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Cheese Toast

Yes, this repeats.
But it's the only duplicate.

I eat cheese toast... quite a bit of it, in fact.

bagel pizza toast, toasted, I have nothing else to say, bookmark this page, it was a first
Cheese toast is not difficult to make. Per above (bagels) or below (sliced bread), I slice and toast whatever is going to be used for the crust and get it nice and brown (in a toaster). After that comes a little spaghetti sauce, hot pepper flakes (I like it on my pizza, so it's no surprise I like it on my pizza bread), and cheese. The bagels are made with (mostly) cheap mozzarella from Costco. The toast below is made from random cheese (literally, random; it's the leftover spoils from someone else's refrigerator).

For both, I broiled the lot for about 3 minutes on the top rack, though that's about as useless a commentary as there is to be found (and that's saying a lot, considering the content on the rest of this site, let alone the Internet) as oven temperatures will vary , and all that. But really, more importantly, did you read that last in a radio announcer's voice. Either way, one thing to keep in mind is that this stuff burns fast, so I'd check every 30 seconds or so if I wasn't familiar with the oven/equipment in question or hadn't broiled with it before.

Not pizza, not toast, it is pizza toast, look yonder on future snack plate, is a pizza, is it a toast, no my good friend, it is pizza toast to save the day, um, I guess this one differs from the first in the type of bread used, just bread vs bagels

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