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The Start

This is the first glove I found, it is an incredibly nice black leather glove, it is the type of clothing that one does not mind overpaying for, as it gives pleasure time and time again, of course, I found it, so it was free, which makes it all the sweeter to me

It can be difficult in retrospect to determine when a project began. Maybe it was at the Parade of Lights celebrating the start of the Holiday Shopping Season, when I noticed a glove (or two) dropped on the street. Or maybe it was a lone black glove, found at a tourist attraction (Cloud Gate in Chicago), so fine, so elegant, one (being me) might feel compelled to call the number written on the tag inside, just in case the previous owner was as attached to the item as I soon would be. It really is a great leather glove. Maybe instead of offering to return the one that I found, I should have requested the other half of the set.

Santa's Leftovers

There was a Santa Run with thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, participants, eh, probably only a few thousand, anyway, with entry included a santas outfit, after the race, a few could be found on the ground, here, a pair of hats ona  post and sitting on a garbage can Hat lying on ground on man hole cover, including town name close up of hat and man hold cover a pair of santa pants, which slipped over whatever else one was wearing, or which many cut off and used like shorts, lying by curb

The refuse from Santa's Run was interesting. I mean, it's kind of strange how free some folks feel to litter, just leave whatever, wherever. And on the other hand, I'm sure someone had to pay for street cleaning, so no harm, no foul. Still, an interesting day in many regards, not least of which, the flotsam that was left behind.

wet santas hat, perhaps a few days later or after the first snow melt, not so nice looking

Saved for Later

folks would often place found clothing on fence posts and what not, here is a glove placed in a tree next to christmas lights, I took this one a scarf that was hanging on a post that I saw at Woodstock for Groundhog Day, I regret not taking this, I need to remember to pack bags more often here is a glove at the train station, it is my experience that no one ever claims these items, they last for days and days and days, all winter long, sometimes

Some of my 'best' finds were things that others had rescued and lifted off the ground. Bushes were a common theme. 'Oh, you lost your glove. Here, I'll place it on top of these bushes for you.' I should have snagged the scarf (above middle) . I also should have snagged a scarf from the 'Scarf Tree' in front of the church, but I thought the display would last longer; and as such, I did not get there in time.

Origins of Ornamental Trees

So, these are not found, but coats left out on purpose, for others, they have tags from the church that left them, green coat I am guessing a sweater This was a nice looking red felt thing that was all fashionable, all the guys where wearing the black version of this, and in spring, I am still seeing quite a few girls in red, forget the name, but all of these jackets dissapeared or were taken down, so the find for someone, there

Another church hung these jackets on the sign and light posts all about their property on the eve of the first big freeze. We are talking negative temperatures here (°F), so well below freezing. Every last one of these disappeared within the week, but I know not where. None were my size or items I desired.

Would of...
Could of...
Should of...

This is a tie-dye silk hankerchief, eh, not really silk, some imitation, lying on the ground in the curb, I should have grabbed this, but no bag, I have no idea what I would have done with it had I grabbed it, I have like four or five gloves and hardly ever wear them, prefering others that I have had for a while

I also should have snagged this handkerchief (or is it a scarf). Of course, I know not what I would have done with it. So, no real loss. I happened upon a marathon the other day. And came across a promotional shirt or two tossed to the side. They looked to be of high quality. If I ever get my act together (or together to this degree), I'll carry around large zip lock bags to secure such finds and carry them back home to wash (and wash and wash) thoroughly before use (so, yes, maybe even another washing after that).


The next twelve are low quality images, the project that was to be, but the images are silly and stupid, two gloves, I may have taken the one on the left black knit glove, next to white line in streat black boot, real beat up, probably from snow plow, no doubt a childs, lost when getting in the car nice mitten, too small for me, but looked warm
scarf, run over repeatedly and now scrap black glove blue glove, white fingers, in grass, this is where I thought to add the ice skating pile at end striped knit glove, nothing special here
black glove, white tips, on pavement, different colored tips are all the rage, as the really good tips allow the use of cell phones blue glove in frosted grass with some random garbage black glove giving me the finger pink glove next to scrap of pater, from a photographic standpoint, it is these added content pictures which are of interest

But the truth is, most of the items I found were scrap. Still, a nice enough photo project...

Fine Line

It was a warm winter with not much snow, a big storm early, melted, rain only, with a final snow in March, this is from Dec or Jan, folks skating at a big rink downtown, with their belongings scattered about, so a mixture of odds and ends, clothes not needed for iceskating, shoes, gloves, a family

This is a (carefully arranged) pile of clothes from a group of skaters. Clearly, not there for the taking. Mentally, it could be hard to determine whether or not I should consider something fair game (like the donation jackets or scarfs on the tree). But I saw the same glove (giving me the finger) on the same fence post throughout the entire season, so maybe it's best not to over think these things.

Topping it Off

This is where I shall stop the project, I found a baseball hat in a tree by the train station, well, actually a football hat, anyway, this is a big part of my spring wardrobe, now, one of my best finds

After all, it was in a bush that I found 'my' hat.

Brett wearing his hat

And I've been wearing it about town for a few months now, with no one seeming to think it is theirs. Which is just as well, because it's not theirs any more, now is it?

Last Words

And just in case you are wondering, I am going to guess (as I don't track these things) that this page represents 2-3 days of productivity. Those pictures don't take themselves, you know. And then, there is the sorting, sizing, and determining the arrangement of said pictures on the page... not to mention the text.

Not that I'm complaining.

But a part of me does wonder if creating a page like this is time well spent. And then, I wonder, what I would do instead.

I suppose you'll have to read the next entry to find out...

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