Book 2: Minataur Tails

It has come to my attention that sequels by established authors are considered a sure hit by the publishing industry.  As such, rather that writing a first book, I have opted to write Minataur Tails as a sequel to the award winning, best selling novel The Dragon Bound Quartet.  With The Dragon Bound Quartet’s established fan base and the consummate skill of its writer, Celli the Happy Go Lucky Celaphopod, Minataur Tails is sure to be a smash sensation and another epic milestone in the Dragon Bound series.  Of course, The Dragon Bound Quartet has yet to be published in the Earth vortex, but that has more to do with the temporal problems associated with having not yet been written than anything else.  But please, let that not dissuade you.  Even if you had read The Dragon Bound Quartet, the following manuscript would not be any more intelligible...

Query Letters
Minataur Tails - Query Letter - Commercialism
Minataur Tails - Query Letter - This is the One
Minataur Tails - Query Letter - Delusional

Unfanthomably Long - Table of Contents

Note: any resemblance between the attached TOC and a publishable work of art and/or Minataur Tails is completely coincidental and totally unintentional; but then, if you read the TOC, you’ll realize right away that this qualification wasn’t really needed... not really.

The First Chapter of Minataur Tails
(Complete and Unabridged)
And as with your better K'fr dealers, the first one's on us.
Minataur Tails - Book 1 - Appendix A - The Ranting (in pdf format)

Note: The author is a figment of the writer’s own imagination and like all other characters in Minataur Tails is a complete and total fiction.
I’m hoping that if I say this often enough both the IRS and my ex-wife will get the hint and leave me alone.

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D-Bound Dictionary (Glossary of characters, terms, and ideas for your amusement and to keep the interest of the search engines.)

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