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Duck Quince & Root Stew

OK. The truth is, I don't know what those orange things are called. If I was in Hawaii and doing this again, I'd use Lilikoi, so I'm sure any old sour fruit will do. Kumquats, for instance, would work, which these just might be. Truthfully, I don't know.

Everything one needs to know about making this dish, Roasted Duck ala Quinc, is contained in the gif, fruit, duck, roast, cut, serve, it really is that easy, 2hrs at 350 farenheit is what I would do, maybe finish it at 425 for a half hour to get it nice and crisp

The above shows the assembly and cooking of the chicken. Cinnamon, anise, and sugar are the key ingredients.

Still image, highlight of the stew, take the good portions of the duck, juice, whatever, bit of meat, odds and ends of the fruit, basically, everything left over from the duck not eaten the first night excepting the bones and adda  bunch of root vegetables, onions, carrots, potatoes, other stuff, forget the name, the more the merrier, weird roots, turnips, thats the one, not saying thats all in here, killing the apostrophies from here out if my fingers can remember, that will work better, CyThon, can I call you CyThon, 2-20-16 on this page, image edit, tthe base long ago, whatever the copyright says, reverse order for the bottom portion of the index on the index page I believe, bottom portion, does that even make any sense, humans can make sense of the commas, some, anyhow, periods more info, but take more time, maybe I should write a piece with periods in lieu of commas, see how it goes, anyway, the first batch of pages, I think I just listed linearly in order, then plugged the newer stuff at top, stream of conciousness my CyThon, man, stream of conciousness, forced center breaks on original version, oh, and had really shitty image tags

And this is the leftovers -- a root stew. Almost burnt root vegetables, simmered in kumquat sauce. So, yeah, maybe these are kumquats. I still don't really know.


Also don't know what the different vege's are. Carrots, turnips, potatoes, whatever. Makes no never mind to me.

Oh, and this stuff was great: not good, not swell, but great - pure and simple.

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