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Montana Antiques

So, I do a fair bit of coding and web design compared to the average bear... well, if not compared to the averaged web designer. And here's the link to BrettCode just to prove it.

Anyway, I spent a week coding up an application to display my Montana Snow Pictures (in a slide show format). While in comparison, I'm expecting this page to take less than an hour (simply by using GIFs, instead).

So, long live GiFs!!!

Mostly images from the antique shops in Montana, the snow pictures are on another, much more annoying, page, in some ways, photographing anothers shop display feels like stealing, in another, homage, and in a few years, even now,  two years later, the displays no longer exist, so, well, I have my concerns, but I cant say thats stopping me from posting, sort of like writing about another person and not using their name, at some point, it is just art

GIFs are fun.

A Gif composite of more Montana Antique stores, the images have water marks int he bottom that suck, so that distracts heavily, I will probably have to rethink my watermarking as its distracting and reducing the quality of content, who knows the solution, maybe clear water marks, now theres an interesting idea, ownership without obtrusvie declaration

GIFs are easy.
But GIF's aren't for everything.

(NOTE: if images overrun your screen, counter intuitively, try resizing your browser so it's smaller -- less narrow -- and images should resize automatically.)

(Though, after my 2016 re-edit on this page, that should no longer be a problem. Still, good to know for other sites or older pages on this one.)

Its the head of a rocking horse style horse, childs toy, worn, but probably machine worn, made to look worn, a new antique, still, very nice looking, like ripped jeans, bespeaks of a childs love, rose bud anyone

I really like this horse. Truthfully, I wouldn't be surprised if it was artificially aged, but I don't care. I like the ragged look. And I do believe there is a story in there somewhere. Oh, just bye-the-bye (a phrase I seem to be using a lot of lately), I write a fair bit of fiction, as well. Please feel free to check out Brett Words if that sort of thing interests you...

Composite picture of the horse again, more than one shot, I took a bunch, part of my problem, part of the artistry to work through, is the getting rid of the worthless, like perhaps, this page, it may well be worthless, may well be cluttering up the site, but I wont kill it, but the page may be stronger, may have been stronger if it was pared down to fewer images, also, originally, the text had a lot of br line breaks, but I just lumped them all together, simply easier, to much trouble worrying about anyones readers, let them do their own parsing

Anyhow, I dig the horse... or is it a baby unicorn? Either way, I thought it was deserving of a better work up. Hence, this multi-picture layout.

To create the layout, I just opened a photo editor (or Open Office Draw, in this particular case), imported the pictures, resized, etc, and copied the result via print screen (Gadwin Printscreen to be exact). From there, it was just a matter of using InfanView (also free) to resize, add the copyright watermark, and it's good to go. Though, in retrospect, I find the watermarks on this page very distracting and have thought about making clear, alpha layer, stencils.

But all in all, it probably took me more time to decide what to do than to do it.

Wooden pig head like totem pole mask mounted to wall, working tools below, nice wood work, nice old time look

Uni the Unique Unicorn just might turn into a character for a children's book. This guy won't.

Bust, displaying jewelry, between the ambience, map in the background, primitive style jewelry and black manican, it seems very, african nativish to me, very compelling, sexually, artistically

And neither will she. But it is perhaps more obvious how one could go from inspiration to character with this mannequin. She Looks like a world traveller to me... perhaps a 1920's flapper.

More sexy mannequin jewelry, lots of dragon flies and beads in this one, same general sexiness to me, I really enjoy looking at mannequins, when I go shopping at the mall, probably spend as much time looking at the mannequins as at real people, obviously, the comments are not entirely in sink with the main words on the page, page re-edited 3-19-16 and that is when any meaningful alt tags were added, so memory, 2-3 years after the fact

She looks more like a native to me, but what do I know.

Another montage of an antique shop, really liked the room layouts, very nice, layouts make all the difference, I am one of those folks who have a hard time imaging clothes on the rack, I need to see them on a mannequin, and the same is likely true of displays, I could see buying the lot if I had enough money, just decorate the room

And then, here's the rest of the best. The dregs got cut and were consigned to the two GIF's, so these are of a better calibre than those, in my opinion.

And I do believe there is a story in this one as well... something about two sisters, one already living in the Mountains, the other back East soon to join her: mail order bride, clash of cultures, who knows? I can't say that I have a plot.

A stack of suitcases, thats the first thing I notice and likely what makes  the picture, what allowed the image to make the cut, after all these years, I co not care about this one, easy to cut

But I do have a beginning... or maybe it's the end. Certainly it's the end for for today. But then again, I'm going to have to think seriously about Uni. There's only one Uni, you know. He's unique. Most unicorns are...

So, maybe one of the sister's has a daughter. And these be the continuing adventures of her time in the wild with her faithful companion and steed:
Uni the Unicorn

more Brett Food please

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