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Egg Sandwich

Or how to dazzle your dates.

See, there are eggs, but here is the twist, instead of eating them with knife and fork, wrap them in bread, one slice or two, and eat as a sandwich, I know, amazing, I think the one slice shows and apricote salad, so trick it out however you want, lots of folks like a side of lobster tail with their egg sandwiches

Seriously, I wonder about myself sometimes. Anyhow, I decided I would create a weblog of my food (mainly because it's harmless; I'm not thinking anyone is going to be affronted by my radical opinions on the usage of spice -- doubling the recommended dosage always being a good start, in my humble opinion); anyway, food blog, decided to do one, so sometimes the food is less inspired that others; but then, I've got the picture, so I figure, why not post it. This then is one of those I've got the picture, so why not post it meals.

It's an egg sandwich. Toast, salt, pepper, fried egg (not telling you how to make that part, it's a secret, though I will mention that sizzling butter in a preheated frying pan is key) and top it off with cheese (mozzarella, ala Costco in this case). I think I may have put (which is to say, I sometimes put) mayonnaises, horseradish, and mustard on this sort of thing.

Good eating. Goes great with tomatoes (in season, of course), lettuce, and so on.

And with that, we're back to the Magical Mystery Gif Selector.

That's right folks, the Internet is one giant Choose Your Own Adventure.

So if you're done with breakfast, might I suggest the pulled pork sandwich for lunch?