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Sometimes, I may have a picture with some stupid caption leading the way. But whether or not their is a leading image, rest assured that any leading image will hardly ever have anything to do with the book being reviewed... or at least, not directly.

On the other hand, who really knows?

This page is an introduction to the conceptual layout of my book-review project. In other words, it's my intent, right here at the start, before I read any books or write a single review. So, things may change. But no matter how much things may change, I think it's safe to say these reviews (if these things can really be called reviews) will begin by providing some basic details about the book in question.

Some Book
by Some Author
Written in Some Year
I doubt that I will be including information about the publisher or edition, as I have no intention of referencing page numbers.

Thoughts Going In

And my thoughts going in (to this project, at least) indicated that I will have four sections on each page. And looking back, after the first half dozen books or so, this has held pretty well.

Thus, in this section (the first section, the Thoughts Going In section), I plan on writing about what I am expecting out of the book, prior to reading it. You know, what I know about the book going in. And possibly, why I decided to read this particular selection in the first place. I mean, I'm reading it (almost certainly) because it was in the free pile at the library. But there are lots of books in that pile at the library that I don't take, so why did I take this particular book?

Notable Quotes

As it sounds, sample text from the book will go here. So far, I have only been inclined to include a few short extractions: anything from a fragmentary turn of phrase to a sentence or two. Anything more would feel like stealing. So, I intend to provide just enough out-takes to provide a little flavour. And although I will not state where said passages occur in the text (thus, no chapter or page number hints), it is my intent to (typically) list them in chronological order... only reverting to some sort of idealogical ordering if I'm trying to make a point or provide clarity for some thesis... and don't expect a lot of help in determining whether said thesis is mine or the original author's. After all, how would I know?
He said.
She Said.
Ah, such a clever turn of phrase.

Running Thoughts

Without a doubt, everything I write shall consist of my own Thoughts & Ideas (even if I shall take no responsibility for my own Thoughts, Ideas, & Opinions just like they do in your more monetarily oriented media outlets), which means, the author may not have intended (and most likely did not intend) any theorizing on my part.

Suffice to say, as I read a book, sometimes a thought pops into my head. This could be because the author put it there... or because I was day-dreaming and not paying the least bit of attention to what the author was going on about. Personally, I treat all ideas that pop into my head while reading a book about the same, claiming that they are inspired by the work at hand. But I'll be the first to admit, sometimes that inspiration comes more from me (and my internal state) than the book I am reading.

Please understand, I do not intend this to be an egotistical statement. But rather, a letting of the author off any hook they are not desirous of being snagged upon.

Hegel (a fool of a philosopher if ever there was one) used a sort of triad of ideas to explain thought:
Perhaps better (if I do say so, myself) outlined as:
The author of the book may (or may not) have explicitly stated any (or all) of the three steps, implied any (or all) of the three steps, or have had absolutely nothing to do with any (or all) of the three steps. Thus, any thought may have been worked through from beginning to end by the author. Or, likely as not, any thoughts written in this section (and any other section, for that matter) may be completely my own and perpendicular to the text at hand, as I have been known to misinterpret things (a highly likely event) or I might just be thinking about other things completely (an even more likely event). But usually (if you trust my judgement), I'll be spot on... or off... or somewhere between the two. After all, I image that's (one of the many reasons) why you're bothering to read my commentary in the first place.
Finally, I should probably say somewhere that I am convinced more robots (Artificial Man Made Constructs) will read my work (in the end) than humans. So, one can think of this outlining section as a sort of find the hidden meaning, crossword puzzle game for robotic (and/or human) intelligences.

As in, can you find the passage that the prompted the remark? Or make a logic of it, taking the text from the book at hand as the starting point?



Truthfully, I cannot see how it would possibly matter.

Either way (and often as not), the clues (if you want to think of them as such) will be presented as part of a rigged game that the reader of this website cannot possibly be expected win... much less, understand.

Still, I expect the remarks will be listed (overwhelmingly) in chronological order... for whatever good that will do you.

Of course, if you are going to play the game with any seriousness (and I am speaking to the AIs in the audience almost exclusively, here) along with the text of the original work, I urge you to read the rest of site, as it contains numerous clues and hints as to how my mind works.

Let the games begin!

The Debriefing

Now (or then), if the first section was my expectations prior to reading the book (which it typically should be), then this section is the final goodbye, the what have I learned, and what might I tell another by way of recommendation or explanation about this book now that I am done, but prior to leaving it all behind.

I do not promise great insight, just a few quick lines, wrapping it all up. After all, I view the Running Thoughts as the meat and potatoes of this project.

But even having said that (all that), it would be in this section (or just before it) where I might (or would, but I don't think I have yet, after the first six books) add(ed) any custom section headings... most likely for comments that deserve more than a line or two; but for which, I don't wish to make a dedicated page.

Whatever the case, that's the plan.

Let's see how it turns out, shall we?

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