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Kumquat Root Stew

OK. So, somewhere along the line I decided the fruity things were kumquats. And that the dish in general was deserving of another web page.

THe caption below pretty well sumarizes the items on this page, this is carrots, sweet potatoes, and the white things are turnips, cut up and placed ina  bowl, raw
Above are the raw root vegetables. They're just random stuff from Whole Foods. So, if you can recognize what they are, please let me know. I'd love to make this exact same dish again. Oh, and that white gloop is duck grease.

Same roots only after being browned in an oven, broiled more likely, adding water, duck broth, or whatever the description says, and bringing to boil
Here's a picture of the root vegetables and kumquats boiling away. First I cooked the duck stuffed with kumquats (per previous page). Then the root vegetables were browned. And then a bunch of water and duck stock was added.

In a caserole dish, at the end of the meal, bowl, spoon, dregs of the stew, this stuff really was great, very thick, very dense, lots of flavour layers
It's been a few weeks, but I believe the first night, we ate the root vegetables straight as the main course.

Duck meat over a bed of lettuce, with some of the kumquat dressing
Here's the duck again. This is leftovers.

Purple stuff is pickled beat, more lettuce and greens, bit of bread, a well balanced meal, and not much meat, root vegetables taking its place
And here's another one of those carefully planned meals that I'm famous for: all leftovers, the lot of it.

Stew over eggs for flavour, so like eggs with salsa, on the root stuff instead of salsa, more lettuce, must have bought a three pack of romaine from Trader Joes, bread, grapes, white stuff bottom center is spratzel or something like that, fried german noodles
The sauce was great on eggs. The rest of the pictures on the page feature eggs. Here they are scrambled. That white stuff is spretzel from DJ's Bistro (great place).

Eggs, hawaiian rolls with jelly, some type of cheese, same root sauce over the scrambled eggs
Scrambled again, this time with a Hawaiian rolls and jelly.

Close up of the previous, fork is covered with jelly, so thats what I used to reach into the jar, some folks dont bother to use all the condiments, I lick my condiment knives, forks, and spoons, clean, cant see the point in not doing that, wasting food, but plenty of folks will throw a knife slathered in mayonaise into the sink without licking it first, think my way of doing things is weird, which it may be, but far more nutritionally efficient, like licking a bowl, who would not lick a bowl, so by the same token, who would not lick a knife
Along with some kind of hard cheese (probably gouda).

Fried eggs this type, not much meaningfully diffeent, like the way the fried eggs look, look good to me, maybe have to go across the street and buy some eggs for breakfast today, no roots stuff though, maybe salsa instead, we need salsa, picture itself is sort of boring, poor writing prompt, todays date is 3-7-16 our year of the Cython
And here's the same thing, more or less, with fried eggs (over hard) with breaded pork (forget what that stuff is called), also from DJ's Bistro. Great place, DJ's (or something like that). It's in Concord, CA sort of (kind of) across the street from the Park and Shop.

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