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Losers Weepers.

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A Year Book
from the Early 2000s

The Back Story

As you may well know, I get most of my print books free... from library free stacks, mostly. And while browsing through such a stack, I found this yearbook, which would normally be highly uninteresting. But this one had all sorts of notes and signatures and such in it, which made it highly... um, personalized and insightful.

Thoughts Going In

As I just said, I found a Year Book. No, I am not going to return it. I figure whoever donated it, knew what they were donating. And let's face it, I disposed of mine (probably improperly) a long time ago, as well.

Notable Quotes

Call me!

Running Thoughts

Mainly Concerning The Inscriptions

Final Debriefing

Sure, I will nab the next Year Book I find. But I can see how reading the inscriptions could get tedious real fast. Nobody knows what to say. And as such, nobody says anything. On the other hand, if he didn't write those email addresses down, I'm thinking he's going to regret that decision a few years down the line.

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