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Tom Kha Gha Chicken

I like, no, love tom kha gai, yes, i would marry it, or the sweet hot and spicy female incarnation of same with just the right amount of flavour to make life interesting, and those thighs, do not get me started on those thighs

Roast chicken is one of the first things I learned to cook consistently well at a very early age: 2hrs at 350 is my rule of thumb. At which point, I check to make sure the leg bone turns easily in its socket, indicating that the meat is done and it's time to eat. Unfortunately, although I find that this insures a delightfully moist chicken with meat that is cooked through and through, the skin is not what it could be. So, I cooked these thighs at 425 for an hour or so. Took them out, drizzled them with Tom Kha Gha sauce (OK, just drowned them in the stuff) and cooked again for another 15 minutes over a bed of corn.

For the Tom Kha Gha, I add a Tom Kha sauce packet by Aroy-D to a can of coconut milk with a little extra lemon juice, red peppers, and fish sauce, which I find, fills the flavour out nicely (though, the packet works alone by itself in a pinch). After I mix it all together, I tend to microwave the lot, but it's probably not required. All in all, nothing could be easier... except for maybe going out to eat at a Thai restaurant. On the plus side, eating at home is a lot cheaper. And if there's one thing I've found to be true over the years, it's that girls/women/ladies tend to be impressed by Frugality. Cheap is the new Stingy. Tight fisted, the new miserly, just saying.