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Welcome to the Galleria.
I'd like you to imagine that this is one of those great big event posters covering an entire wall, you know, like they sometimes have outside of an art museum or a gallery announcing the exhibit of the moment: The Essence of Fine Dining (or some such nonsense, maybe Spirit Glasses).

A wine tumbler, wine glass without the stem, pretty flat bottom, almost looks like a heavy set flower vase that is catching the light delightfully, so a bit of art, look on it with awe... or wait, you might not be able to see it, well in that case, this is award class photography, and you should probably submit it as the winner to that photo contest on my behalf, maybe just say, I have never seen anything this awesomely good in a long time, you know, not quite lying, well, really, not lying at all
This then, as follows, is the main attraction. A few pictures, taken in series, filling up an entire gallery wall (or so I like to imagine); the last, capturing the artist at work.

A glass, tumbler if you will, a light source, the reflection therein made, and an artist to capture the performance, artist not shown, reflections not available in all markets, please see webmaster for complete details

Or, if you're not into still life.  I call the piece below Sleeping Cat. Best to leave her alone.

A feline friend of mine that goes by the name of Stilleto, that last being spelled with some combination of one or two ls and ts

And there you are...
Oh, right. I said I was going to talk about programming.

So a few weeks back, I used a .bat file to create a list of all the images in a directory, then pasted the output into an Excel file, and then I pasted the entire thing into Komposer. This time, I did the entire thing in Python. It's way more elegant. Of course, one would need to load Python onto their machine to get it to work. But then, if one already has Python on their computer, they probably don't need my code. But the code is here in text file format, all the same.

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But then, that art!
That's serious business, take a look at that GIF again.
That! That is art!
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