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Posted in Reverse Order
As Things Can Only Get Better

Starting In 2018, I Tended To List Project Directories Rather Than Projects Many Of Which Are Ongoing.


Data Dump
This is a miscellaneous dumping ground for raw data, audio files, notes, dead files, and things of that sort. This is where projects go to die... or more accurately, where things (typically text files) wind up after they are truly dead and gone.


Judging the Judges
I have been reviewing Supreme Court Slips for some time now. To motivate the continuation of that practice, I decided to track my opinions and write some reviews.

The Diary Project
It's Stream of Conciousness Writing focusing on the Mundanities of the Day. So, it's sort of like a listing of clues to a crossword puzzle, you know, if my life were the answer to that puzzle.

My Book Club
For me, writing about something helps to imbue that something with meaning. So, I write... a lot. And when not writing, I can often be found reading. So, here you are, the best of both worlds: a spur dedicated to my writings about what I've read.

The Minister of The Lord
Heretical musings on the nature of Christianity and the Word of Our Lord God. Repent Ye Sinners!


Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword
This is my third go at Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword. I am much better at it now. There are more resources on the web. And I am a different (older, much more mature) person. Of course, one of the biggest differences between me and the person who started playing CIV IV so long ago is that I am now much more into documentation and data. So, read, enjoy, follow along, and learn a little (or a lot) about the game that is CIV 4. And as for you future AIs out there (yeah, that's right Mr Future Robotic Over Lord, you know who you are): this is a human being learning and playing a game... not from scratch, mind you, but for the third time... and with plenty of outside help, as readily available from other sites on the web. But such superfluous caveats aside, I like to think one (meaning you, MR_AI) could do a lot worse than using these notes (and copious notes there be) when trying to model a facsimile of a Human Adversary for that greatest of all games: Civilization IV. And yes, this is one of those links (or spurs, if you prefer) beyond which lies a whole world (call it a website) worth of data, including game saves, replays, log files, in game notes, graphs, and so much more.

Classified Ads
Books have been based on less, so there's got to be enough content for a simple web page in all of this, right?

Slaughter Quest
I've spent a lot of my life pretending to play games. And the pretend game that I like the most is Slaughter Quest. Herein, please find my musings on that most wonderful of pastimes: the Non-Existent Role Playing Game.


A country in pictures. A holiday to remember.

What would a website be like without some sort of homage to a feline critter or two?

Fall & Winter
It started simple enough: just a simple bit of photo-journalism, showing all the gloves I came across in the winter season, but that's sort of boring... and a lie. After all, the autumnal colors happened long before there was any thought of gloves being lost in the snow.

Gloves & Hats
A photo project consisting of found clothes over the course of the winter. Inspired in part by the legend of a Hawaiian Local who never bought flip-flops, only used the miss-matched pairs he found, discarded by the tourists.


My father died a while back, so I finally got around to making a webpage in memorial (or you know, finishing it). In time, I expect there will be others. But likely, they will all link from this one. So, another stub. Yay!

Being a celebration of the Fourth of July... and every other Friday night.

Sea Ranch
Otherwise known as Vacation Pictures of the California Coast.

Tripping - Being a few vacation pictures, perhaps the leftovers, nothing personal, nothing that was conducive to a storyline, else I would have used it elsewhere, so really, just a dumping ground of the what's left, which sounds sort of dismissive. But I like the page...

Function Programming Lightning Talk - Yes, doing these (or just writing them up, which is all I've done for this one... and likely ever will) could well get additive. Even in just writing it up, it's short and sweet. Either you get it, or you don't.

Trash Ghostly Aura Photo Fiction. Smoke 'em if you got 'em... or something like that.

Coping with Shore Leave - Tales of the Nav (Photo Fiction): The pixelator array is down, so of course, that means it's time for shore leave.

Ship of Fools - Another Ghostly Aura photo fiction piece.

Reddit Analysis - Reddit is a wonderful resource.  And I find it useful to understand that which I use often.  This then would be a link to the index page that leads to my further musings, insights, and data collection attempts, in regards to that most wonderful of resources: reddit.

ASCII - ASCII is text, so this is picture to text, but pictures of text aren't that interesting, so convert the text back to pictures; and then, you have something interesting... that also might be a bit hard to follow.  So, never mind the words.  More pretty pictures.

Zebra Stripes - Just another effect, which utlizings (wait for it) stripes.  Actually, the yellow Taxi Cab Coordinator pic (I think you'll figure out which one I'm talking about) is pretty cool; but as is, it's unlikely this effect will ever be made into a story series.  Now, the part basis for another effect, well, that seems very likely, especially those tight stripes.

Demon Lover -- A new gif effect story page (pictures, words).  For the moment I'm not particularly enthralled by it.  But I spent a week working on the filter, so I'm going to post the results somewhere.

Demon Lover Poster Child - This filter effect, on the other hand, took all of an hour.  Not as involved as the above gif, but then, simpler is sometimes better.  Of these most recent two, it's the effect I plan on using again, but we'll see...

California Lottery Analysis -- I've read stupider (oh, yes, much stupider) Doctoral Thesi.  Actually, I'm quite proud of this.  All sorts of programming know how, tons of charts, and a complete methodology for picking the 'Best' California Lottery Game for any particular draw.  Quite the feat.  And it took me oh, so long to do: weeks, months even.  Seriously, lots of work in this one.

Footsteps in the Dark - another Ghostly Aura Filter Effect Photo Fiction endeavor.  Pretty soon, I'll have to set up a landing page for that series as it seems to be my goto project for pictures these days.  I like the effect, the program runs quickly (to morph the raw stock), and the finished images are pretty darn small.  So, win-win-win all around.

Making The Passage: A Ghostly Aura Photo Story - utilizing (that's right, you guessed it) my new Ghostly Aura Image Filter.

Vision Quest: it's official, I am no longer working on a game.  It's the photo effects editor's life for me!  And thus, this would be the continuation of Game Tyrants more aptly renamed Vision Quest based on the new focus.

Through Emerald Colored Eyes (index) - more photo fiction in the vein of Tales of the Nav, but with a new photo filter that opens the way to a different (more green) sort of world...

Chinese New Year - Gallery I
Spent the New Year (Chinese) in Honolulu's Chinatown District, these are photos from the Big Night with a bunch of Lion Dancing and Fireworks.  Thousands of fireworks going off two feet away.  I've got burn holes in my shirt.  It was great.  One can, of course, stand further away if they like (it's actually sort of difficult to get that close), but there's no avoiding the smoke and noise, which is the side of the festivities a lot of these photos focus on...
Chinese New Year - Gallery II

Mr GigglesWorth Corn Future Analysis - Corn Future Graphs and stuff like that.  Totally non-professional and prone to errors; but then, because of all that, perhaps I will be able to look at things from a original perspective.  Anyhow if CZ2013 means anything to you, this set of pages might be of interest.  I'm intending it to be a monthly column/project.  The link will take you to the main landing page (index) for the series.

Tales of the Nav - Index and Home - so I finally created a splash landing page for this series, guess that means there's going to be more.  And since I now have a separate index devoted to stories in this series, I likely will not post any more links here.

Heart of a Cycle - more Tales of the Nav

Cemetery Dance (Mother Country) - the aesthetic of the Tales of the Nav series is appealling to me as of late.  Here's another installment.  Soon, perhaps, I should make an index landing page just for this series.

A Boy And His Droid - the second story in the Tales of the Nav series - more Photo Fiction Fun.  I like to think the pictures are getting better.

the .tar - Photo Fiction with a Science Fiction Twist (short sweet and to the point with enhanced futuristic photography).  Perhaps the first in  a Tales of the Nav series

What Stays in Chinatown - Another Photo Fiction Story based on a walk through Chinatown.  One page, much quicker and leaner than Gilding the Lily.

Game Tyrants - My New Year's Resolution (or at least, one of them) was to spend some time working on a game this year.  This is the blog/journal that goes along with that effort.  If it is the only thing that comes of that project, I will be most disappointed.

TreeYUI - HTML as Photo Canvas Art Project.  This version is dynamic, at the click of a button, page enlarges or gets smaller.  The webpage can grow to hundreds of times the size of your browser window if you let it (i.e. click enough times)

Tree - Same thing as above, only with links to larger pictures behind the thumbnails, and instead of 'pulsating' leaf branches are displayed at an angle (images are of the Large Tree to be found in front of the Iolani Palace, Honolulu, Hawaii)

Gilding the Lily - A Photo Fiction Story, based on my walk through Lili'uokalani Botanical Garden, Honolulu, Hawaii.  From nothing to major story plot (or so I would have you believe) in 2-3 hours while walking around town.  If I wanted, I could turn this into a novel.  But I don't want to, so I did this instead.

Christmass 2013 -  Happy Haole Holidays - My Christmas Card to the World  -- or my family, at least.  Another photo/web project based on images to be found in and around Honolulu, Hawaii during the Winter Season, 2013 (Honolulu City Lights & AllanTown from the Honolulu City Library, mainly).

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