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What say we look at the stacks and record what is in my current reading piles at the start of each month?


The idea should be self explanatory. Some books get significant write-ups. Some, none at all. I don't feel like recording all of the books that I read all of the time. So, taking an inventory twelve times a year might strike the right balance... or at least, fill in some of the missing pieces.


NOTE: This project does not include anything in the stacks waiting to be read. Only books I have started reading. I've included more comments and fewer page numbers than I originally envisioned for this project. So, we'll see how it goes next month.


This is the status at the start of the month. For instance, today's date is 2019-10-01.
I should make note: there is some desire to remove items from this list, so that it's not the same from month to month. As such, this project (and/or something as simple as this project) has effected my reading style.

Not everything on the list has been read to completion... not by a long-shot. There is no ceremony upon either reading to completion or merely losing interest. In either instance, the work in question is simply dropped from the list.


I think there are fewer books to record than there were last month. Deciding to make this list (to make a written record) has added some degree of mental friction to the decision to add a new work to the pile. Is this worth writing an entry for? If not, why I am pursuing it?


The last. The final. Well, of the year, anyhow.

The Debriefing

Today is a bad day for making judgement calls or policy decisions... as I don't feel like doing anything. I'd rather just sit in my chair, sip on cocoa, and watch the sun do its thing through the closed curtains... and if that doesn't sound like depression, I don't know what does.

So, what gives?

Whatever the case (terminal depression and/or simply being tired), I probably should find a better way of recording (or skipping the recording of) the dead weight (those works which are getting no action). But then, even this once a month check-in provides some degree of motivation to add or remove titles from the list.

And as to that list, what it doesn't show is the extent of Supreme Court Slips read... or time spent with The Viking Club Saga Books (which are more properly, Journals). But then, now that I have added that extra bit of information, I may have added all the extraneous information that I wish to.

I will be continuing this project... even if I don't feel much like continuing it this morning.

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