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A Fast Fifteen

Less Than Fifteen Minutes Each
Skipped & Skimmed

It's reactionary writing.
Not always accurate.

My thoughts.
My opinions.

Sometimes, the book in hand is little more than a catalyst.

Finally, spoilers (may or may not) abound.

Graphic Novels

The Wedding of Deadpool

The Beats
A Graphic History

But I Like It


I'm back to reading Science Fiction... and whatever else comes my way.

Sharp Ends
Joe Abercrombie

Sudden Setup
Barb Han

American Science Fiction
Four Classic Novels
The Space Merchants
More Than Human
The Long Tomorrow
The Shrinking Man

Clockwork Angels
Kevin J. Anderson

Sex Criminals
Volume One
One Weird Trick
Matt Fraction & Chip Zdardky

Locke & Key
Welcome to Lovecraft
Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez

Black Science
Volume 1
How To Fall Forever
Rick Remender, Matteo Scalera, & Dean White

Black River
Josh Simmons

Star Wars
Mutiny At Mon Cala

Star Wars
The Ashes Of Jedha

Magic The Gathering
Book 1

East of West
Hickman - Dragotta - Martin

East of West
Two - Three - Five - Six -Seven
Hickman - Dragotta - Martin
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Some of these are better than others... my entries, that is.

I will have to study which ones I like and why.

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