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The books in my reading pile, surveyed on a monthly basis.

Let Us Begin

I started recording the books in my reading list towards the end of last year and it worked out pretty well. Who would have known? But it turns out recording my every observation takes time... time I often don't want to spend. So, this page is a sort of End of the Line / Least I Could Do in which I list (on a monthly basis) the books I am currently reading and maybe make a comment or two rather than noting anything greater.




I am going to stop reporting on those items which are merely waiting their turn or which are truly reference works. Every once in a while, I pick up a Bible, which is just as close to my reading chair as Vanity Fair. But when I pick up The Bible, I tend to read a very short passage at random as a sort of game; and then, put it down. So, I am not reading The Bible. I am playing with it. Other works that fit this pattern (The G'MIC Reference, for instance) will no longer be recorded.
There has been a conscious effort on my part to keep the list short, saving me the effort of transcribing it. Also, I was unable to find anything in regards to Festivals and EDM (they themselves being a continuation of the Burning Man, Sturgis Motorcycle Rally thread), which I felt like reading. That topic is very much visceral. I guess I've taken to listening to Dance Music, instead.


We are under Quarantine. One might think I'd be reading more.
I did Imgur for a while and Reddit for an even shorter while and I have been reading all of the Imperial College of London's reports on The Covid Virus.
Recently, I downloaded four Scientific Papers based on the search Covid Life Cycle PDF, as I want a greater understanding of it's reproduction. But I shall not be listing the titles.

The above is a short list. Imgur (the App having been deleted) took up a lot of my time: 40-60 hours, at a guess. And such a break from in depth reading made it easy to switch-out (i.e. swap-out) my reading list when I resumed.


The Pandemic Rages!
A Full Lock-Down Is In Effect!
Over the month, I read a slew of material regarding a Divergent Religious Group... perhaps, better recognized as a Cult. Those have been dealt with more comprehensively elsewhere (in a mid-level shorts write-up). But a little cross referencing here seemed appropriate.

The Saga-Book is what I am looking forward to reading at the moment. And is what I am going to open in just a second or two when I am done with this entry.


I do tend to make sure I am at a low point in my reading when I make these entries.


As with almost all of my projects, I tire of this particular catologing project. It's not so much that I've over-subscribed (taken on too much), as my subscription habits have changed... as have my reading habits. I'm doing a lot less reading, down to under an hour a day.


In truth, this project is sort of pointless at the moment. I have not touched Vanity Fair all month long and on the typical night, I hardly read a word. My involvement with the written word is not as it once was. I have a Saga and a Sage Journal loaded. And I read a page or two here and there. But that is insignificant compared to my previous rate of consumption. Bottom line, I'd rather use what limited vision I have left to push content out the door.



I am done.

My reading is not what at one time it was. Let me tell you, kiddo. At one time, I read one and two books a day. But no more.

I am still working on Vanity Fair... not that I read a word this month. And a full write-up on that tome will likely be my final posting in this section... unless I veer off and start to include video or auditory works.

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As the song goes, "Half my life's in books written pages."

And that half is now over.

Bye. Bye.

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