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A Little Light End of Summer Reading

looking down train tracks into the sunset, I especially like the lens flare at the center, the clouds in the sky, and the amber light reflected off the tracks, while the station itself stands in silhouette to the right

by Phoebe Pool

The Upshot

This is basically Summer Vacation Reading: a book that I got on the run and may well have never started as a serious read if there were lots of other options... or I had access to my usual sources and stacks.

Running Thoughts

You know the drill. As I went through the book, I wrote a few notes concerning my reactions, which often as not have little to do with the book in hand. The only thing special about these particular notes is that I made them on a phone. Whereas usually, I hand-write the notes... or preferably, type them straight into my computer.

As I look at an Impressionist Painting hanging on the wall, I am struck by how well the distorted pigments mimic my fading vision.

Final Debriefing

As I settle in for a quite night at home, I decided to read and not just read, but read an actual book, both activities (on account of my failing vision) having become more and more of an oddity as of late. And as I made the decision to read Vanity Fair (with this book standing in the way and laying on top), I knew I would never find the time to finish this particular volume.

Ironically enough, tomorrow is the first day of the month, so it is time to catalogue my current reading stacks. And culling this one will make that task one easier.

In the end, it was a good history book, a bit thick on names, relationships, and things of that ilk. But I have no qualms as to the quality. I am sure this tome has found a proud spot on many a scholar's shelf. And if not, it should.

My lack of interest should not be taken as a critique; but rather, as a statement regarding my level of interest in the topic at hand.

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You know what I really need to do is thin my entire stack down to one or two select volumes. All appearances to the contrary, I simply just don't have that much more reading in me.

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