Happy Haole Holidays


The Great Uncle Brett

Activity 1: The Card

This is a do it yourself holiday, so get in the spirit and choose yourself a card.

(Note: these images are scaled according to screen width, so if they're too large for your liking, try resizing your browser.)

Santa Saying Ho Ho Ho
Santa, always a favorite.

Haole Waving Hello
Nice shirt!

Menehunes Waving Shaka
So, if you didn't get what you want, now you know who to blame...

Snowman Advising to Wear Sunscreen
Trust a snowman to be serious.

After selecting the card (or cards) of your choice:

As they say, 'Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas!'

Blinking Christmas Tree Animated GIF Blinking Christmas Tree Animated GIF

Blinking Christmas Tree Animated GIF Blinking Christmas Tree Animated GIF

Activity 2: The Presents

What Christmas would be complete without presents?

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and friends
So if you want presents, go see Rudolph.

 Because hopefully you're not counting on me for that.

But just in case your are, I'm a gambling man.  And so, I'm willing to bet that you'll never show up on my Hawaiian doorstep to collect.  But if you do, I'll be more than happy to buy you a nice plate lunch or cook you anyone of my now World Famous Dishes (certain exclusions apply, must be present in Hawaii to win, copy of original web page must be presented at time of redemption, digital copies will not be honored -- so, um, like good luck with that, but really, just kidding).  Drop by, I'll feed you.

Spicy Pork Hawaiian Style Plate Lunch
This be the spicy pork plate lunch from Sam's, down the street in Honolulu.

Of course, one thing I'm not promising to do this time is put you up.  Oh, I'd be happy to have you, there's always room on the floor.  But a certain other person (I think we all know who I'm referring to) has the final say in such matters, so best to clear your plans through her or you just might find yourself sleeping in the park, which isn't so bad, as the homeless around here tend to eat pretty well (see above if that's not clear).

Anyway, that might seem a little meager.  Travel all the way to Hawaii for a measly plate lunch (or any one of These Fabulous Dishes)?

But like, there's other stuff to do in Hawaii once you get here: like going to the beach.

Previously an image went here, but I decided to pull.

Waikiki Beach: Girls in Foreground

We have lots of beaches.

Another image that I decided to pull long term. Hmm, beach pics, wonder why?

Waikiki Beach: In Foreground, Older Couple Pitching a Sun Umbrella

Or then, there's always cultural activities.  This next is a new find for me.

Fountain At Kawaiahao Church
The Fountain at Kawaiahao Church

Or just lazing about at home.  Here's a view from our luxury apartment in the sky (actual view may vary).

Minature Village Covered in Snow
AllanTown Aerial View

And if you come during the Holiday Season, you can always check out the light show.

Large Christmas Tree Honolulu City Lights Banner Mr & Mrs Santa Clause
Honolulu City Lights

Activity 3: The Fond Farewell

Anyway, that's about all I had to say.

Blinking Christmas Tree Lights GIF
Hope you have a Splendid Christmas

Close Up of Christmas Tree Ornaments
And a Magical New Year

The Great Uncle Brett


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