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Ten Science Fiction Books

Along with magazines (a work in progress not included here), let's skim a few (call it ten) books from the Science Fiction section. I'd be surprised if I spent more than a half hour (target time is more like fifteen minutes, being ten minutes rounded up) with each one of these books. It says nothing about their quality: the time-line having been pre-decided.

A Bad Deal for the Whole Galaxy
Alex White

Exit Strategy
The MurderBot Diaries
Martha Wells

Claire North

The Consuming Fire
John Scalzi

City of Lies
A Poison War Novel
Sam Hawke

Valiant Defender
Shirlee McCoy

Nebula Awards Showcase 2018
The Year's Best Science Fiction And Fantasy

loops in the timescape
Gregory Benford

A Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe
Alex White

The Stars Now Unclaimed
Smugglers, Spies, and Snarky Spaceships in a Kick-Ass Race to Save the Universe
Drew Williams
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I like this sort of write-up. So, more will surely follow.

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