close up of fireworks explosion another explosion

this is the view from the beach, so setting the scene, kids in water in foreground, fireworks in sky behind, it really is a nice view, one has to imagine the thrill of youth, no only swimming, but fireworks... and maybe a shark or two in the water to add some excitement

vertically aligned pictures, the folks in the foreground are as important as the fireworks behing, this one, two girls three friends in the water

Do we need words or can we just hang out, maybe hold hands, and enjoy the pyrotechnic display?

night image of footsteps int he sand, these are all night images couple with lawn chair set up under palm trees, where the fireworks were in the background

After all, soon enough it will be over...

Luckily, it starts up again next week, every Friday night. This is paradise, after all.

Different set, different day, close up of explosions

reflections off the water and folks in front, the water is nice and redish pink very pleasing

this three set is more or less the same, a group of folks siloetted in black to the right, behind them, ground control, sparking rays shooting to the sky, up in the air, explosiions reddish nice full sky

The main difference is time: twenty minutes for the Fourth, five minutes for the weekly show.

encore, one more night in Waikiki, lots of folks, fireworks in the sky nice red hue from the explosion overhead, illuminating everyone on the beach

Week after week...

shadow work, my shadow on sand, lots of footprints, so many, they disappear, double shadow surround, sort of gives it the feel of one of those red blue three d pictures

You might even see me there.

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