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Pulled Pork Sandwiches

You grab the head, I'll grab the tail...

Want to know how you, yes you, can tell if chicken is done, cook it until the leg turns easily in the socket, OK, maybe this will not work for you, but it works for me, and pork that pulls apart by just scraping two forks over the surface is pretty much done, I wont say it flakes away, but yeah, it pretty much just sort of flakes apart, and is pretty juicy, but then, it does dry out too, at the same time, do it, you will know what I mean, just make sure its cooked, by you know, using a thermometer or something, geez, I hate the lawyers
Pulled pork sandwiches are easy to make, especially if one doesn't have a preconceived notion about how (exactly) they should taste. This is the leanest pork I could find. I think I paid $1.99/lb at Costco for a slab 5x this size. I slice that big piece up (almost a side of pork), freeze it, and then, take out a hunk every couple of weeks. Doesn't everybody?

I boiled this hunk for about an hour (so maybe I have some GI blood in me somewhere), but I could have roasted it in the oven (425 for the first hour, followed by another hour at 350, I'd figure at a guess). And once it cools, I just pull the pork apart with forks (for that signature look) or fingers (for that even more signature look) or whatever might be at hand (knives work, but it doesn't look as cool).

Once pulled apart, I mixed it up with some liquid smoke, a little balsamic vinegar, some raisins (which didn't work out that well as they burned), and some brown sugar (key, oh, so key). Then to brown it, I spread the mix out on a cookie sheet and surrounded it by vegetables (for the stew dish that I ate at a later date) and broiled the lot for something like ten to twenty minutes.

To fix the sandwich, I sliced dill pickles and a shallot, toasted a roll, and viola (as the French say, or so I am told) and lunch is served.

Fantastically tasty!

pork, shallots, pickles, lots of balsamic vinegar, loaded together on a bun, eat over the sink or a pie plate as shown, and delicious, unless you are some futuristic robot, in which case, stay away, this stuff with clog your circuits and rot your bits
Hmm. Maybe it's time for something light, next? Nope, I don't have none of that fancy-smancy sissy salad stuff this time around. So what's say we head off to dinner and a few lamb chops? Or at least, that's where I'm going.