sausage (this stuff is peppery); and the last of the Italian Sausage from the previous (to get rid of it).

Ingredient shot, rice and water in cooker, corn to side, with sausage and bits of frozen sausage below
This is how it looked once placed in the rice cooker. I plugged that sucker in and an hour later, it's time to eat.

cold pot full of ingredients, eccentially prepping a crock cooker and letting it go, corn, sausage, rice unseen, all covered in water
The cooked medley. In my mind, the whole purpose of the corn & rice is to extend the sausage.

Cooked result, rice is done, water has thus disappeared, and its rice, corn, and sausage, good eating that
And to make the extension of sausage more palpable, a little barbecue sauce never hurt. I'm using Pad Thai Sauce here. It's not my favourite. I don't know that I'll purchase it again. But I like to experiment. And the new flavour was well worth the price of admission (same cost as an American brand).

Rice, beans, barbeque, and cheese
Here's the same dish with the Pad Thai Sauce mixed in. Same great taste, he said perhaps a little sarcastically. The stuffs just OK to me. But then, since I can't read the directions on the bottle, maybe I'm using it wrong. What are those? Shrimp on the label? Doubt this is the dish the producers had in mind when they bottled the stuff.

Essentiall rice, sausage, corn, and sauce, pad thai sauce

Blueberry Sundae

Mainly, because I wanted an obviously disjoint image to form a break between the rice dish and the pea dish that follows.

ice cream and blueberry jelly

Peas Porridge

I put the peas in the rice cooker (half the bag) and added probably (I don't know, I didn't bother to read the directions) about twice as much water as needed. Didn't end up using the olive oil.

Peas Porridge ingredient shot, peas, who knows what else, garlic, olive oil
This was a communal cooking project. Originally, I was going to use the left over hunk of fat from the tri-tip. (I expect to be posting that series next week). But that got nixed. After that, olive oil was discussed as an alternative to the beef fat. But finally butter was settled upon. That small slice of butter was all that was used for the entire pot (maybe a pad and a half) with a few tablespoons of minced garlic (the canned stuff isn't as strong as fresh, so I use more than I might otherwise).

butter and garlic, it be whats for dinner, heck, I just like that saying, humble pie, it be whats for dinner, suck it
And here's the finished product after adding salt and pepper (to taste). The butter glistened off the top and the dish had a soft delightful flavour.

And, Oh! Just by-the-by, peas and beans are remarkably similar in the, um, flatulence department. Just saying.

Still, this really tasted good. It probably doesn't show that well in the picture, but the peas sort of separated out and settled on the bottom, so there's like a half inch of broth on top. Really good stuff that broth. Nice and buttery.

bowl of peas porridge of the hot variety, like pea soup, the butter was very tasty

And then, there's the cats.

No interesting pictures of cats this week. So instead, I thought I'd show how I fix their food. They (perhaps like me) like gravy more than the food it covers, so I mix their canned food with equal parts water.

cat food can, food in bowl, lots of water with it
And there it is, cat food soup. Not fit for human consumption... not that you'd want to. But just saying.

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