Mother Country

Cemetery Dance

Photo Fiction with a Science Fiction Twist

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Tales of the Nav


Blue Circling Fuzz Effect Image of Tree in Foreground inground grave markers running into the distance

How does that joke go?
Cemeteries: so popular, people are just dying to get in.

But they're not.

Usually they're desolate places,
nice for a picnic...

or to feed off the memories of the dead.

Blue Circling Fuzz Effect Image of Cemetery Chapel with lights and Cross on Altar

I am not buried here.
Nor are my friends.

No plot twist ending.
No hidden reveal at the end.

If anything, what's buried here are my hopes...
and my dreams.

No, that's not right.

What's buried here are:
Their hopes.
And their dreams.

Blue Circling Fuzz Effect Image of Stone Statue In endowment Head and Shoulders above the rest

Ask them,
the dead,
and they'll tell you.


Cold as rock,
heart made of stone,
and forever unchanging.

That is the way it has always been.
And forever will be.


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