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Legends Of Revolution

Victory Assured!

Sure, I gave myself a Garden of Eden Start. But I gave Caesar an identical Start. And I gave Asoka and Dido amazingly sweet Starts, as well. And none of them were able to do thing one with all the lush Resources gifted to them.

As such, it is pretty clear that Ruthless AI is Broken in LOR.

A Diamond of Black Squares in the Center, with four blue circles at the corners, and a red X top and bottom

I'll let you figure out what the above Informational Graphic means (and/or how this conceptual sketch was implemented) through trial and error. And if you don't like that idea, there's always World Builder.

So, have at it.

The Debriefing

All of the Combat is Late Game from about T400 to T508, of note is the smaller height of the spikes

There is no Early Combat. And my enemies had no navy to speak of, so my Barbary Corsair had no targets.

At T450 (or so), there is a spiking event, which I assume is when I decided to knock out a City.

Of more interest are the long stretches of 3-5 Combats in a Turn, when I selectively Attacked only with my Knights; and later, only with my Legio X (at three Attacks per Turn).

There is little need to be in any hurry. The AI never comes back after being pummelled. And in fact, after losing their first City (or two) barely manage to field any reinforcements. So, I can take my time, harvesting Experience with my Siege (something not shown on the graph) and funnelling ALL OF THE EXPERIENCE into a few select Units.

Sure, it hurts when those Massively Experienced Units die. But I've gone through Stacks at 100% Odds. So, such tragic occurrences can be minimized.

What To Say?

Minor Civilizations
If a Civilization Starts as a Minor Civilization (or is Founded by Barbarians), one is At War with them by Default. There is no way to make Peace until the Minor Civilization discovers Writing and can conduct Diplomacy. On the other hand, there is no Diplomatic Penalty for this Declaration of War, so it doesn't matter all that much.

Anything Else?
Probably not. I abandoned The Game due to boredom at Cannons.