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Voyager in Night

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at the bottom of the page, I note there are a few blank pages at the end of the book, and I decided to do an art project with them, shown on black background are two paper airplanes, both types I know how to make, a snow flake sort of planet, two accordion folds to give it all a SF Edge Feeling, a bits of paper confetti to make the image more interesting, taken as a whole, it is, of course, a fantastically deep metaphorical allegory of the story, or randomness, still, it is something, I think I may like the shadows on the vertical fold the best

From Beginning To End
A Story In Summary

Voyager in Night
by C.J. Cherryh

Thoughts Going In

I like C.J. Cherryh... or at least, I like her name. I've only read one or two other books by her. Death's Master, perhaps? But even in that, I may be wrong.

I bought the book at a library book sale for $1. There are four sales a year. And at the one last summer, I said I'd buy this book if it was still available come fall. It was, so I did. Ironically enough, today is the final day of the winter book sale, so time's a'wasting to read this thing. Of course, the real reason I am reading this book today is because yesterday I decided to go through all my books and threw out (wholesale) almost all of them, all of the ones I knew I would never read. Out of fifty-odd books, ten or so made the cut. And not wishing to stand anymore (as I do when I write), this is the book I am going to read, while I sit.

I believe there are two 'overlapping' stories in this book. The one I care about uses syntax like < * > and < / > as a sort of stylized thought-language. It is the custom punctuation that caught my eye and why I am reading the book. I do not expect much otherwise. But I would be happy to be proved wrong.

Notable Quotes

< >
Upset is itself a vulnerability.
No one can ask myself of me.
Places that have names are so rare in the universe.

Running Thoughts

The Debriefing

The book did not take me as long to read as I would have guessed: only two months versus the six I was thinking.

The ending was fine enough. But I would not call it inspired. As interesting as anything else is the presumption that this is somebody's Happily Ever After. I mean, I can see the appeal... but in truth, life is dragging a bit on for me. And without a doubt, this novel did not fill the hole. Let us say, the extreme duplicity of the characters (and I am being vague and misleading, here) was not charming to me. And that is really what the book was all about.

I am slowly accumulating a pile of read books. I should dispose of them... take them back to the free stack at the library, if nothing else.

And then, there were four blank pages at the end (to make up the sheaf in the book... or whatever those sections of pages are called). Perhaps I will do something with them.

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Maybe, I'll make some paper aeroplanes... or do a bit of painting.

Oh, I know! I'll make a diorama!

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