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Might I recommend turning off Revolutions...

Game Save, World Builder, & Log Files

Configuration Information
(and all that exists of last the write-up)
037 - End Of Notes - Text File

The Short & Nasty

I played roughly Six Different Games of LOR on various Maps, including at least two Custom Garden of Eden Starts. The Comprehensive Zip ( contains all the Starts, Finishes, World Builder Maps, and Log Files for each of Those Games... with the Running Notes thrown in for good measure.

However, I will also post the Running Notes for each of those six Games at the start of each Game's individual commentary, which will (at least, if nothing else) include note on why there isn't much commentary.

But before I get there, I wanted to briefly make note of my major takeaways regarding Legends Of Revolution... as concerns my Single Player experience.

The Revolutions Mechanic Is Broken

In Legends Of Revolution, if a Civilization treats its people poorly, Revolutions WILL occur: meaning Cities WILL break away or loads of Rebel Units WILL Spawn.

This could be fun.

This adds a new element.

However, The AI is unable to adapt; and as such, is unable to maintain a large Civilization... like ever.

If I had to guess, I'd say Slavery was the culprit. No doubt, Whipping causes instability. And The AI is programmed to Whip. I mean, it's the winning strategy, right? So, The AI finds itself in a state of continual Revolution. Whereas, I despise Whipping, as it simply takes too much mental effort. And so, my Second Class Builder Strategy (backed by a Monk Economy, no less) easily dominates.

Excellent Customizations

I like Wonders and there are plenty of new (or at least, new to me, new to me in this mod) Wonders, National Wonders, Unique Units (so, Unit Wonders), Standard Units, and Technologies. I cannot recall any additional Basic Buildings, though.

For me, this part of The Game was great. It added a new depth and filled many holes, making the leap between Technologies less pronounced; while at the same time, making it all the more important to be the Tech Leader so as to gain those Unique (perhaps slightly overpowered) Units.

For instance, The Barbary Corsair (if memory serves correctly) is enabled by The Discovery of both Divine Right and Optics (many a unit requires Multiple Techs). The Barbary Corsair is something like a Privateer with 50 Experience Points. I mean, it's not that exactly. But I dominated the Shipping Lanes with my Barbary Corsair amassing 100 Kills (per Game in more than one Game).

So, yeah.

Those Unique Units can be decisive.

Silly Beaker Costs

Of the style of Game I am willing to play, I tend to dominate and am able to achieve Victory by around the time I have Cannons or Infantry. So, this never was a concern of mine, as My Games never got that far.

But The Beaker Cost of Late Game Technologies is ridiculous. If I recall, Future Tech cost 160,000 Beakers.

Heck, I should just fire The Game up.
Steel: 16,900 (14,196)
Assembly Line: 30,420 (25,350)
Quantum Mechanics: 37,180 (32,955)
Robotics: 101,400 (40,560)
Smart Matter: 135,200 (50,700)

TECH: Legends Of Revolution (BTS)
Now, granted, I never got to The Late Game and there are lots of Food Bonus Technologies (allowing the running of slews of Science Specialists). But that's a hefty Beaker Up-Charge.

Anyway, never getting to the point where Food was free, I don't know what my Cities would look like. But I don't know that I've ever played any Game where I made more than 5,000 Beakers per Turn with half that number being far more likely.

And trust me, many of my Opponents were never going to hit Steel no matter how much time they got.

Though, even with all that, I am eager to craft a Game/Map that will stay interesting (read: challenging) into The Late Game to see what that's like in Legends of Revolution. And in large part, a desire to get on with that activity is what's powering this write-up.

Get it done, so I can move forward.

Or in other words, if I don't write as I go, I'm never going to write. So prior to playing The Next Game, I'm doing the write-up for The Last Game.

I really hope that's clear.

I mean, it really should be clear.

Anyway, that's what I'd have to say, now... if you allowed me to corner you at a party and talk about Legends of Revolution.

Let's see if re-reading my In-Game Notes prompts me to say anything further.

A Few Quick Games

All Easily Skipped

Pericles Crush

The first set of In-Game Notes: 038-00-01-Pericles-Crush-Notes.txt

I started with a Random Map, insured it was isolated, and later added a few Choice Resources (bringing the total to ten). Both Games were abandoned due to boredom. And there is precious little to say about either of them other than that.

Qin Shi Huang

My notes for The Next Game (038-02-Qin-Shi-Huang-Notes.txt) indicate that I did not have ready access to Copper or Iron and was beset with annoying neighbours. So, I ditched The Game.

In truth, I believe the Map Generation Utilities could be greatly enhanced if one was allowed to describe the type of Start or Game they desired. For instance, if I am going to Build Wonders (perhaps, my favourite strategy), I want to start on or near Stone.

Pericles - Loaded Deity Map

In This Game (038-03-Pericles-Loaded-Notes.txt), I learned that I was capable of playing so poorly as to lose on Deity (certainly, if my start is not golden) and how much fun sailing around the world with that Barbary Corsair can be.


The rest of The Games utilize the same Garden of Eden Cooked Map.

A conceptual Map of the Game Map prior to creating in World Builder, blue stars at bottom indicate Pericles starting position, on the same continent as Montezuma and The Kahn, Gandi in Purple in some northern islands to himself, while Isabella, Carthage, and Augustus Caesar share another large northern Continent

As Pertains To Map Design


The highlights as extracted from My Full In-Game Notes (038-04-Antarctica-Notes.txt, not to be confused with The Map Notes, as posted above) are as follows:
Truthfully, I cannot tell you what motivated me to play The Map twice more, as I'd already beaten it. Though, with all the fighting I'd had to do that might not have been so clear. But then, as I might have mentioned elsewhere, I like winning. I mean, I'm not playing to lose.

Replay of Antarctica Map

The Game Crashed On The Roll at T519. Before that, I was dominating, as My In-Game Notes will attest: 038-05-Replay-Antarctica-Notes.txt

Speaking of glitches (or Poor Mod Design), when Barbarian Cities get promoted into Minor Civilizations any Archer Garrison gets demoted to a bunch of Warriors, which are easily slaughtered. Promotion to a Minor Civilization should not be a retrograde event.

Replay Antarctica Map... Again

Phone Notes: 038-06-Antarctica-Phone-Notes.txt

I jotted these down while thinking about The Game, but when my computer was off; and as such, my regular Note Taking Program was not available.

Here's the down and dirty:

Running Notes (a.k.a. In-Game Notes): 038-06-Antarctica-Replay-Again-Notes.txt

I can't say there is much new (outside of some rough play-by-plays) and the fact that Winning Battles & Capturing Cities grants a Stability Bonus.

Play It Again
Combat Graph

Combat starts at T350 or so, kicks into high gear at T425, and stays continuous more or less to the End at T600 or so, 30 Civilizations were Destroyed 6 Great Generals earned

Per the above Combat Graph:
Combat By The Numbers
Turns: 600
Combats: 623
Civilizations Dominated: 32
Great Generals: 6

So, yeah. 30 or 32 Civilizations Destroyed? Who really knows? It was a lot.

Max Number of Combats in Turn: 25

Combats by Number
Win  Lose
Defence 143

Maximum Combat Strength in a Turn: 163

Combats by My Unit's Current Strength
Win     Lose
Defence 5010

Clearly, Combat was a one-sided affair. I destroyed 609 Units while only losing 14.

I like those types of numbers. But one could easily interpret them as a sign of complacency. Certainly, if I was going for High Score, I would have been better served by being a lot more aggressive.

I am enjoying Legends of Revolution and expect to play Pericles again on a Custom Map with The Revolutions Mechanic Turned Off, as The AI hasn't a clue how to maintain a stable empire.