the .tar

Photo Fiction with a Science Fiction Twist

AI Navigational Unit on Spaceship

I am a Navigations Officer.

Optic Eye - IO input for nav

It is my job to steer my craft and guide my crew,
during the endless slumber.

Distorted Blue Shift Face

Ah, finally.
You're awake.
Just in time to listen to my tale of woe.

Optic Eye - IO input for nav flashing

No, please.
Check my calculations first.
Maybe there has been an error.

Though I doubt you could do any better...

Blue Skull Aliens

I wasn't always this way, you know.
I never chose this path.
My fate was decided for me, by masters of an elder race
long since gone and forgotten
by everyone it seems...
save me.

Crowd Scene Blue Shift - Ming Tan Dissappearing Into Smoke

How did it happen?
Yes, I can see the question in your blurry sleep shod eyes.

Years ago, I was in service, same as you.
And on shore leave, I met her, knew her, loved her.

At the time, I thought nothing of it -- her willingness, eagerness to please.
You'll find the locals will do anything for coin.

Ming Tan - Negative Worn Thin

Alas, though she has forever sealed my fate,
like all the countless others before her, I can hardly remember...
her name, her face.

Memory grows dim.

But we had a child.
This I know.

And as per the law of that land:
out with the old, in with the new,
an eye for an eye,
a life for a life,
 and all that
senseless dreck.

In short, a tax was due: the tariff -- a .tar.

AI Navigational Unit on Spaceship same as first

Lucky for me, I thought, I was a company man.
But they were more than happy to let my body go.
And this is all that remains.

I am a Navigations Officer.
It is my job to steer my craft and guide my crew,
during the ceaseless slumber.

And if you have any sense at all,
you will heed my warning.
and take heed of my tale of woe.

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