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Alan Watts

The Man with the Soothing Voice.

The Essence of Alan Watts
by Alan Watts
© 1974, 1977 by Celestial Arts

Thoughts Going In

I have been listening to (recorded lectures by) Alan Watts, as of late. I find his voice soothing. And listening to him can bump me out of anger. Of course, doing almost anything other than attending to my anger and listening to the voices in my head can bump me out of anger. But I have been able to listen to him, which is more than I can say about most Self Styled Gurus.

Running Thoughts

You know, the thoughts that went through my head as I read this book, which by definition were triggered by the book, but were not necessarily of the book.
Note: notes like these and books like this are antithetical to Being in The Now, as The Now is word free.

Ego & God



∅ ≠ ∅
Because ≠ is the defining feature of ∅.

Well, actually, not is the defining feature of ∅, but it comes down to the same thing.
∅ does not.
∅ is not.
And as such, virtually anything said about ∅ is wrong.

Or in other words, I have given a lot of thought about ∅. And I'm not willing to grant superior knowledge about (The Void or anything else that does not exist) to anyone else.



The Nature of Man

The Cosmic Drama

Philosophical Fantasies


Best Takeaways

Final Debriefing

So, I think I will re-iterate a few of those Summary Points, once again.

Let us (meaning I) assume that meditation and awareness are one and the same. Where there is not thought, there is immersion in the moment... a Oneness with the Universe. Of course, One is part of the Universe, so awareness of the self, the mind, and the ego is acceptable... but not the end-all... merely part of a greater whole.

A good place to start is to experience one's breath... to open one's senses to the world around... and within... all while not losing sight of the other... the vastness beyond.

The second insight is that Philosophy, Religion, Politics, and what not are Games of Ego. If you are sure, sure of yourself, you have won the game. That is the game. And if you are not sure of yourself, others will push you aside and take root in your soul. Oh, not the cleverest of words, but that's the gist. Can you stare a Con Man down?

Finally, not only is Happiness its own reward, but is the easiest path to additional rewards.
You are happy?
Please, show me how.
But they will never believe that you simply willed yourself to that state of mind... in careless disregard... of anything else.

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