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Delightful, scallops, broccoli with pomegranite seeds and parmesian cheese


Ah, these scallops were so delightful, they may have inspired this page all on their own. So juicy, so tender, and yet, cooked all the way through, just as scallops should be. Served in a heaping helping along with a generous portion of pomegranate broccoli laced with cheese.


Top down view of a cooked lasagna, this recipe had sliced onions and a bit of cheddar cheese in the top layer, cooked to a golden brown Italian sausage mixed in with, I believe, store bought sauce, made for the other part of this lasagna, delicious


The best part about lasagna is the leftovers. Cooked to a golden brown, with layers of noodles, Italian sausage, sauce, and cheeses (consisting of ricotta, mozzarella, and cheddar), all topped with a slicing of onions.

It was a very hearty lasagna.

Ten out of ten hungry boyfriends would order again.

two hamburger patties, a few slices of tomatoes, and a broccoli slaw salad with apples and raisins


What we have here is your basic hamburger dish with slices of fresh tomato accompanied by a broccoli slaw: the later consisting of sliced broccoli stalks, carrots, raisin, pecans, and apples in a light vinaigrette. There might, also, be other ingredients. Oh, look. Pumpkin seeds!

This is one tasty dish.

And looking at the browning on the hamburgers! They are, clearly, cooked to perfection!

This one I made, a vanilla white cake with butter cream frosting and strawberry jam, with a little more frosting, and extra frosting

Happiness Cake

Well, this one I made, myself. But it belongs in the series as far as I am concerned, as it was made for another.

It's your typical white cake with butter cream icing and strawberry jam... or not so typical, in that it tasted delicious.

Two out of two would do again. And in the end, that's all that really matters.

Three nicely seared lamb chops with a mushroom and red pepper ratatouille on the ever popular yellow kitchen plate

Fresh Meat

One really can't go wrong with lamb, spiced lightly, cooked to perfection, and served with a mushroom, bell pepper, and onion ratatouille.

Oh, and I do believe there was a full stick of butter in that ratatouille.

It's better with butter, you know.

Pork tenderloin, I guess, smothered in a heavy apple sauce, sort of curry-ish, heavy with spice, and rice on the side, I enjoyed

Smoked Paprika Pork

It's the paprika that is smoked.

So in other words, spiced baked apples over pork.

It's what's for dinner!

May well have been the leftover rice from the Smoked Paprika Pork that went into this, a soup stew dish, meaning whatever and whatever with whatever, floating in a heavily salted gravy, with likely a touch of cumin and red and black pepper to taste

Jumble Liar

I'd call it jambalaya. But if I did, I'd only be lying.

So at this point, I've decided to include whatever I make myself that looks good... and also the stuff that tastes good... even if only the cake and this jumble are things that I made myself.

But, whatever.

This particular dish tasted good... maybe even great.

It's a basic chicken chili (self explanatory, I assume) with a bunch of extra spice (a cabinet of same was available) with a little left over rice (otherwise, I would not have bothered to include) and shrimp (on sale, but of course).

And viola!

Jumble Liar!

Actually, I exaggerate, or not, I mean, I do not care, the dish was ribs with slaw, and there did seem to be more dishes in the sink than the meal warranted, but perhaps there was some other cooking going on that I no longer remember. I would have included an image of the ribs or coleslaw instead, but sometimes the best image of the lot, is not really an image central to the story

What a Mess

The meal was ribs and coleslaw.

The meal was delightful.

And there wound up being way more dishes in the sink than the meal justified. On the other hand, a meal like this... can probably justify as many dishes in as many sinks as the chef wants.

Good work.


I like that slaw.

what we have here is a sandwich, standard American, seeded wheat bread, mayonnaise, mustard, colby jack cheese, ham, and lots and lots of pickles, cement sidewalk in the background, as I eat walking down the street


A sandwich like that I would call Pre-Packaged Love on the Run... or maybe Pre-Packaged Love on the Hoof would sound better?

Anyway, it was delightful.

And all those pickles eliminate the need for a beverage.

Very Tasty!

Much Obliged!

the image is described enough by the text below, it was tasty and not at the same time, I do not like the taste of liquors, and seldom feel like getting drunk, which is what I call feeling the effects of alcohol, so it was not a dish for me, still, I enjoyed both the thought and the presentation, in fact, the presentation was so good, I immediately thought of this project

Fruit Cup

It's the thought that counts...

Originally, this was intended for breakfast, but it had way too much alcohol and sugar for me to eat that early in the day. So, it was enjoyed right around bed time, great for an end of day snack.

Anyhow, just it case it's not clear, the picture shows a fruit cup, blueberries on the bottom, with a sugar and alcohol infused cream cheese whip, tastefully accented by a single fresh strawberry.

Pan of Goey Buns, cinnamon pecan sticky buns Pecan Sticky Bun with Ice Cream, a bit more sugar than I can take all at once

Sticky Buns

It was not a good bake. In fact, it was a bit under-cooked... raw, even.

But the recipe is solid and true.

And after much deliberation, I must say that I look forward to the next instantiation of this particular formulation, hoping it will be proffered for my appreciation, perhaps in commemoration of some celebration, he said, by way of a hint.

Hint! Hint! Hint!

with all the trimmings, steak, pepper, and onions fried in a pan, limes for flavor, heated tortillas, salsa, sour cream, guacamole not shown, shredded cheese, and that all important cake dish to the left An Angel Food cake, hand picked berries, so delightful, and a custard cream sauce, which was very delightful, served in monstrously big portions to fit my appetite

Angel Food

Happy Birthday to Me!
A nice spread... times two.

Or in other words, nothing succeeds like excess.

ribs, fresh fruit, blueberries and yogurt, it was a good meal

Breakfast of the Gods

We were off to the races, so time to fuel up.

Yeah, I could eat like this every morning.

It's the Little Things

I needed a haircut: just a little off the top... or a lot. If fell in great big clumps. So, maybe it was more than a little off the top that needed taking.

It was almost as good as breakfast in bed... and in some ways, much better.

And the Bigger Things

I needed a Hat & Scarf last year. So, magically, they appeared: handmade, luxury wool. And as it is now the middle of summer, they were recently cleaned: hand-washed, extraneous felt scraped away, as good as new, better than new, like old friends reunited.

Alas... alas... no images for either of these later two, for some things, the spirit, the heart of the matter, is difficult to capture. Call it essentially elusive in its nature.

potatoes to the left, steak to the right, glorious on both accounts

Food Glorious Food
Steak & Potatoes

This is a family sized platter filled to overflowing with two thick and meaty rib-eye steaks and a slew of smashed potatoes (baked potatoes, smashed, and fried in olive oil).

A wonderful meal, for which this post does not do justice. So, think of it as all you can eat meat, with a side of carbohydrates and maybe you'll have a good idea.

Meh, actually, they were not that great, but sometimes it is the thought that counts, fresh figs, sliced, mascarpone with sugar, and a dollop of fig jelly, to hit the spot

Finger Food Figs

The food wasn't amazing. But it was a nice treat, unexpectedly presented: figs and sweet cheese, topped with fig preserves for that extra bit of flavour.

clockwise from top, sausage, sausage, pork chops, bread, cucumber tomato salad

The Feast

It was a meal from a restaurant, long ago, lovingly recreated: two types of sausage (one a tender veal, the other... meh) and pork chops on a plate garnished with olives, served along side a light summer salad of cucumber, tomatoes, green peppers, onions, and feta cheese with a dressing of oil, salt, and vinegar. The entire meal capped by delightful berry-something-or-another crumbly cake.

Very good!

A hallmark meal from a day that will set the standard.

I cannot remember what the basis of the omelet was, ah, now I do, the bad sausage mixed in, maybe onions, leftover cucumber salad and figs

Breakfast Leftovers

I mean, the salad and figs were so good the first time around...

I think, maybe, we went to the races after this. I lost my shirt. But at least, I got to start the day all proper like.

chicken cheese glop, salad, watermelon smoothie

Chicken Glop'atori

French Mex


With hints of awesomeness!

Starting from the upper left, going clockwise, spiralling towards the center, we have red wine, clam juice, which is oddly tasty in small portions, crackers and cheese, cucumbers, spiced sardines from can, clam dip, don't ask me the recipe, more cucumbers, and almonds, quite the feast after deciding to eat sardines, someone got carried away

Clam Dip

'What's for supper?'
'Maybe sardines?'
'Sardines sound good.'

And, viola!

The spread, complete with clam juice.

Watermellon smoothie, killed the blender, eventually, blt with all the trimmings, a nice feta salad, very delightful


Resort eating at its finest. A hearty BLT Sandwich served with an Avocado Feta Salad and a Watermelon Lime Smoothie.

Now, that's good eating!

Nicely, greatly, delightfully baked chicken laced with fresh herbs, crunchy skin, greasy, the best

Chicken Time

Chicken Thyme
Spicy Greens
Wild Grainy Things

it is a quesadilla, flour wrapped, fried cheese, with guacamole, sour cream, and salsa, what is amazing is how things like this just sort of appear in front of me... sometimes, on a good day... after remarking on feeling the pangs of hunger

Cheese Quesadilla

It's not in the asking; but the offering.

Steak, it is what is for dinner, along with vegetables, but who looks at vegetables when there is steak on the menu


It's what's for dinner!

Box of candies, ornamental squash, do not ask me why, these things appear to be a necessity, brownies, apple crisps, nuts, cheese, grapes, apples, crackers, figs, cucumbers, a decadent feast, which in the end, I most of, so maybe hospitality does pay

The Big Spread

Special Occasions call for Special Offerings. It turns out that it can be fun to go overboard.

I have scallops before this year, the broccoli came with plenty of parmesian which is nice, and that is a bowl of brown gravy, but it is the tender scallops that steal the show


The broccoli was cold.
The rice was far too salty.

But the scallops were simply divine, so light, so buttery, they fell off the fork.

And dessert was nothing to scoff at, either.

It is not the lamb that is smashed, but the potatoes, boiled, smashed, and baked again... or maybe baked, smashed, and baked again, the lamb is just lamb, but plenty of it.  I am not so enamoured of the photo, but there it is.

Smashed Lamb

Those Smashed Potatoes are out of this world!

Big patty hamburgers with delightful sides of tomato and cabbage salad

Spicy Hamburger Salad

Who would have guessed that red pepper and dates would compliment coleslaw so well?

Tender and light fish, with a lemon reduction sauce if I remember correctly, hence the seeds, a little boiled egg, spinach, and potatoes

Fish Fry

You do breakfast your way. And I'll do it mine.

Ah, this was good, some high quality steak smothered in salsa, sour cream, guacamole, peppers, melted cheese, and all the rest, very delightful, what every meal should be, that glistening cheese is where it is at

Fajitas without Tortillas

Tender carne asada smothered in a rich cheese, peppers, and onion sauce.

Decadently Divine!

Turkey or steak, I will pick steak every time, this was a wonderful thanksgiving dinner, complete with smashed potatoes, sort of like whole potato french fries, mushroom gravy, salad, and sho fly pie, which was a pleasure to have made for me, but not as deliciously sweet as I would have hoped, so sort of like carbs without the benefit of any decadency

Turkey Dinner

Steak w/ Mushroom Sauce: a 'shroom with every bite

Smashed Potatoes: always a crowd pleaser

Salad: honey mustard

Shoo Fly Pie ala Mode: lighter than I expected; I am looking forward to the next half dozen slices.

I remember the wine, it was good, this was tender meat, cooked for a few days in a cast iron pot, lots of root vegetables, in a thick and rich broth, very good, save some for me, well, you better act fast

Pot Roast

I don't typically like foods cooked with wine, but this pot roast was sublime: so, delicately flavoured.

Butter, sugar, nuts, cooked to carmalization, so good, pure sugar decadence, everything that sho fly pie was not, also by request

Lace Cookies

These things are good!

One of the finest luxuries in life is having an idea... and watching by the sidelines as someone else takes that idea and makes it manifest in reality.

These lace cookies are good.

And life is good.

With special thanks to someone else for doing the heavy lifting.

what we have here is soup with all the trimmings, croisant style chees loaf, a bit of cream, spice, and dried cranberries, so nice, most folks have to go out to eat this well... suckers

Sweet Potato Soup

The final entry of the year, the last bit of decadence of the year: leftover sweet potatoes from Boxing Day turned into something marvellously lip smacking good.

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