The UFO Attractor's Handbook

Second Edition

Practical Advice for an Impractical Hobby


Eddie Takosori

There are spelling errors.
There are grammatical errors.
To say that some of the writing is shaky would be an understatement.
But Eddie is dead.
And I am not making a single penny off any of this.

So please,
enjoy it for what it is,
some of the most unique writing to be found anywhere on the web
about UFO's or not.

pdf       UFOAH - Section A - Acknowledgements       doc

pdf       UFOAH - Section B - Introduction       doc

pdf       UFOAH - Section C - Testimonials and References       doc

pdf       1 - UFOAH - Section D - TOC - Table of Contents       doc

pdf       UFOAF - E - The Dark Secret       doc

pdf       UFOAH - Section F - Intro to the First Edition       doc

pdf       UFOAH - Section 3 - Nothing is Real       doc

pdf       UFOAH - Glossary       doc

pdf       UFOAH - Word a Day Project       doc

pdf       UFOAH - Miscellaneous Extractions from First Edition       doc

pdf       UFOAH - Query Letter       doc

pdf       UFOAH - Splash Page       doc

Takosori Home

Not to be taken seriously.
Certainly, Eddie never did.
Perhaps to his downfall.
So, maybe you might want to take this seriously.
Or then again, not.
I mean, what do I care
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