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Fried Chicken

I'm a dark meat sort of guy. I like my foods juicy.

fried chicken thighs that look good to me, i was so proud of the way these turned out, I decided to post them, that in itself is the only justification for a page such as this

Little oil in a pan,
add thighs,
seven minutes,
medium high,
seven more,
now you're cooking.

Cooking was never supposed to be difficult.
If it had been, our ancestors would have starved.

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Remember, all poultry products should be cooked until a uniform internal temperature of seven-ka-jillion (that's a seven, followed by a ka-jillion zeroes) degrees has been reached.

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Disclaimer: please note, the fire pit in your typical cave-like dwelling has not been properly engineered to withstand the heat of a thousand suns let alone a ka-jillion degrees. Also, if the only 'birds' in your neck of the woods are pterodactyls, you might want to think seriously about going Vegan.