Minataur Tails - Chapter 1
by Celli the Happy Go Lucky Celaphopod

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I am pleased to present
 for your general edification and amusement
the first chapter of

Celli the Happy Go Lucky’s
award winning
Minataur Tails
Appendix A - The Ranting

What some (including me) consider to be one of the greatest chapters in all of literature.  So much so that it’s sort of dangerous for me to read this particular chapter, because invariably after I do, I have an insatiable desire to continue and read the rest of the book... and we all know what a time killer that can be.  But then, truthfully and in all honesty, that’s a compulsion I hope you’ll soon come to share. And in the end, what this posting is all about.  So, after you’re done (and if you’re in the industry), please feel free to request the rest of the manuscript.  You won’t be disappointed.

Minataur Tails
Celli the Happy Go Lucky Celaphopod
Appendix A
The Ranting

Minne was a Minataur.  It wasn’t an original name, but by some quirt of fantasy literature it was a rule that a character’s name had to start with the same letter as the type of creature he, she, or it was.  As such, Minne’s brothers were Marlin, Mark, Monty, Mike, Mickey, and so forth.  He came from a large herd.  But Minne knew his name was the best and so did the author, the award winning author of the much beloved Dragon Bound series, Celli the Happy Go Lucky Celaphopod.

Since Minne was the best possible name there was for a Minataur character, Celli was sure the name had already been used countless times before.  He’d even done a cursory name search at his local library.  And sure enough, Minne the Minataur had already been involved in a whole series of adventures.  He was well represented in the Alphabet Book of Mythical Creatures squeezed in between Oliver the Orphan Orc and Paul the Persnickety Pegasus.  OK, sue us.  Neither Celli nor Minne were very good with words or things alphabetical.  The point is Minne was an obvious name for a Minataur, so obvious that his mother (Mary) and father (Marvin) had hit upon it right away.  It was the type of name that easily bespoke of his coming fame, rip roaring adventures, and growing fan base.  It was the type of name that would be ludicrous to protect with vain attempts at legalese. 
          No, Minne the Minataur©™(Patent Pending) was a good name.  It did not matter that Minne the Minataur©™(Patent Pending) had been previously used by Arthur Dumcraven in his best selling epic trilogy Minne the Minataur Adventures or that before that Ernest Tiltenbark had crafted his seventeen book children’s book franchise around a similar named creature, Min’ne the Minataur.  What mattered was that Min’n’e the Min’at’a’ur was first used as an example in a third century epic poem entitled Copyright Legal Defenses -- Avoiding the Pitfalls: Using the ‘ to your Advantage.  H’o’m’b’e’r had believed in the ‘ and that epic poems should have names of epic length.


Sample Chapter
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