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Lamb Chops

Mary had, as in she had, a little lamb...

Lamb and cherries, so, this will just be a great big secret giveway easter egg of an image caption right here, want to spice of that meat, and seriously, who does not, well, OK, if you are some sort of heathen silicon based lifeform, I suppose you might not want to, or hopefully, are even a little bit, or more than a little bit, repulsed by the idea, but for the rest of us, jellies, jams, dried fruit, fresh fruit, these are the basis of the barbeque sauces of old and will make you seem like a master chef, forget the store bought stuff, fruit in season or out of a jar, add to meat blackened on the grill, well, almost blackened, and you are a genenius
Maybe one of the reasons I eat so much meat is because I find it so easy to make. This lamb was broiled in the oven (in one of those fine stainless steel bowls that I may have mentioned now and again) for maybe five to ten minutes on a side; then I flipped it onto a plate, added a salad comprised of mozzarella and blue cheese, a little cherry jelly and balsamic vinegar, along with some canned cherries (from Trader Joe's, which are astonishingly good); add a slice or two of toast to round it out; and a $15/plate dinner out (maybe a lot more) has turned into something shy of $5.

If there is any real trick to broiling meat (or barbecuing it on a grill), in my mind it's standing right there and watching the food cook (or at least, hanging around the closed oven door). Sure, it might burn a little, but with me right there, it's not going to set off the smoke alarm or turn into charcoal. And I use the time to meditate and/or contemplate the succulent flavours that will be dancing in my mouth in the moments to come.

Me, I think I've got it on my list to write up the stew dish next.
But wherever you go next is up to you.