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I like to read.
I like to write.

So, why not write about reading?

The orange book, opened to the last page of the index, with a bible quote hand written in is a crossword dictionary, the binding was taped, all wording had been rubbed off the orange cover, and the pages, greasy from where someone had thumbed it a thousand times, this book felt great in my hand, marvelous, someone loved it, loved it for years and years, and it showed, it was a joy to hold

God's Phone Number? Bingo! I knew if I read enough books, I'd find it sooner or later!

The Books

Read them in order or jump down to the the latest, the choice is yours:

001 - The Intro
Yeah, sure. The idea is self explanatory enough: read some books and write some words about them. Still, an introduction seemed appropriate at the time, so here it is in all of its extraneous glory.

002 - Jailbird
This book, likely, effected the popular subconscious more than any of us suspect. And if not, well, at least some of the sub-stories made the rounds, entered the popular mythology.

003 - Cockpit
A wild sex-capade that I did not bother to read; but rather, followed in the highlighted text and handwritten notes of another.

004 - Dance with the Dead
A Shell Scott Caper, which means it's chalk full of wild women, rough men, and creative writing. Richard S.Prather sure knows how to turn a phrase.

005 - The Life of Latimer
Latimer was a Matyr of the English Reformation. And just by-the-by, if I am ever known for something, I do not want to be known for having been burned at the stake for heresy... or any other reason.

006 - The Thin Man
Don't fool yourself into thinking you know who The Thin Man is. He's a bit of a mystery and not all that he seems.

007- Bright Lights, Big City
The power went out about midway for me, maybe a bit later. Certainly by the end, it was completely gone. But until that point, the energy was flowing... and hit plenty a chord.

008 - Writers for the 70's: Richard Brautigan
The book was a critical review (call it a recap) of Richard Brautigan's work. I would call it a dismal failure, as I have no need to read anything by Brautigan after reading this.

009 - Salad Days
Did I ever tell you about my High School Punk Rock Band called Savage Revenge? No? Well, it was a wild ride.

010 - Heads
Getting ahead (get it) in the distant future is difficult, especially if raised on the moon. So why not make things a little more exciting by dancing on the edge of Absolute Zero, while trying to revive a gaggle of (soon to be) disembodied (talking) heads?

011 - Ten Science Fiction Books
Ten hyper-quick tastes of a short dozen books. So, a stream-of-conciousness review of books I've never read... and probably never will.

012 - Short Subjects
A few books (ten, count them) that I went through somewhere between a quick skim (fine, some of them were quick skims) and a full-on read (ditto for this last, as I actually red that Cat Meme Book word for word). Or if that's not clear (meaning, I'm pretty sure that it is not), I don't think all the books I touch deserve a full-page review of their own... or if deserve sounds too harsh, which it probably is, these books are simply not going to get one.

013 - Voyager In Night
A bit of a gimmick... that I cannot say was worth it, in the end.

014 - Graphic Novels
These are a bunch of quick reads. So, it's a whole different sort of project. In short, rather than a deep dive, these are skipped stones skimming across the surface. Thus, do not be surprised when I miss the rippling waters beneath.

015 - Thoughtless Books
Much like the last. Margin notes for the mind.

016 - A Year Book
I flipped through a random turn-of-the-century yearbook. And this is what I found.

017 - Alan Watts
I'll wade through a fair bit of BS in order to find a single good idea. I got several from Alan. Congratulations, good sir. I will now take a breath in your honor.

018 - The Beach
Pleasant Memories in search of a Story... all the way to the bitter end.

019 - Culture Shock Australia
A Strong Start! That I failed to finish...

020 - Children's Books
A bunch of quick reads, as a sort of survey of the genre.

021 - Pop. 1280
Jokes, Sex, & A Killing Spree. What more do you want? A good ending? Get in line.

022 - nextwave
Humour distilled down to its essence: Joke. Joke. Laugh. Joke. Joke. Laugh.

023 - Book a Day
I have a stack of books I'll never get through... unless I go through them very quickly with callous indifference, you know, something like this.

024 - Inspirational Stories
Stories inspired by Album Art, Word Association, and things of that nature.

025 - Jane Austen
Well, a book about her, anyway.

026 - Gangs
Thumb Life! I shall say no more.

027 - Stand On Zanzibar
How many angels fit on the head of a pin? How many can Stand On Zanzibar?

028 - Impressionism
It's pretty impressive... or at least, that's the impression that I get.

029 - Disposable Books
Quick Reads worth every second of the minute or two that I spent with them.

030 - A Virtual Vacation to Iceland
For the month of July (I think that's when it was), I decided to take an imaginary journey and learn about some distant local. And since it was hot where I was, I decided to take that Virtual Vacation to Iceland.

031 - Aperture
A Photographic Journal from the Mid 80s revisited in the Late Teens.

032 - Monthly
A Summary Review of my Reading List for the last few months in 2019.

033 - Short Subjects
Variety is the spice of life. I shall say no more.

034 - We Don't Buy It
Not a book, but a Blog. These days, that's close enough, as my consumption of The Printed Word has dropped off considerably.

035 - A Law Journal
My reading of this Legal Newspaper was cut short by the Coronavirus. After the Lock-Down lifts, I will have to start over... or shift focus.

036 - Short Entries
A bunch of shorts. It may well be the final Short Form Entry for this spur.

037 - Monthly
Monthly updates for the year... or at least, until I stopped caring about this project on account of no longer reading that much.

038 - Vanity Fair
A truly awesome book. One of the greatest ever written.

And that's all he wrote... or read... or however a person is supposed to say that.

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