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Prime Rib Steak

It's what's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

a slab of meat
Step one: Buy a honking big hunk of meat.
In this case, prime rib.
meat with knife jutting out of it
Step Two: Slice into two inch slabs.
Steak starting to cook
Now, that's a steak!
Steak on portable grill
Salt and Pepper to taste.
steak still cooking
This is after about two minutes
dinning room table set all nice like
Creating the proper ambience is key,
so be sure to power off your laptop.
broccoli in pot
It sort of eerie.
But greenery sort of magically appears
whenever I cook a steak.
It's weird.
steak on grill
Breath deep!
That's the smell of seared flesh.
Fifteen minutes on high
All the way up!
meat on cutting board
Let it rest...
close up of meat on cutting board
Wait a few minutes...
sliced meat
And then, slice away.
meat with broccoli pot in background
I actually like my meat a little more cooked.
So, seventeen minutes next time...
salad, broccoli, tomatoes, and steak
An important part of every meal!
close up of steak on plate with vegetable condements
May I have another?
View out the window, lush trees, etc
And the view,
sitting across the table,
simply divine.

I mean,
that broccoli just doesn't cook itself,
you know...

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Great Slabs of Meat!
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