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Less Than Fifteen Minutes Each
Skipped & Skimmed

It's reactionary writing.
Not always accurate.

My thoughts.
My opinions.

Sometimes, the book in hand is little more than a catalyst.

Finally, spoilers (may or may not) abound.

Thoughtless Books

Because I don't feel like thinking.

pop 66
A Dreamy Pop Camera Odyssey Along Route 66
Wes Pope

The Art Of Being Bill
The Many Faces of Awesome
Ezra Croft & Jennifer Raiser

Polaroids Of Women
Dewey Nicks

The Quotable Negan
Robert Kirkman
Creator of the Walking Dead

We'll soon see if I am capable of thinking, today.

The Human Swarm
How Our Societies Arise, Thrive, And Fall
Mark D. Moffett

This next will take some thought, as it's complete extrapolation. Starting with a box (and never opening the box or loading the disc), what would I want out of this game? Keeping in mind, I don't actually want anything out of this game, as I have no intention of ever playing it.

Anyhow, I just now (as in a few minutes ago when I grabbed the disc) thought it might be fun to do a whole page like this. And before that, maybe I should do a tester or two, first.

So, this is total conceptual... fabricated what if.

The SIMS 4

Eh, that's enough of that.

Point Of View
Me, New York City, and The Punk Scene
Chris Stein

Seven Keys To Modern Art
Simon Morley

What We Keep
150 People Share The One Object That Brings Them Joy, Magic, And Meaning
Bill Shapiro with Naomi Wax

I Wanna Wrock
The World of Harry Potter-Inspired "Wizard Rock" and Its Fandom
Paul A. Thomas

The final entry on the day (but likely, not the page) will constitute a Trio of Music Discs. So, it's similar in nature to The The SIMS entry.

Doro Pesch
Fight - Forever Warriors - Raise Your Fist

End Day.

This day was a lot longer than most. I was enjoying myself.

More picture books, mostly.

Lost Las Vegas
Jeff Burbank

The Lasting Impact of the Counterculture

Photographs by Jason Laurie

Mitch Dobrowner

Carolina Herrera
35 Years Of Fashion

How To American
An Immigrant's Guide To Disappointing Your Parents
Jimmy O. Yang

Stranger Things
World's Turned Upside Down
The Official Behind-The-Scenes Companion
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I proofread this a few days (call it a week) after taking the notes. I have a much longer Magazine Project that is in the works. I'm half a year in and will have over 500 Entries, as there are a lot of magazines in the world. And I have not started proofreading any of that yet. I expect to lose a lot of context on that one... scrambled sentences that make no sense... with no way to figure out the inside joke or whatever my comment may have originally been regarding.

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