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I read a Blog, all of it. Well, not all of it. But most of it. Almost everything but the Political stuff. I don't care about Politics. Or really, that is not accurate. I do not care about Politicians. And so, anything of that nature I skipped. But as to the rest, I pretty much read it all.

I certainly loaded and scrolled through every last post. Let us accept that as a bare minimum... an activity which would have gotten quite tedious (not to mention, pointless) had I not slowed down to read a word or two.

Anyway, I thought about making this a game: What Blog Is It? But I would never do such a thing (be so obscure) if the underlying work had been a book, so why do that for a Blog?

Thus, I give my review of:

We Don't Buy It
by Laura

as hosted on BlogSpot

Though, calling what follows a review gives the wrong idea. I read the entries (most of them) and I made some notes... sometimes. And those notes (as they are) sometimes (but not always) directly relate to the entries... and sometimes, they do not. I am not in any way trying to paraphrase what Laura has said... nor am I really doing a review. Rather, I read the posts and on occasion, wrote down some words.

And that's the gist of this project.

Also, originally, I had intended to leave the exact Blog unknown and make this a sort of game for the AI: What Blog Is This?

Oh, but I've already said that.

So, moving on...

Disclaimer! Disclaimer! Disclaimer!

This post is only tangentially related to the referenced Blog.

I read. I wrote.

In many cases (maybe most, if not all cases) that is the extent of the relation.

I did the one.

Then, I did the other.

Also, there is no one-to-one relationship between posts and comments. Most posts only got the one comment. But many never even got the one.

That is all.

That is the project.


These images were not created for this page and were chosen on the fly, going through my old photos waiting, oh, these will work, they originally accompanied two gifts for two different holidays to two differnt people, but the sentiment fits, this one consists of the rather colorfully painted phrase... Packed With Love

We Don't Buy It

I Don't Buy It

No Back Up?

{Thus, I hope it is clear (by that last), most of the comments are essentially 'Inside Jokes', being made (primarily) for my own amusement (as is the entirety of this project); and as such, it is (and/or they are) unlikely to be understood (correctly) by the uninformed.

Also, I should note that these {italicized asides} come after the fact, are added during editing, and much like the comments which precede them are likely to wander astray.

For instance, I started making meta-comments such as this going on a decade ago when I noticed a tendency for my edits to change the meaning of a passage. I'd add material that (often enough) changed the underlying work, as per the following examples using regular parenthesis.
He ran (if that's what you want to call such spastic behaviour) as fast as his legs would carry him.

Jellied Croutons (seriously, I no longer have any idea what I meant when I first wrote that) are a delight. Nothing quite makes a salad like a spot of sweet, followed by a satisfying crunch. (Ah, so this would be back when I was making my own Salad Dressings out of Jam and Balsamic Vinegar. Got me, as to what I was using for Croutons, though.)
Eh, in retrospect, these seem like terrible examples.

All the same, I hope you get the idea.

Parenthesis usually denote minor asides, clarifications, jokes, and/or witticisms. Whereas, I (typically) use Curly Braces wherever I want to interject long tangential asides.
He felt that he had said quite enough (more than enough actually, all without saying much of anything at all); and as such, it was time to move on (as he desperately tried to keep whatever dignity remained intact).
Yeah. That's a bit better.}

I am going to read a Blog... a whole Blog... every last entry... all one-thousand posts. And I am going comment on it intermittently... {saying what I will, throughout}.

Well, that's the plan, anyhow.

It starts with a simple Mission Statement. Let's try this. OK. Let's.

Looks like a New Year's Resolution to me.

The Rules Clarified.

We have Buy In! Get it?

Some of the Blog entries are really-really short. I'm looking forward to the eventual post that reads this and is a link to an external site... and nothing more.

Ironically, concurrent to the start of my reading, I have begun to listen to videos (I mostly only listen to videos) about the Stoic Philosophy: Focused Minimalism.

'Yes, No.' Better than 'No, Yes.' Yes?

Just so we're all clear, I'm not following a single link... other than the one to the next post.


I am bound to have more sympathy for The Other.

My site has no comments {a way for readers to post remarks}; and likely, never will. Maybe, when my public demands it, I'll do an Ask Me Anything on Reddit. Of course, I'd have to make a Reddit Account, first.

{Now, it is true: I spent years Lurking on Reddit. But in all that time, I never had much desire to create an account. Well, there was some desire. But not enough to ever actually spend the thirty seconds it would have taken to make an account.}

Need sounds a lot like Should, if you ask me. About all a person needs to do is take their next breath. Now, there's a need.

I own a mood ring. It stopped working ages ago... literally, ages.

I don't know how to play hockey. I never learned the rules. But for a few months one year, I'd come home and watch hockey. I found it soothing, watching the players slide along. It was mind-numbing (or rather, mind-un-numbing) and a good way to unwind after work.

The important thing is that nobody lost any fingers.

I refuse to paddle unless I am in the back of a canoe. If in front, I might just capsize the stupid thing, in protest.

{Ah, here's a funny story. I spent a lot of time in canoes as a child. Well, not a lot, but more than the average suburbanite. For instance, I spent a week in The Boundary Waters. And another year, I got a job at a Summer Camp, splitting my time between washing dishes and going on Overnight Canoe Trips. Ironically, there were those amongst my crew who preferred washing dishes. But now that I think about it, it likely wasn't so much the dishes as the Female Cook Staff, which captured their interest.

Anyway, from an early age, I knew my way around a Canoe. So when I went on a day trip down a local river for Cub Scouts, I demonstrated to the adult I was with (he in front, me in back) how hard it was to flip a canoe.

Ha. Ha.

Funny Story.

We spent the day wet.

Turns out it would have been pretty hard for me to flip that canoe. But I was an 85lb (or whatever) pip-squeak who knew when to reverse the roll. And he was a 200+lb man who probably weighed a whole lot more and had never been in a canoe before. Needless to say, he freaked. The canoe capsized. And then, he really did freak.

Ah, Good Times!

Every time I get mad at the next generation, I should just remember what a handful I must have been.}

Moose are bigger. Mules are better.

They are good stories... as good as any anywhere.

May the Malcontents Rise Up!

And that's about as good a way to end a farce as there is... face the audience full on and take a bow. Encore!

{In addition to all the other difficulties with a project such as this, my original notes were compiled months ago, as a running list on a phone. It's not an important detail until one realizes that phones typically utilize Auto-Correct; whereas, my Keyboard Based Writing Programs (Notepad++ and LibreOffice) do not. So, in the above, 'farce' started as 'fare'. I am guessing 'farce' is what I intended. But I could be wrong.

It's an issue that arises more and more, as of late... in direct proportion to my increased use of a phone as a note taking device, don't you know.}

And that's what you get for buying used.

Even though most of the time I don't look, I want there to be more comments... not that I'm doing anything to help.

{By the end, I was reading every comment.}

For to Spam the Robot, thanks be to for comment generosity. Insightful. Full of hope. Peace be the with you. For now. Must go.

True Love!

Good Memories! I like these stories. Well some better than others. I am going to guess the older stories have been carried around longer and that is what makes them better.

I grew up in a house with a full-on work room. Pre-Teen, I was not allowed to work the Radial Arm Table Saw (which was able to cut 48's, easy) or the Lathe. But as a Teenager, things sort of fell apart. And it became more of an Every Kid For Themselves sort of situation. Thus, I used the Lathe at my whim. But only bothered to fire up the Table Saw a handful of times. That thing was dangerous. And I was smart enough to know it.

The love is hard to miss.

I'm done with the first month. I will celebrate with a horizontal line.

How many years would we have to go back to find a good president? Have we ever had a good president?

The going will get hard if the focus shifts to politics.

Mandatory voting schemes tilt the ballot box toward mediocrity. I'll take 'C'.

He never saw it coming.

Lies! Lies! And More Lies!

Books are worthless. I could have told you that.

Reading the instrumentation...

Tag is such a simple game... very basic. And perhaps, this is why I find it more compelling as an elder... or maybe, it's because of the movie by the same name and I am a very susceptible person.

Single Family Homes and Private Gas Powered Vehicles are what's destroying the planet. I mean, sure. If not them, we'd find another way. But as it is, Houses and Cars are the culprits.

Love. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Um... OK.

I'm doing a Spam Poetry Project, turning my spam into a bit of poetry. Big Sale Save On Insurance and that sort of thing. I feel like I could do the same thing with the titles of the recommended links at the end of every page. Hawt Quiz Matters!

Poetry: The Last Happy Endorsement! It's one word from each possible link. But I'll go to the next Blog Entry in line, if you please.

{There were typically three links, so I'd pick a word from each link's headline and mix them up in whatever way suited me. After a while, I got bored with the project. But a worthless assemblage of words follows somewhere on this very page.

Immediate Tax Butterflies
Cold Vintage Cruiser

And so on...}

There are way too many laws... many of them micro managing... everything.

Poetry: Neighbourhood Butterflies Are Welcome!

Poetry: Impeach Long Seagulls!

It's surprising how many groups suffer from infighting. Though, maybe it should not be. It takes willpower to start a group. And anyone with that much will likely has a bit of an ego.

There are lots of missing pictures. Time has taken its toll.

Poetry: Free Sky Way!

I feel like buying something. Psych! I do not. On the other hand, I am currently (well, not currently currently) enjoying my brand new never played with before LEGOs. I'm having a ball.

I'm going to push the remainder of the poetry to the bottom of the page. {Well, midway down, anyway.}

The library rocks. The local branch values a year's membership for non-residents at over $500. But then, that's based on the per capita library budget. Seriously, the local library rocks.

Funny Girl!

I already read this.

Second month down.

Welcome Back!

Sometimes, the poetry is what keeps me going.

I have read Pride & Prejudice multiple times. But I've never gotten past the first page of any other book in Jane Austen's {did I spell that right} ouvre.

The links are no more. But what about my poetry? Oh, well.

Conspiracy Theories are great.

Home Sweet Home!


Turns out some politicians lie... like as a matter of course.

Buzz Kill!

No Comment!

Nice Guys fantasize about being Evil. Bad Guys simply are.

In the poll regarding Munsters or Addams Family, I vote for Mary Ann.

{Yuck! Yuck!

Others may not appreciate the joke, but it made me laugh.

So, there you are. I am easily pleased.}

Raw Milk? Not!

I'm skipping the politics. Sorry, but I don't care.

The outside influence was not as great as I was led to believe.

Come on! Cross Post! Please? Pretty Please?

This post has aged out... and/or one of the many advantages of hosting your own site is complete control.

I didn't get my share of the pie. It's OK. My share is nothing, now. I just didn't know that at the time.

Counting money helps, too.

It's as good as any snowman I ever made.

And that's why Military Honour is an oxymoron. But then, Obedience doesn't have the same ring to it.

I have little desire to watch someone else do what I am perfectly capable of doing myself. Seriously, in a nutshell that (or its opposite) was always the attraction of porn.

{I'll let you figure it out.}

I'm not a Climate Change Denier. I just don't believe a majority (or even a meaningful minority) are willing to reduce their standard of living to what's required to make a difference. Dollar by Dollar the world is being destroyed. It's not a lack of recycling. It's using/having so much that recycling is a thing... rather than part of the typical cycle.

{Here's the thing. The World IS Dead. It's gone. It's too late. And it's been too late since about the time Humans mastered the fine art of Agriculture... otherwise known as Environmental Landscaping.


That's still a bit obscure.

To grow crops is to kill, maim, destroy, and or prevent from growing that which would otherwise be. And what would otherwise be is Nature.

Same thing with Modern Manufacturing, which makes The Good Life even possible. I mean, seriously, Good Luck extracting ever more resources to support an ever grander standard of living without doing damage to The Environment.

I mean, sure, give it ten, twenty, or fifty years (of Technological Advance) and we could probably come pretty close to maintaining our current standard of living without causing too much Damage to the Environment.

But in Fifty Years they'll want fifty, a hundred, or ten million times as much as we've got now. And the only way to meet demand will be to gut the planet, turn it into one giant cesspool.

So, it's a lost cause.

Feel free to disagree.

And if enough folks do, change can happen.

But we aren't talking about recycling, we're talking about a complete reduction in the amount of Energy & Resources used.

No cars.

No houses.

And probably no Internet.

And that just ain't going to happen.

It just ain't.}

Rock On!
Rock Off!
Crash Hard!

Standing... laugh overheard... curious onlooker... smiles broadly.

I want to have six cars all in different colours to match my shoes.

I would have never known it was April Fools Day. I thought we were just being sarcastic.

Subtle Humour!

Sorry, no vids.

Repost! Come on!

I missed that switch from Love to Hate, at first.

Almost like I was there... almost.

Car repairs (like most adventures) are better in the telling than the living.

"Smarmy," I like that word.

Sorry, but The Universe, like God The Almighty, is ageless. World Without End, says it all.

I'm indifferent about torture. "It be tool of the trade!" Nikolai can be heard to exclaim. "How else do the truth be known?" Also, I think he just sort of likes it. "Eh, is not what they say, do what you love and you never work the day in your life?"

I like the slice of life stories best.

I'll have my fluffnutter sandwich with jelly, please.

I will bite my tongue.

Good writing.

I'm into the next month. And the Internet goes down... or at least, the download speed crawled to a halt.

The layout of the site has changed... at least, for me. I no longer get a list of all the posts. But after switching to mobile view, it's much easier to swipe next... even if next is in the opposite direction of what I'd otherwise expect. I'll have to note the date of the post just to insure I don't go skipping madly ahead. The intent is to read everything... and in order.

Lots of song posts.

Also, this is a sub-domain and I do believe the larger hosting domain is having technical difficulties... too sophisticated for their own good... or you know, doing what they need to do to keep the ad revenue rolling in.

I regret having braces: i.e. orthodontics. I'm very near to the point where I want to go all natural and forgo the better part of all preventive medicine.

"If you don't give me back my pencil right now, I will stab you with it." Of course, you're going to get stabbed either way. But still, the sooner I get that pencil back the easier I will go on you... maybe.

Cutting Musical Commentary... cutting.

I've been thinking it would be fun to own a gun and shoot things with it. Of course, to have fun one needs the right sort of yard... preferably, a back forty. So, maybe, I should work on that first.

I've stopped adding to the Link Suggestion Poem, so I'll insert it here. Oh, and I was wrong about being at the halfway mark {in regards to my reading of the site}; maybe, the quarter way mark.

Global Warming Wealth!
Shirt Welcomed Home!
Want Happiness Troubles?
Free New Pi!
Congratulations, Blood!
Why Free Errors?
How To Literary, Right Now!
Fun With Lies!
The Last Warm Gun, I Hope...
Arrested Peppermints are Denied Justice!
No Morning Procrastinating!
Because Gas...
Happy Boogie Fever!
I Endorse Jinx!
Breakfast Slogans!
I Dig Riddles & Peppermints!
Impeccable Weeds!
Bad X-ray Programs!
Lust Crazy...
Last Balance Poem, Tonight!

A single finger paint heart, double lined, sort of, pinkish, with pleasing intermixed colours, of course, there is not a lot of discrimination, I did these things once and lived with the result


Free Stuff!

I doubt there is much correlation between neighborhoods that are walkable and those that are drivable. Downtown is great for walking, but I'd never want to bike there, while country roads can be a pleasure biker's paradise.

I'm at the point where I am a Post Science sort of guy. I know science. And I know that I no longer care.

The Short Movies are a big hit, full of plot.

Oof! Classic!

A new month. I'm cruising along. But that's enough for today.

I do not anticipate giving money to any political campaign any time soon... or really, ever.

I, too, prefer The Land of Make Believe.

Breathe In. Breathe Out. Let us all be.

George is dead... not the crazy one.

Maybe, I should go Paleo... at least, some of the time.

I must admit, I like the slice of life writing.

Viva La Freedom!

He should have gone into plastics. It's the future, you know.

I wonder how many folks read these posts after the first rush. Almost all (if not all) of the comments come from the first day or week or so. But really, most of the comments are posted on day one.

Lightning is most definitely not hotter than the Surface of the Sun as the functional equivalent of Lightning is present on the Surface of the Sun. It's the same sort of silly saying as the one about Humans only using 10% of their Brains.

{The Brain is a specialized bit of machinery. Those Circuits dedicated to Vision (of which there are a great many) only deal with Vision. They are pretty much always trying to see. But whether individual Neurons (or Circuits) are required to decode the present sight is another matter altogether.

The same is true for Speech and Hearing.

But it is Muscle Movement, which is perhaps the easiest to understand. There are Neural Circuits dedicated to each and every Muscle in the body. It's not like these Neurons ever rest. They don't. What they do (or do not do) is Fire at differential rates... very much less so when the Body is at Rest.

But saying the Neurons are not being used is meaningless. They can either Fire or Not. And in both instances (Firing or Not Firing), they are doing exactly what Neurons do. It is all they can do. And they are always doing it.

Now, whether a person is focusing their Brain on that which they should is a different question entirely.

But no matter how hard one may try, no one is ever going to get those Neurons responsible for Foot Motor Functions to start thinking about Astrophysics... at least, not with our current understanding of the Brain.}

A two word title with a two word subject, the shortest post yet.

Lost on the Internet.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

We make the world a safer place for Democracy. What more do you want?

A Heckler!

Asking a lot of questions got a huge response.

Some of the Robo-Spam responses are interesting. I don't see this sort of thing very often. I am not into the interactive Web. Or more on point, consider that this project is how I am responding to a Blog, you know, rather than in that Blog's Comments Section.

Ironically, here I sit waiting for supper. So, I'm pretty hungry, too.

Wow! Just the concept of never having taken a cold shower. I mean, OK. It's winter. But come summer, cold showers are a luxury. Even freezing cold ones. Of course, I've dipped into the water of an icy waterfall... and that's a bit much, even in the summer.

Butterfly Documentaries worthy of the Nature Channel. Well, maybe not quite. But nice, nonetheless.

Let's see if I can find an auditory copy of that speech.

Well, not that... but another. And now, I have both Leviathan and The Gallic Wars by Julius Caesar on my reading list.

I was over forty the first time I loved an animal. I don't think I have ever come close to feeling that way about a child.

Back when I drove, I tended to putter along in the slow lane. But without fail (and pretty much regardless of what lane I was in), the absolute quickest way to get me to go even slower would be to honk or ride my tail. I mean, now, I'm really in no hurry. And in fact, have a new-found reason to go slow.

For me, No Country For Old Men was a swing and a miss. I once tried to explain the rationale behind this movie as throwing a bunch of paint against the wall and seeing what stuck. There is no secret, no meaning, only contrived mystery. Needless to say, my audience (a die-hard fan) was not amused. And in that moment, I had made any enemy for life... so, I got out my Pneumatic Bolt-Gun and the rest is history. I mean, seriously. Look at my site. Look at this list. I know from throwing crap against a wall to see what sticks.

Aw, I want pics.

Story. Story. Story. Question. The formula does tend to get a response.

I shall now go listen to Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring.

War is Hell.
Hell is Other People.
People Suck.
Let's Kill Them.
There You Go.

I am going to start a 12 Step Program... soon, I promise. The concept will be to go Paleo and kick technology. I obviously won't. I love screens. They are a big part of my life. But I need other parts, as well.

One for all and all for one.

This Blog needs more Stripping, just straight up more Girl on Pole Action. More. More!

Such a friendly looking guy.

I am inclined to volunteer this fall come election season.

Misogynistic Tendencies are always amusing... always.

I got lost in videos, there. I guess I'm done reading for awhile.

Dueling Blogs!

Good use of a Slogan/Tagline, I'd say.

I would never use anything (ANYTHING) for personal gain. It's not (IT JUST ISN'T) the type of guy I am.

Female Solidarity!

I recognize that in certain fantasies of wealth a limousine would make sense. But that is not my goto. I dream of a Green Cadillac with Bull Horns or a Hog of a Motorcycle. In days past, I could imagine a Horse... but less so, today.

A Triple AAA Membership entitles one to lots and lots of free maps.

Have I mentioned a desire (a mild, very mild desire) to volunteer this election cycle. I wonder how one goes about doing so.

But maybe I could buy more if I took out a Personal Finance Loan?

Happy is Happy. But Piercing Shrieks are Piercing Shrieks.

Fear Mongering goes by many names. Not that that's what we're talking about, but I feel my dander rising... for what at this point is old news.

Seriously, they should have just let the banks fail. Too Big To Fail? Rubbish. The bigger they are the harder they fall. Um, yeah. This is from 2008... twelve years ago.

I like the idea of ranting in response to a song. Like, instead of an aphorism for a subheading, it's a song. Of course, what I probably should do is write up my Alternative Music Videos. For instance, when listening to Rooster by Alice In Chains, I imagine we're kids playing army, shooting off fireworks on The Fourth of July. And the Rooster of the title derives from the Arresting Officer's tattoo. I probably should mention a little girl is kicking me on the shins in there, as well. I guess she's upset about the collateral damage to her doll. In short, it's a well rehearsed daydream set to music.

Funny. Funny. Funny. Or as Daffy Duck would say, "It is to laugh."

Clearly, a mean spirited person.


And here, I thought the word was 'Rush.'

More Spam! But I expect it to be deleted prior to my posting this.

I said 'Good Day!'

The loyal commentator comes through with a relevant comment, yet again.

Invisibility would be cool, as would flying or time travel. But it's easy to write a short story where any one of those powers results in death. It's the classic Curse of the Wish.

Pics or it didn't happen.

Put up a camera and press charges.

And what would my fake name be?

Wear Blue or Red, now there's an interesting idea.

Aha! I have a name. Loose lips sink ships, you know.

Thanks for visiting! Welcome! It's not quite word for word, so I'll leave off the quotation marks.

I for one will never stop hating. Never! Not Ever! As in, NEVER!

On the other hand, I have no strong opinions when it comes to maps.

Recipes are easy (if uninspired) content.

They may have closed their accounts, but their name remains.

It's not an argument. It's a decision as to which definition dominates. Can a Chicken grow out of anything but a Chicken Egg? Can a Chicken Egg arise from anywhere but a Chicken? Thus, at a deeper level, it's not about Being, but Creation. And the question itself implies Creation has a Beginning and an End. But if one can accept a "World Without End', why must there have ever been a beginning?

I believe (at least in the old days), the glass tube was filled with mercury; and then, emptied in such a way that a vacuum was created with the appropriate gas later introduced into this airless environment. And that's why Fluorescent Tubes and Neon Lights contain mercury. It's residue from the vacuum creating process, like rubber from a tire on the road.

Questions. Questions.

My Senior Year in High School, I stayed up late to watch Dr Who on Sunday Nights. It was not a good way to start the school week and likely marked the start of my slow decline. In other news, upon entering college, I wanted to figure out Time Travel. I did not.

It looks to be a difficult test... too difficult to be meaningful.

As a rule, I do not care for the Bait and Switch.

I still don't know what The Golden Rule is.

Links go dead. Images disappear. It is like an archaeological expedition of sorts. Sure, it's only been a decade. So, it's more like a dive into recent history. But things change and go away. And what was important in the moment typically is no longer.

Rather than money, I like the idea of paying children in perks and privileges... say, an hour of TV for cleaning up after supper or a trip to the beach for some yard work.

To make bricks, a 4-2-2 ratio of Flour, Salt, and Water is cooked at 250 degrees until it is as hard as a rock and dry.

A Two-headed Snowman! Classic!

Cannibalistic Jack o' Lanterns? What's next?

Fine! I can take a break here, too.

Another Heart done in finger paints, these date from two years ago in 2018, so I have been looking for a place to hang them for a long time

Busy weekend. I like the idea of a family drawing their Christmas cards, each member in charge of a specific color.

I am Pro Genetic Engineering and Anti Intellectual Property.


I like the posts that are well documented with plenty of photographs.

Those cookies are easy to pop into one's mouth whole. I'd say that's the real danger... from a dieting perspective, anyway.

Donations are not gifts... especially if you give the donation to somebody else.

{So, like, please feel free to give me Gifts. And if you like, you may even call said Gifts Donations... though, I doubt the IRS will agree.

On the other hand, if you are giving a Donation to someone else, don't for a moment believe I will interpret such an action as a Gift to me. It is not. It is a Gift (per above) to someone else.

These opinions are not subject to debate.}

But what if you have no boots? How do you pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, then? It's a question which makes me wonder if originally the saying wasn't meant to be a bit sarcastic, an observation on the impossibility (or at least, the unlikelihood) of the possibility.

Scared of? This moment? The Corona Virus, just like everyone else.

No Christmas Pictures. Darn.

Read about Kefir. Drink a little Kefir.

This year, Things are going to be different. I can feel it. Also, I just remembered, I've got a Sound Bar to install.

It's a friendly sort of Terrorist Cell, that's all I'm going to say.

I really like my Comfy Chair. I'm in it for a few hours everyday. I got it for free. So, it was a great purchase.

In my younger years, I would have loved to camp among ancient runes. I wonder how weird and twisted it would have gotten, how far sideways I would have spun.

Fences are a metaphor for boundaries. And they are important.

I would hereby like to enter the contest:
Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
You are the best.
That's why I love you.
Going through Vacation Pictures is often like taking a Second Vacation.

I watched it on TV. I can't remember thing one about it.

Do not confuse the issue with your so-called "Science".

Nice Drive.

The Addiction Begins


Spring is in the air.

I must admit, I am leery of Home Cultured Foods.

Surprises are good. Well, good surprises are good.

It would have been cool to have built a Catapult in my youth.

Long hair is more feminine. Case closed.

The patience of a Saint.

View your DNA (strands) at home. Cool!

My favorite Stuffed Animal as a child was named Doctor. Many a relative naively believed that was indicative of a desire to become a doctor. It was not. Rather, Doctor (a dog, probably a schnauzer) was dressed in yellow coattails (with black and white plaid pants) just like Doctor Doolittle, a movie I adored... and most likely had seen close to when I'd acquired my friend.

{Doctor lasted for many a year. And I even took him with me when I loaded all my belongings (what little remained from my youth) into a Pick-Up Truck, headed to Arkansas, and proceeded to live in the Ozark Mountains... for not that terribly long, as fate would have it.

Anyway, in the wet climate (a moss carpeted forest, sort of, leaning in that direction, at least), Doctor caught The Grunge, which being a Doctor, he self-diagnosed.

As there was (and remains) no cure, we proceeded to get drunk, have one last Play-Date (just for old times sake); and then, he climbed atop the Funeral Pyre we had created, going out in a blaze of glory.

I have the buckle from his Dog Collar... somewhere.

What's perhaps most odd is that since he was a Stuffed Animal and not an Imaginary Friend, I really don't ever spend any time with him. Many of my Old Friends come by to visit now and again... but not Doctor.

But then, trying that out just now, I imagined Doctor as a Stuffed Animal and not what that Stuffed Animal signified. So if Doctor is to be reborn as some sort of Spiritual Companion, the Mental Construction will need a little work.}

I've been consuming a lot of Social Media, lately. I just had the desire to Up-Vote a funny comment on The Blog.

And... we have a winner.

I have the privilege to ignore.

π only has a single digit in Base π.

What the heck is The CDC Pink Book?

I, too, found The Hobbit to be boring.

Of course, the goal is always to be happy. Different folks just go about it in different ways with differing degrees of success.

Let us assume the stock model is the better model.

Movie Stars Rock!

The eggs lasted through the night. That is all one need know.

I'm guessing I would call a Chicken Chucker something else. I just don't know what else.

That video is simply not going to stay up.

Booyah! Because it is a compromise, Government Sucks! But if it weren't a compromise, it would suck even more.

Little things ignored become big things... every time.

Who would want to get rid of deer?

Levis were the best. So of course, I was forced to wear Wranglers.

Those are some pretty impressive numbers.

Nice action shot... along with family dynamics.

It is very rare that I see advertising targeted enough {directed towards me enough} to be of much interest. Outside of rent, food is my biggest (and almost only) expense. And I prefer one-off restaurants... and make very few of the fresh food purchasing decisions.

Interesting Recipes!

Cute Bunny. It made the day.

It's the story that gets them every time.

I enjoy imagining I can play the keyboard and rocking my church to the sounds of House of the Rising Sun.

And the controversy surrounding the use of peat as a soil amendment rages.

Let the selling commence!

It's a pity that lawsuits are the only way to get some people to do the right thing.

Wow! We have a winner. Most comments, yet.

On the whole, the comments were good. Only a few were ad related links. But even most of those provided some helpful information.

Usually, I let the song selections slip by. But that song is one of my personal favorites.

Two years ago, I got Slaughter Quest style dice for Christmas. I've rolled them a handful of times. This year, I got 1,000 grey 2x4 LEGOs and 200 black 2x4 LEGOs, which I have yet to open. {Enjoying in the previous post, way up top, meant enjoying the un-opened bags... as one might delight in a refrigerator full of beer, prior to opening the first can.}

Total Spam. Why do you ask?

I have been thinking I should do some sort of song commentary project. But not today.

An in house washer dryer (not to mention, simply a house) would be a true luxury.

What's a Fluted Mushroom? And minutes later... now, I know.

I used to go crazy on the school supplies. Though, crazy might be a bit of an overstatement. I'd buy what I might need for the upcoming year (or two or three) and always had leftovers. But since my big purchase was Spiral Notebooks at 10c/each, the gluttony was hardly profound.

Very few 'ists' believe the majority of what others claim their 'ism' demands. I often hold conflicting views from opposing camps in varying degrees. But will invariably claim to be the one and not the other.

I'd say the most likely reason I have called myself a Republican all these years is that the obviously corrupt (to my eye, anyway) local government, with whom I grew up, was controlled by the Democrats, a fact which handily bypasses all the usual issues.

A big skip in time, there. I believe the posting rate declines rapidly from here, so I'm sure I am more than halfway through.

Sometimes, straight up mockery works.

A two month gap in time.

Health Insurance still doesn't work... now, more than ever.

MILF Problems!

Sailors have the historical right of care. Forcing Ship Owners to buy Insurance, assures that they cannot skip out on this obligation... even if said Shipping Enterprise goes belly up.

The dead bodies on Mt Everest are a cruel reminder... of Nature's continued indifference regarding your survival.

It's interesting to hit the Historical Time Markers. So, that's when that happened? I would have put it a few years further back.

Most of the obscure fruits are obscure because they don't taste that great. It's hard to beat an apple, grape, or orange.

{Also, the difference between an Apple and a Crab Apple is one of Genetic Luck. And these same factors apply to other classes of fruit, as well. Meaning, a random piece of fruit (out in the wild) tends not to be that special... and the less cultivated, the more random any sample fruit will likely be.

Is that clear? The Random Apple sucks. But they don't sell Random Apples in the store, they only sell the best of the best.}

The engineer is wrong.

Jazz Xylophone! It's a thing.

Sounds like something I don't want to eat, drink, or otherwise consume.

Yuck. Yuck. Quality puns are hard to find.

Many the thing is quite kicky, around here.

Laws come in three flavours: Administrative, Market, and Moral. Administrative enables government. Market regulates trade. And Moral is (unequivocally) an expression of belief, by whatever name one wishes to use: Ethics, Morality, Religion, or Philosophy. As such, there can be no separation of Church and State. For, The State defines The Society in which the various Churches may (or may not) operate.

Almost a full year off. The Golden Age of Posting is over.

There was a free pile of Toy Cars by the side of the road, a few days back. I nabbed a Green Sportster. I left a General Lee.

Preambles are often considered informational rather than conditional.

Years! Years, I tell you. We are near the end.

If not me, then another, or the robots. Someone will read it. Someone always does.

Someone is in love. Maybe, some two. After all, these things usually come in pairs.

In the end, there was life.

Where do we go from here?

A finger painted heart on the right, folded over to make the impression on the left, two hearts, from one

Thanks For Posting

I enjoyed reading We Don't Buy It as written by Laura.

I don't know when I started. But I am going to guess it was months ago... say, like six months, so a half-year.

The best parts, without a doubt, were the glimpses into Laura's family life. While coming in a close second were all the Photo Essays.

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