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To make glop, you'll need some leftover chili, so:

chili con glop
Chili pre Glop

Leftover Chili
Miss-named, of course, because this stuff is so good, there won't be any.

1 can - Chili (the good stuff... or really, whatever)
1 cup - Pickle Juice (for flavour, like all of this stuff isn't for flavour)
1 can - Corn
1 can - Tomatoes
1 can - Kidney Beans
1 can - Black Beans (i.e. one can this, one can that)
4 ea. - Cherry Tomatoes (five if you have them, I had four)
some - Sliced Green Onions (maybe more, maybe less)
2 tst - Red Pepper Flakes (to taste, but of course)
4* pcs - Leftover Frozen Meatballs
1* bag - Frozen Sausage Franks (with sun dried tomatoes, artichoke, and cheese, I do believe)
1* pcs - Large Red Onion (sliced thin)

Open cans, rinse beans, pour in pot, heat, serve.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I put like a cup of bacon bits in this, too, so start by frying those up nice and crispy.

Oh (or should that be double-o), I also forgot to mention that other thing, but it's so self evident, why even bother mentioning it now. Suffice to say, if if feels like it should go in, throw it in. Worse that can happen is you'll wind up throwing the lot out... or using it as patching material for your roof.

* means I made this once, twice, three times the charm, and the *'ed ingredients are included in the version shown, but not in the rest. Clearly, the ingredient list is NOT to be tampered with. I am a professional. Do NOT try improvising at home.

chili con glop
Chili con Gloppie

Named after...

1 ??? - Leftover Chili (you know, just whatever's left over)
1 cup - Pickle Juice (just the juice, pickles be too good to waste on this glop)
1 bit - Green Chinese Vegetables (it just won't be the same without them, precooked, leftovers be the best, sliced thin)
1 cup - Spaghetti Sauce (is it really leftover if it was never used in the first place)
2 tsp - Horseradish (smelled like a mistake at first...)
2 bag - Frozen Chicken Parts (pieces, parts, hamburger patties would have likely work, as well)
2 tst - Red Chili Flakes (once again, to taste, mine, not yours, so be careful not to add too much, gets hotter as time goes by)
2 trt - Corn Tortillas (good riddance, I say)
2 trt - Flour Tortillas (sliced thin, for thickening)

Cook on low for far too long. Cook on lower still for a while longer. Let simmer. Stir occasionally. Don't let it burn.

Then, glop onto the plate. Oh, right. That's where the name comes from.

Top with whatever. I used cheddar cheese. Some use onions. Others opt to pair glop with a nice hamburger from that place down the way. Of course, now that I think on it, that hamburger usually ruins their appetite, so it's probably not such a good idea...

But whatever. Next time you're in the neighbourhood, let me know a few minutes before, and I'll add an extra can of this, bag of that, or bit of whatever's closest at hand. Because at Brett's place, there's always plenty of food (if that's what you want to call it, which I do, so I will) to go around.

more Brett Food please

Take Me Home

Believe it or not,
I made this Glop!
And then, said to myself,
I've got to post this,
as it's exactly what
Brett Food
is all about.

And yes,
the chili image is dated 2016,
because the first batch was so good,
I had to make it again...
and again...
and again.

But seriously,
I think that's enough times for now...

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