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Fall & Winter

The changing of the Seasons.

This, of course, would be a tasteful selection of autumnal leaves in a bowl, call it modern art, of the handcraft variety, in hand thrown pottery bowl with green glazing

Out the Front Door

the next five are of the front step, leaves close up of leaves frosted with snow, same doorway with a bit of snow after the first real snow, there were bigger snows, and I even had a view from the inside out, showing the snow coming all the way to the door, but the description of the later is more impressive than the image itself, so its not shown

This is one of those 'Photo Projects'. It started as leafs, moved on to snow, and here we have the current front door in all it's seasonal majesty.

But the view from the 'Back Door' was even better.

Front door of an apartment complex shown from the inside out, me in reflection, holiday lights lining the opening, snow all about, its a nice pleasing picture

From the Ground Up

the next nine are all in a series, images of the ground, first is an even layer of leaves green leaves over brick pavers making a walk green grass overlain with a light sprinkling of leaves
leaves and snow, a mixture leaves and slush, a mixture wet leaves on sidewalk, just a hint of snow
I guess this is all salt, I thought it was frost at first, and it is hard to believe this much salt was used and so evenly  spread, but in the end, likely salt, a footprint negative in the salt leaves that have left their impression in the salt a single leaf silhouette in the sale
I suppose in some sense, the most interesting thing is what I found interesting.

Up, Down, & All Around

The next four are trees, the ground shots were more numerous, in large part because the background of the ground was easier to control, reddish leaves in tree, blue sky beyond golden amber leaves, there may actually have been a beehive in this tree... or if not this tree, one like it, that was sort of surreal
snow weighing heavily on tree branches another limb in the snow, white background from the blizzard like conditions beyond, of course, blizzard being relative
In the end, it's all pretty banal...

This is a street light casting its glow on a tree turning colors, its one of the better images, quite magical in the real
Or magical.

It matters how one wants to look at it.

Into the Forest

Two journeys into the forest during the fall come to mind, or at least, two that were photographed to any extent, of the first trip, the four best images follow, overview of meadow, line of trees beyond close up of trees looking up into the branches, the sort of image that does not do justice to the moment looking into the sunset, the day at an end, reflection off of a pond
I built a log cabin out in the middle of nowhere, once upon a time, a long time ago, in a place far-far away.

The next two are from the second forest trip, here shown, a wooden path next to a pond, which reminds me of a little bog like area that they had at Camp Mohawk -- for boys -- one of the camps of my youth, I spent a fair bit of time there by myself, I guess I've always spent a fair bit of time alone, beyond this one path, I would go rowing alone, all alone in a boat, turn the bend and no one else around, it is among the best memories of camp
I much prefer a paved trail these days.

a turtle in an aquarium, so this second journey into the forest, maybe not as into the forest as that might sound at first, very cultured, have I mentioned the wooden walkway
Or better yet, something completely protected: nature in captivity, the wilds enclosed.

The Main Event

Arlington Heights, during one of the few snowstorms, this is my favourite view of the town, the most picturesque
Still, there's something about walking around in the elements, something raw, and revitalizing.

suburban street at night in the snow downtown sitting area with park benches in the snow That view from the train station, just a slightly different angle, at night, lit up from the holiday lights
Mysterious even.

Bicycle in the snow Main downtown area, water fountain turned off for the winter, a giant ornament, taking its place chain link fence goint off into distance, snow settling in between the wires, I like the way cyclone fences photograph, they give a nice foreground or background effect
That something that makes the mundane...

Same chain link fence, all up close and personal A sign covered in snow Detail of Railroad tracks in snow
Magical and new, once again.

View down a suburban street in the snow, tree with snow covered limbs in the foreground is what the photograph is all about, a lovely close up
Yeah, magical is a good word for it.

The same street, perhaps just a few steps down, this time without the tree limbs in the foreground, giving greater depth to the image, the street just fades away
I'd go down that road again.

Forest for the Trees

Me and My Shadow, Birds of a feather, a nice view of the walk in that first forest journey, but it is the shadows on the ground that tell the story, of me and another
But then, you know what they say, the right travel companion makes all the difference.

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