Book 4: Crazy George Takes a Holiday

Ultimately, it is possible that Book 4 will be transformed into an interactive online environment -- a place to share stories, gossip, and what not.
At which time, it will likely get renamed The Pub at D-Bound Publishing.

Right Now, this is just a landing page to push visitors to any of the links below.

D-Bound Dictionary (Glossary of characters, terms, and ideas for your amusement and to keep the interest of the search engines.)

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Book 1: The D-Bound Quartet

Book 2: Minataur Tails  (Hint: Start Here.  This is the Book I'm trying to sell.)

Book 3: The K’fr Road: To Ve’kahn and Back Again

Book 4: Crazy George Takes a Holiday (where you are)

Book 5: Rigor Pass 1866: The Manna Boom Years

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