The Coast Atlantic

A Photographic Review

Montage of Pictures Taken Out the Airplane Window

I take lots of photographs.
Probably too many.
I try to justify my addiction
by doing little projects
like this here web page
and/or the photographic montage above.

But it's a circular sort of thing.
Photos for projects.
Projects from photos.
There would be no need
for the one without the other...

Many Will Be Taken
Few Will Be Used

2,000+ pictures from the last vacation.
(I neglected to count.)
These are the best.

Ironic that these two are verticals.
I'm phasing out verticals...

Commuter Train with Wires Overhead
I like the old time feel.
Water Taxi waiting in downtown riverscape
The getaway vehicle...

I don't believe in posting small pictures.
(Well, not thumbnails, anyhow.)
Pictures are all full size (1000px).
All of them.

Jelly fish in foreground, equipment in back
Squid Invasion!
Sunset, nicest one this trip
Nothing more
Train Station Statue: Guard on duty
In a filter...
Pirate Flag, Crocodile = Tick-Tock
The idea alone

Emerald Eyes

The Story Must Go On!

Plate of Food from Roadside Diner
Can you taste it?
I want you to taste it.

Three Modes of Escape
Can you catch them all?

Boats in Harbor - Emerald Eyes Effect
Hire Wires - Emerald Eyes Effect
Smokestacks - Emerald Eyes Effect

I'm sure there's a story in there somewhere.
An escape that isn't one...


For posterity's sake;
or, you know,
because that's the name of the filter.

Horseback Rider
Vertical alignment,
the face of the past.

And now,
it's story time.

Aerial shot of city
You live in the city
Mountain Stream
Dream of quiet
Boat in Water
Maybe go fishing

A spot of history
Train Connections
But where to go?
A bar
Why not here?


Hope you enjoyed the ride.

Three months.
Thousands of pictures.
These are the ones,
I wanted to share.

Vacation's Over
Take Me Home

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