Celli the Happy Go Lucky Celaphopod's

Minataur Tails

The Second Book
in the Award Winning
D-Bound Adventuring Series

Table of Contents

The Copyright Page
The Most Important Page in the Book
and wherein we ask
Can c©pyright warnings be c©pyrighted?

    Copyright Notice

    This work is protected by transvortex copyright protection.  Notwithstanding any local copyright, if you steal this intellectual property, you will have to answer to Celli the Happy Go Lucky Celaphopod, Dragon Bound Publishing, and The Dragon -- and not necessarily in that order, because let’s face it, as red in the face as Celli might get if you cheat him out of so much as a copper, he isn’t the one who’s going to hunt you down and eat you for a light -- in-between -- meal snack.  The Dragon however, just might... or that is to say, he could if he wasn’t such a terribly nice guy.

    Disclaimer of Liability

    The views, dialogue, and actions related herein are those of the individual characters involved and in no way reflect the opinions of Dragon Bound Publishing or me, the author, Celli the Happy Go Lucky Celaphopod.  I mean, seriously, if you’re going to hold me responsible for everything I write, what’s the point?

    A Note from The Dragon

    A statement from The Dragon about this Earth Vortex Edition:
    “This paperback edition, and no other, has been published with my consent and cooperation.  Those who approve of courtesy (or at least, wish to remain amongst the living) will purchase this edition, and no other.”


© Copyright 2013 Brett Paufler

Brett Words

Note: a Minotaur is a creature of fiction, while a Minataur is a creature of fact.  And as much as I like squids, that's all a Cephalopod is -- a squid.  Celli the Happy Go Lucky Celaphopod on the other hand (as his name might suggest) is a Celaphopod who writes light hearted fantasy fiction.