Book 1: The D-Bound Quartet

    Vile Orbs
    Grt had been biding his time.  He was no fool.  He knew he was outsized, perhaps even outmatched.  Crazy Georges’s skills in the kitchen were legendary.  His mother had been a baker and had taught him all she knew.  He could make a soufflé out of chocolate bars.  He could make roast duck out of lamb chops.  He wasn't just an award winning chef.  He was a wizard, but most importantly, he was insane.  Grt knew he had to play to his weakness.  He waited until the positioning was ideal.  He waited until George was off balance… and he was next to the refrigerator.
    Now was his chance!  He dove at the refrigerator door and swung it wide.  He grabbed the eggs and sneered.  There were only three left.  Let’s see him make a pastry without eggs, Grt thought.  The move had caught George by surprise.  No eggs.  It was a serious blow, but he knew a few recipes that did not call for the vile orbs. 

TBDQ - 2007 - Celli Query Letter #1

TDBQ - 2007 - Wizards of the Coast - Cover Letter

(Note: in most dimensions, The D-Bound Quartet is known as The Dragon Bound Quartet.
But do to naming conflicts, I'm thinking of going with something different here on Earth:
D-Bound or D-B©und being the most promising at the moment, but we'll see.)

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Book 1: The D-Bound Quartet

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