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Hopefully, you'll excuse me for being honest. It's extremely unlikely that a website by an unknown author for an unpublished book will get any exposure in the search results when it comes to the big ticket words like 'Dragons', 'Dwarves', or 'Djinns' (and that's just the D's). But nobody spells 'Minataur' the way I do. For whatever reason, everyone wants to spell 'Minataur' as 'Minotaur', which is fine and all, I suppose, if you're talking about 'Minotaur', which are creatures of legend and don't exist; however, when speaking about those Bull-Headed Humanoids that wrangle a living out on the open ranges and wild steppes surrounding Mt D©©M, the word you're looking for is 'Minataur'. And spelling it any other way wouldn't only be wrong... it would also be demeaning, rude, and inconsiderate. So rather than being a spelling error, calling a book Minataur Tails is really a spelling correction.

But that's not the important point. So let me try to get back on track as to what this endeavour is all about. Fact is, the D-B©und Adventuring Series is a complete unknown in the Earthen Vortex. And in the search engine results (at least under its original name as the Dragon Bound Adventuring Series) it's going to be completely buried by another property (by another author) for the foreseeable future. And being buried behind another is not an enviable position for a copyright holder to be in. It's sort of depressing, in fact. However, after I did a few cursory searches to see if I could find my site at all, things looked a little brighter, as we (B-Bound Publishing) already have the number one result for searches on 'Minataur Tails', 'D-B©und Quartet', and probably a few others. Of course, we're only number one, because no one else is using those terms. But then, knowing the why of it all is half the battle. Because you see, what I'm thinking is, rather than engaging in a hopeless battle for exposure in the popular search terms (such as 'Mt Doom', 'Trolls', 'Elves', and the like), it would be in my best interest to try and corner the esoteric word market (so to speak). There are a lot of words and phrases that are unique to the D-B©und Universe and the Seven Realms (not to mention the Five Kingdoms and the surrounding Borderlands). And as time goes by, these words will inevitably find their way into common usage in the English Language. So, I figure I'm going to cover as many as those terms as possible and own the definitions (or at least squat on them) while the getting is good. I mean, I'm probably never going to own 'The Dragon' in the search engine results no matter how famous The Dragon may ultimately become. But I stand a fighting chance of owning the number one search result for 'K'fr', 'Gra'gl', 'Hazen Crots', and possible even 'Ruby Firehaven', 'Crazy George', and/or 'Roger the Troll' right out of the starting gate with little to no competition.

So if that's not clear, this is a Dictionary of D-B©und Terms to feed the search engines and help educate the masses as to all things having to do with the Seven Realms and the Five Kingdoms. And the reason I wish to do that is to find an Earth based publishing conglomerate to release and market Minataur Tails -- the first book in Celli the Happy Go Lucky Celaphopod's D-B©und Adventuring Series. I mean, just in case all that wasn't already over-redundantly and abundantly clear.

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