# -*- coding: utf-8 -*- # Copyright Brett Paufler 7-12-13 #Place this program in File Location where HTML page is desired # Programe creates HTML file with image src based on relative path # Alternative (alt=) value is set to file name # Spaces are converted %20 # Any other special Characters (brackets, commas, etc) # will (likely)result in garbage import os import fileinput # Default variables for Name, Title, etc # Change these, comment out the raw_input lines below # and having to type in your name each time will be eliminated PageTitle = 'Brett Food - Brett Paufler\'s Guide to Cooking' PageAuthor = 'Brett Paufler' #Input Output area for user defined varialbes #Easy enough to comment out PageTitle = raw_input("Desired Page Title (for Meta Tag): ") PageAuthor = raw_input("Page Author (for Meta Tag):") PictureDirectory = raw_input(""" Path To Pictures Enter a Period (single dot: . )if in Same Directory (.) If in sub folder named Images Enter: Images/ (Ending Forwardk Slash "/" is required) I use this 2 layers deep, other conditions not tested (images/ThisImageFile/ works for me) ENTER THE RELATIVE PATH TO THE PICTURES (with ending forward /) """) #Get DirectoryList String DirectoryList = os.listdir(PictureDirectory) DirectoryList = str(DirectoryList) # Opens and closed various files which are subsequently removed to # caconate the Directory List string correctly IsOpen = open('TempText.txt', 'w+') IsOpen.write(DirectoryList) IsOpen.close() #images/ F1 = open('SecondTemp.txt', 'w+') for line in fileinput.input('TempText.txt'): line = line.replace(', ', '\"\n') line = line.replace('\'', '') line = line.replace('[', '') line = line.replace(']', '\"\n') F1.write(line) F1.close() F2 = open('ThirdText.txt', 'w+') for line in fileinput.input('SecondTemp.txt'): F2.write('\"')\n\n
\n\n') F2.close() # if this file is Temp changed to txt, editing/trouble shooting is way easier F3 = open('Z - BrettFoodWebPageCreator.html', 'w+') # Head of File write area F3.write('\n\n\n\n\n\n') F3.write('\n\n') F3.write('' + PageTitle + ' \n\n') F3.write('\n\n') F3.write('\n\n\n\n
\n') # Final Image src output for line in fileinput.input('ThirdText.txt'): F3.write(line) # End of File write area, add or delete as needed, for buttons, etc F3.write(""" This Page Created By BrettFood's Image Loader HTML Page Creator \n\n

\n\n """) PageEndingText = """
""" F3.write(PageEndingText) F3.close() os.remove('TempText.txt') os.remove('SecondTemp.txt') os.remove('ThirdText.txt')