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Tri Tip Match Game

June 7th, 2013
edited March 12th, 2016

Mark my words. One day I will post the largest page on all the web!!!

Short Cuts
Tri-Tip Salsa (with Match Game)
Tri-Tip & Salsa (the food starts here)
Tri-Tip Horseradish Burrito
Rice Noodles with Lemon Salsa
Scrambled Egg Salsa
Marinated Grilled Steak Salad (without the grilling part)
Corn, Shrimp, and Salsa Cocktail Salad (just add champagne)
Balsamic Mustard Tri-Tip Burritos
Tri-Tip Salsa Salad
Salsa Cheese Toast
Tri-Tip Extravaganza

Tri-Tip Salsa Match Game (to test the Memory)

Click on the picture of Stiletto to reveal the hidden food item below.
Click on another picture of Stiletto, trying to find it's matching pair.
If a pair is found, pictures stay revealed. Otherwise, they are covered once another picture of Stiletto is clicked upon.
(It's like a game of cat and mouse, see?)
Keep on going until all matching pairs are found (or boredom sets in).
Reset at any time or to play a new game.
Hidden images vary from game to game, but remain fixed within games.
(Hope that's enough of an explanation. This was called Memory when I was growing up, but Match, Find the Hidden Pairs and so on, all seem like likely candidates. But in the end, I'm calling it my:

Tri-Tip Salsa Match Game

Cat - Stilletto Cat - Stilletto Cat - Stilletto Cat - Stilletto
Cat - Stilletto Cat - Stilletto Cat - Stilletto Cat - Stilletto
Cat - Stilletto Cat - Stilletto Cat - Stilletto Cat - Stilletto
Cat - Stilletto Cat - Stilletto Cat - Stilletto Cat - Stilletto

Total Tiles Matched:
Total Fields Cleared:
Total Turns Played (Pairs):

As for coding feedback, I most definitely should have made each picture into a game play object (as in an OOP object), but it's been so long since I've coded anything meaningful, I'd sort of forgotten about objects. Took me all weekend to do this. Thought it would take an hour. Maybe it would have if I knew what I was doing. Anyway, next time I'm going to use either EclipseIDE or Notepad++ and save the JavaScript as an external file and see if that helps any. On the plus side, it has full functionality and there are no known bugs. Of course, the code is pure spaghetti, so if you should find one at this point, it's likely there to stay.

Now, on to the food.

Tri-Tip & Salsa

Citrus Noodles w Salsa Sausage - 400w 15s - 6frames, I do not like these gifs so much, would not do again, as to the food, I do like the way the steam comes off, which is likely why I did a gif in the first place
Another one of those fun GIF's. We'll get to this dish before long.

I'm calling it Rice Noodles with Lemon Salsa (the link, if you just can't wait).

This week is a study in serial food consumption.
A package of tri tip and a 3lb container of salsa
Three pounds of Tri-Tip & an equal portion of salsa. It will spoil if I don't apply myself.

The first dish is the reason I bought the salsa in the first place. I was hankering for some burritos.

Burrito tortillas, salsa, and sliced meat, big portion in bowl, after 30min at 425
So, I put the Tri-Tip into the oven for about a half hour at 425. It didn't cook all the way through, so I probably should have cooked it for an hour. But the edges are cooked enough (for me) for this first meal.

I drained the salsa of extra liquid, which I call juice (because I drink the stuff.)

Salsa being drained in a strainer, being the most interesting part of this image, ingredients for burritos laid out again, it looks good at this remove, comments on 3-12 and likely 3-13-16 as I am losing steam, yeah, so tired, just rewrote the last alt comment rather than moving on to a new one, time to save a backup... and quit for the day
And then, just put it all together into a tortilla to make a burrito.

Close up of the burrito goop, looks good, a little greyish on the meat, but I can sort of extrapolate how it must have tasted, medium rare meat, lots of salt, salsa from Safeway, so fresh tomatoes, onions, and cilantro, could be better, but pretty good, been eating that lately, and the tomatoes are sort of greenish, not as ripe as they could be, but all wrapped up, makes a good burito, could definitely use some sour cream or gaucamole
Here's a close-up. Notice the pepper? Now that's fine grained photography.

Another picture says it all, this was back in the early days when I was still trying to figure out what good content would be, actually before I even started thinking about good content, and content of any sort was an improvement
And here's another picture. Tasty stuff. If a bit messy. But I suppose that's why God invented napkins and/or gave men potbellies onto which the drippings could land.

Tri-Tip Horseradish Burrito

I may have mentioned how the Tri-Tip wasn't quite cooked. So, I put it in the next day (straight from the fridge) for another half hour at 425... or so, I believe. I don't follow recipes. I don't take notes. Why? Because I don't want to. (Although, their are those around me who wish I would.)

Anyhow, with the advent of modern technology, reheating uncooked meat is a snap... or a click. Because in this case, just click on the picture below, and presto chango, another half hour at 350.

Befor and after, onclick the image changes, not much of an image, not much difference, the concept is of undercooked meat changing to better cooked meat, really, it is just a web page project, never bother to do this now, too much trouble, personally, I would rather just scroll over a picture than have to click it, so learned how to do this and stopped doing it years ago
Click it's cooked. Clicked it's undercooked. I do the same sort of thing whenever I burn the rice (easier than it sounds) or drop a slice of freshly jellied toast on the floor (sometimes my hands shake, I blame low blood sugar).

Mayonaise and Horseradish Burrito, sort of like a roast beef sandwich, sort of, this is just the ingredients all laid out on a small crappy stove top, really crappy stove top, but it is what I cooked on for two or three years
This is not a complex dish. It's basically a roast beef sandwich substituting Tri-Tip for the meat and a flour tortilla for the bread. I like horseradish, so I slathered it on. (It's the darker line to the left on the tortilla.)

Lots of talk of Miracle Whip, so years later and a friend made some Miracle Whip for me, tooks some regular mayonaise and added a teaspoon of sugar to it, tasted just like Miracle Whip, sorry, I do not need it if the only difference is sugar added, I can learn to like the other, notice how all the bottles are faced forward, in part, these pages were an exercise in marketing, oh, low level, amatuer stuff, but a study in low level amatuer marketing none the less
Half the meat I sliced went into one burrito. And the other half into another. I was stuffed. Plenty of salt and pepper on these bad boys. And I'm a Miracle Whip person, so that's what I used. Heck, even when I use Mayonnaise, I prefer the Miracle Whip brand.

Rice Noodles with Lemon Salsa

I had the Tri-Tip for lunch, so that meant salsa for dinner.

Ingredient shot, those be rice noodles in a wok, I do believe, salt, pepper, gooiing across from the back, salsa, big jug of lemon juice, got the lemonaide going, package of rice noodles, salsa and sausage in a pice dish, scissors up from, the intent to show what I needed in one shot, this is actually a pretty good shot from that perspective
Rice noodles are quick and easy. I think they're done when the water boils, which is maybe what the package says, but not knowing how to read Japanese, I can't be sure. Anyhow, as to the ingredients, what we have here is leftover sausage (two different types) from previous posts, salsa, rice noodles, and a bit of lemon juice... because, well, because it sounded good.

Sausage and salse in wok, over bed of rice noodles, probably should have just poured the noodles into a bowl, but it does not matter, sort of remember this being good, but its been years, did not remember there were two different sausage types, have not bought rice noodles since
Here's the stuff in the pan. I'm not going to paste it here again. But the GIF from near the top of the page is from this dish boiling away. (Note, the raw bit of Tri-Tip at the top. I had a small bowl of chopped stuff leftover from lunch that I added to the sausage. And even when the noodles were ready, this bit of meat was still pink. As per picture, below.)

TriTip Salsa  Rice Noodles w Salsa, served with lemonaide, the hard part was figuring out where this was shot, sideways view, oven controls to the left, side of refrigerator straight ahead, a place setting for the meal, all nicely arranged on a wood cutting board, very classy, the white rags from Costco make great napkins or face cloths, pretty inexpensive, too, like 50c each, such a bargain
And here's the finished dish. Once again, the sausage was a bit of a waste on this. If I were some grand gourmet or a real chef working on a menu, I'd put some sort of fish over the lemon salsa pasta. The combination has potential.

Scrambled Egg Salsa

Ingredient list shot, eggs, salsa, salt, pepper, oh, heres an interesting bit, in the back, that jar, has a few eggs cracked open in it, put the top on and shake it up, great way to scramble eggs, had forgotten about that, should start doing again, and if I ever come back to this page, I should split the javascript out into different files so I have some hope of jslinting the htmle, got no idea as to the errors
Um, scrambled eggs with a side of salsa and toast.

Pie plate on wood cutting board, silver fork, nice and long, short glass of ice water, even after all these years, that toast looks marvelous, i was great at making toast, eggs and helping of salsa, so breakfast
Tasty. Delicious. But really, it should speak for itself. And is it just me? Or is that butter looking particularly inviting. Maybe it's time for a snack.

Marinated Grilled Steak Salad

(without the grilling part)

Don't ask me why I decided to call this dish a Marinated Grilled Steak Salad. I mean, if I were running a restaurant, the meat would be grilled. But I'm not, so it isn't.

Jelly and balsamic vinegar are the secret ingredients, can make this blind, not even reading the entry, can taste the blue cheese, thought of the blue cheese before I even noticed it in the image, steak, romaine lettuce, blue cheese, and jelly dressing, yes, we humans spent a lot of time thinking about food... and sex
Cherry Preserves and Balsamic Vinegar make the dressing. Add lettuce, a little bit (or a lotta bit) of meat, blue cheese, salt and pepper to taste, and I got myself a salad.

Glass of dressing, container of blue cheese, load of lettuce, this would be a meal for one, all you can eat salad, probably pretty healthy considering what I am eating now, not nearly as much salad
Well, not yet. I guess I mixed all the dressing together, put in the meat, shook it all about, and probably let is sit for a half hour before I ate.

Tri Tip Marinated Steak Salad - with Blue Cheese Topping, the ice water glass caught my eye as much as anything, forget where I found that glass, fit perfectly into my hand, probably down by the garbage cans, folks would leave stuff down there, got movie posters, whatever, easier than throwing out, made folks feel good to give away and I was one of the takers, always have been
Don't know about you, but this stuff looks good to me.

Close up of the same, close up says it all
Put simply, it's what I want to eat. I'm also delusional enough (or just not well informed enough) to believe it's low calorie and healthy. Either way, it doesn't really matter. It's got to be healthier than, well, than lots of stuff. Potatoe chips, for instance. Had those the other night, almost turned them into a meal.

Corn, Shrimp, and Salsa Cocktail Salad

(just add champagne)

And yeah, I think this might go OK with champagne. Sparkling White Wine? Never. But champagne? Everything goes well with Champagne!

Shrimp, Corn, Salsa Salad, Ingredients shot
Believe it or not, the ingredient list for Corn, Shrimp, and Salsa Cocktail Salad consists of corn, shrimp, and salsa (not necessarily in that order).

 Shrimp, Corn, Salsa Salad, finished product, peppered heavily, i am thinking the pepper was important, added that something, lime juice sounds good as well, and a sprig of cilantro
Mix and serve (after peppering to taste, of course). Nothing could be easier.

Close Up, yum, the corn really pops, salsa and shrimp, not so much, once again, back when I wanted more content, so forty five images on the page, a game, and several hundred lines of text, way more effort than I put into any one page now
Except perhaps, a shrimp and salsa salad. I cannot begin to tell you how much time it took me to thaw the corn. I mean, I literally had to leave it in the refrigerator -- like overnight (right next to the shrimp). Talk about an inconvenience, he said in what he hoped would be obvious sarcasm. But you know, I wrote in a sarcastic tone all throughout high school and college and I don't think a single teacher ever picked up on it. So, I sort of feel compelled to point out the sarcasm at this point on the theory that it's awfully hard for strangers to decipher sarcasm from stupidity. So, just so you know, it's not just that I'm stupid, I also happen to be habitually sarcastic. My teachers would be proud.

Balsamic Mustard Tri-Tip Burritos

Nothing really fancy, here. I had the flour tortillas, so you know I was going to find a way to use them up.

Pickles being the thing that is most important here, see that big jar of pickles, going to have to use that up, and I like pickles, so like, pickles to equal the volumne of meat
I went with straight pickles and mustard for the first burrito. But it needed something more.

Pickles and meat marinating in balsamic vinegar, Im guessing
So, I added a little balsamic vinegar to the mix, shook it all about; and since I wasn't all that hungry, let is sit and marinate for a while.

Does not look so good at this remove, but my heart tells me it would taste mighty fine, meat and pickles with a sweet vinnegar twist, cannot go wrong
Believe it or not, that looks good to me. Tasted might fine, as well.

Tri-Tip Salsa Salad

As you may have noticed, I am not big on complicated dishes. This is about as straightforward as one can get.

Ingredients, romaine, steak, salsa, I grew to like that knife, think it is in some locker in california at this point, oh, well
I added a little lemon juice to the salsa, but it didn't do much to improve the dish. Maybe if I had marinated the steak in it instead, that would have been better. Or if I was going to trick this dish out, I'd probably add a wad of fresh cilantro. (Yeah, 'wad'. I think that's the technical term for it.)

Finished dish, assembled salad, does not look like much, lots of meat and lettuce, it is what is for supper
With a glass of water, I do believe this is a low cal wonder -- Tri-Tip being fairly lean once the edge fat is cut off... or so it seems to me (always with the qualifiers).

Close up, the meat is looking good to me, but theres enough grissle in there that small pieces would appear to have been a must, I sort of remember making a sandwich with slices and just pulling the slices out with my teeth, so I started using smaller, more bite sized pieces
The close up, laced with peppery goodness.

Salsa Cheese Toast

Believe it or not, I make the names for these dishes up on my own Salsa Cheese Toast: just sort of rolls off the tongue... and down the mouth.

Bread, salsa Toast, with cheese, Ingredients for Toast, go figure
So, toasted cheese bread is like super difficult and should by no means be attempted by amateur cooks under any circumstances!

The Image Below is Clickable: cheese toast cooks in seconds at the click of a mouse

Cheese on Bread, click the image, cheese is cooked to a golden brown, wait, I should check that, yep, that is what happens, lots of cheese, nice and goey, i would have prefered darker taosting of cheese in center
I pretoast the bread in a toaster. (Looking for the secret, that's it.) Then I cover with a generous helping of whatever sort of cheese I have at hand. This is mozzarella from Costco, but I've used blue cheese and that other kind with the fancy name that I can't remember, starts with a 'G', I think. Not Gorgonzola, maybe genervere or something. (And wouldn't it be a miracle if spell check knew what I was talking about. But it doesn't -- thinks it's 'generous'. And as long as we're talking about spell check, which will probably be for about as long as you let me rant about spell check, I can't spell worth a darn. Seriously, prior to spell check, there was absolutely zero chance {0.00%} of me being a writer, but spell check levels the playing field. Anyhow, more than once, spell check has confused my spelling of 'bureaucrats' with 'Bear Traps' or 'Bear Cats', so, you know, just saying. Take it for what it is. Clearly, those guys in Washington are animals -- or closely related thereto.)

Toasted cheese toast, water, salsa in background, so salsa on top of one of the slices, without sounds better at this remove
Add salsa and a glass of water and I'm in taste heaven... or snack heaven... or that room down the hall from snack heaven where the wait to get in isn't so long.

CloseUp of the toast with salsa on top looks really good, so strange how things change from image to image, truth is, i am getting pretty hungry, time for breakfast real soon
Ah, the infamous close-up. Any closer and it would be in my mouth, which it soon was.

Tri-Tip Extravaganza

And I do believe this is the final meal (this one for two) that I got out of that Tri-Tip.

Standard meal, meat, lettuce, jellied toast on a plate, service for two, guess one of us wanted jellied toast and the other one did not, i will let you guess which was which
Straight Tri-Tip, a salad with blue cheese and cherry balsamic dressing, and blueberry toast.

Close up, bigger picture of above, only one place, like the way the butter looks on the toast, lots of butter, no doubt, salt betweent the jelly and butter, so bread, toasted, butter, let it melt, shaker of salt, add the jelly, best eaten while still warm
Pure decadence.

Empty Plates, so I think we are near the end, meal for two eaten with chopsticks
There was nothing left. I'll probably have to do a GIF someday where the food on the plate slowly disappears (or quickly, given that it's a GIF). But not today. Today it is gone and there's no way to bring it back.

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So, until next time, remember cooking is serious business, not to be attempted by amateurs, hacks, or would be coders (of which I do believe I am all three). You have been warned. Seriously, there's a reason why so many women left the kitchen and entered the workforce... and it's not because I made their job obsolete.