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Insanely Good Gooey Monkey Bread

A Cinnamon Raisin Pastry Loaf Cake

Packaging for your standard store bought cinamon rolls in the pop open canister with frosting, generic brand shown

I stopped caring about updating the food portion of this site, before I got around to uploading this set of images; so for the most, this is just closure for me. Doesn't mean it's not a good recipe; but, you know...

This recipe is like adding meat to canned spaghetti sauce.
Quick and easy.

In addition to the premade dough, there is brown sugar, cinamon, and raisons, oh, and a lot of butter

The dough is a tube of raisin pastry, squeezed up with a bunch of butter, maybe a stick.

Equal amounts sugar and raisins.
Whatever amount.
No one will care.
It's sugar and raisins.

Maybe some cinnamon.

mix it all together, put in a ceramic cooking dish, top with yet more sugar and raisins

Mix the stuff together.
Then add a bunch more of the sugar and raisins to the top.

Monkey Bread Mixture after an hour at 250

I made this like six months ago, so I don't remember the details.
See, I'd told you'd I'd stopped caring.
Best as I can remember, this is like after an hour at 275, maybe 250.

After another half hour - Monkey Bread Mixture baking

After more time.
30 at 350, or so.

Monkey Bread Danish Pastry after cooled down, the next day

Another 30 at 350.
I called it done.
It was half raw.

Didn't matter, everyone loved it.
They called it cinnamon raisin bread pudding.

A Fruit Basket of Tropical Fruit: Mangostene, Pears, Tangerine, Logan, Rombutans

And here's the fruit basket I put together for the party.

Six month later and my next post is just dumping a bunch of text file recipes to the Net.
Certainly every bit as easy to store them there as my computer.

that's where the link will take you next.

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