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Brett Paufler CSU BS in Industrial Psychology

Brett Paufler DVC Electronics Certificate  Brett Paufler AA from DVC  Brett Paufler DVC Addiction Studies Certificate 

The Latest & Greatest

I guess I'm more serious about getting a job these days.

Python Project Management
Hey, guess what? Prior to becoming interested in programming, I did Project Managment for 25 years. So, I've got that going for me...

Python World View Resume
I'd rate myself a 3.5 out of 5.0 on the Python Scale-O-Meter. Read the resume to find out why.

Python Projects Resume
No Computer Science Degree for me. So, this is my application for Life Experience Credit or something like that: projects I've worked on for the fun of it.

Please feel free to read the rest, but the current winners amongst my resume portfolio include:

0 - Short & Sweet - Junior Level Python Developer Position Wanted

1 - Content Creator - A Good Coding Overview

2 - Smart and Get's Things Done - Lots of Coding Links

3 - Government - A More Traditional Resume (or as traditional as I'm likely to get)

4 - UFO - Or why I'd make a good addition to your crew (UFO or otherwise)

5 - Circus - If not a UFO, I'm game for the Circus

6 - Muse - No openings on your UFO? Circus not in town? Then, this is more of a general purpose flyer for... whatever.

7 - Extra-Ordinaire - Because sometimes, you just want to know if we're going to be a good match astrologically.

Job Posting Default Response Template

Code As Art - a new rambling sort of resume that I haven't sent out... and don't know if I ever will. So, maybe not a resume. Maybe a frame of mind: when not writing resumes, etc., I actually code on occasion.

Art Museum - I wanted to capture the feel of the side projects on which I'm spending my time as of late (May, 2017). But in the end, this document feels devoid of content (to the extent, it's hard to call it a resume). Oh, well. I suppose there's a reason I have so many items posted on this page. If I had been happy with the first iteration of my resume, I'd likely have never done the second one... or the third... or the fourth... um, what are we up to now?

The Rambling Resume - another weird resume; but then, aren't they all? Actually, conceptually, what I wanted to do was write a txt file with minimal line breaks. Yeah, don't ask. Anyway, that's what I wanted, so that's what I did, and having done that, it just so happens to read an awful lot like the Code As Art resume directly above. So, I probably wrote both of them in the same week, put them in the same drawer to fester for a half year, and here I am, posting them together only minutes apart. In other news, I planned to write something original this evening, but it turns out I'm not in the mood (no muse has come to visit upon my soul; thus, it doesn't really matter what I had planned). So, instead, it's time to edit, reread, and push to the web a few of the old; and this then, would be that. Ironically, when I sat down to code this morning, what I wound up doing was commenting a bunch of open files I'd been working on so I could put them in cold storage (rather than working on anything new). So, who knows? Maybe something is in the air...

Game Resume
I would say Game Development Resume; but really, it seems more like I make some of my resumes just as a game. Still, I like the idea behind this resume; but then again, as I get more and more serious about employment, the less useful a resume like this seems. Oh, well. I've already sunk an hour or two into this project, so you just know I'm not going to throw it out...

Rambling Resume
More like a rant than a resume. In fact, if I were the type of person who threw second rate writing projects into the Recycle Bin, this would no longer exist. As it is, I've posted much worse stuff to the web (and this website). And there is nothing inherently embarrassing about it. I just can't see ever using this resume, which coincidentally is how I feel about most of the resumes on this page a day, a week, or sometimes up to a month after I written them. I guess if I ever hit on The One, I'd stop writing them...

Older Stuff

Why erase? When you can just push the overflow further down the page?

I bill myself as a writer and more recently a computer programmer.
Now and again, I respond to an online ad (Craigslist and otherwise).
Almost always, writing samples or code samples are central part of the subsequent exchange.  And you can find plenty of those throughout this site -- or for the short and sweet version, try this link to my This Email is My Writing Sample web page.  It doesn't get any shorter and sweeter than that.
Of course, at other times, a little more personal history is appropriate.  Say, when the goal is to 'feel-out' the potential of a creative partnership (something I'm always open to).

Anyway, I may have written something custom to lead you to this page.
Or then again, maybe I didn't.  For all I know, you could simply be browsing.
Either way, now's your chance to see who I am from a generic point of view, based upon my default (base) resumes and everything else I've ever chosen to post to the web.

Resumes: The Serious Ones

Programming Type Government Type Job Resume (11-14-14)
This one fluffs my Education and my Experience as much as possible without lying, just sort of including all that might possible be included, leaving it to someone else filter out the excess or let it flow through as per their desire.

Python Programming Resume - Smart & Gets Things Done (11-3-14)
With all sorts of hot links in the pdf to other pages on this very website so as to highlight my skills and accomplishments.

Interviewee Ideas - My Philosophy Forthwith (11-17-14)

Response To a Blind LinkedIn Inquiry I received on 2-1-15, which is the first one ever, so clearly Python Programmers are in greater demand than Sales Representatives. Also, I can be a bit of an idiot at times, so if that letter is less than impressive, a week later and my response would have been more informed In Regards to Logical Programming.

After 6-9 months of programming in JavaScript, I switched to Python as my languaged of choice.  I like to think I'm come quite far.

Brett Code - Brett Paufler's Code Index Landing Page

Vision Quest - Python Image Manipulation Blog

Brett Paufler - Content Creator Resume: about as serious as I wish to get -- being a resume which emphasises my Python Experience.

Resumes: The Fun Ones

Last week, the circus was in town!
Unfortunately, they left before I could speak to... whoever it is you speak to at a circus about leaving the rat race behind, and living with rats, I suppose.  Anyway, I made this resume for them.
Circus Resume

And then, after the circus left and I had time to carefully weight my options, I realized that although the circus life would be nice and all (I'm not knocking the dream, never knock the dream); but if a person's going to dream, they should dream big (ahem, let me say that again), they should DREAM BIG!!!  Why limit yourself.  The sky's the limit as they say... unless, of course, you manage to hitch a ride on a flying saucer.  Then there truly is no limit.  Thus, with that in mind, I give you my UFO Resumes:
UFO Resume
Basically, why I'd make a good crew member.
UFO Experience
Because we've all had them.  Or if you haven't, maybe you should get out more and stare up into the night sky a little more often.  But maybe that sounds a bit preachy.  So let me just say, the truth is out there; and if you look hard enough, so are the aliens.
For whatever reason (bragging about my cooking skills no doubt, as that's how you reel them in), when I read the UFO Resume to my girlfriend, she said it sounded a lot like a personal ad, which I suppose it sort of does.  But it's not.  Or at least, it wasn't intended to be.  Not as such, anyway.  That is to say, I not looking.  Or at least, not looking for a replacement.  But as to a new found romance.  Well, yes.  I could deal with that.  To feel passionate about a project, well, that is what I live for.  So for any of you muses out there, let's just say I'm ready to fall in love with your project, idea, and/or inspiration.  Thus I give you my Muse Resume:
Muse Resume

Now (I swear), I had intended for the next resume to be a serious one (as if all these resumes aren't serious, I want that UFO gig).  Anyway, I was going to do a traditional (straight and boring) resume next (I swear I was); but then, I got sidetracked (hard to believe, I know, but it's true) and I started to go through my mail (or maybe it was a neighbor's mail or maybe a total strangers mail, seriously, I can't remember which), and it seems as though the Board of Directors for one of the local Condo Associations is, was, or will be up for re-election.  Nothing special there, of course.  I mean, it happens all the time.  And you know how it goes.  Every candidate gets a chance to insert a little blurb about themselves on the mailer.  And so, Mr X brags about how he's a real estate agent.  And Mrs Y just sort of mentions that she's been practicing law for a good twenty years now.  And so on and so forth down the line.  That is until I got to Canditate Z.  I forget what Canditate Z did for a living or even if they had a job, because, you know, such things aren't important.  Skills?  Experience?  This I could not tell you about Candidate Z, but what I can tell you is exactly how the stars were aligned at the moment of Candidate Z's birth.  An important factoid if ever there was one.  I mean, in just a few short words, Canditate Z had conveyed EVERYTHING anyone needed to know about them vis-a-vie their place in the universe relative to the planets, moon, stars, and sky.  Truly insightful.  But that's not all.  Becuase after I had distilled what Canditate Z had revealed about themselves, I started to wonder why Mr X and Mrs Y were being so cagey about their astrological data?  What were they trying to hide?  And then, of course, I'd never provided astrological data on any of my resumes (had never even thought of doing so).  And maybe THAT's why finding a second job had always been so difficult for me.  It hadn't been anything having to do with my attitude, pickiness in who I worked for, or looking for something more than money. No, it clearly had everything to do with potential employers having unanswered questions about who I was and whether they could trust me vis-a-vie (the word of the day, it would appear) that whole astrological birth sign thingy. So, lest I lose any more jobs due to employer uncertainty, I am a Cancer with Libra Rising, my favorite color is Green (so if, say, just as a for instance, I should start writing all my internal memo's in a bright green color font a week and a half after you hire me, well, now you know why), and my favorite number is... well, that get's a little more complicated.  Best to read the documentation in full.
Brett Paufler's - ExtraOrdinaire Resume

Resumes: The Back List

Back in 2006, I moved to Hawaii. (Subsequently, I'm back in California.)
While there, on account of having some extra free time and thinking it would be an ideal way to integrate myself (more smoothly) into the local culture, I looked for a second part-time job on a casual basis -- basically responding to those ads in the local newspaper that looked particularly cool. Let's just say, I was picky enough, I never did get that second job. Oh, well. More time to work on personal projects (like learning to snorkel).

So, might as well start with the fun resumes. I lived on the Big Island, home of nine (or so) world class telescopes. Up on the summit, they need folks to work nights. So, I offered to lend them a hand. Ironically, even though they had put an ad in the paper, Keck informed me that they never hired directly; and the temp staffing agency they directed me to indicated there were no current openings, so go figure. I mean, it really doesn't matter.  Odds are, it wasn't going to work out anyway.  But it does seem a bit strange to advertise for a job opening that didn't exist... or so I thought.  (Of course, it was a long time ago and I was looking into it on a whim, so maybe I just wound up talking to the wrong person; or then, maybe after reading my cover letter, they didn't want me anywhere near their multi-million dollar equipment.  Still, if you're ever in town, Keck holds these lectures that are open to the public on a montly basis, which are definitely worth checking out if you're the least bit interested in astronomy.)
Keck Cover Letter
Keck Resume

The Keck HQ is located in Waimea (also known as Kamuela, because there are so many Waimea's in Hawaii, the USPS couldn't keep them all straight otherwise); and in said town, there were and are a number of public and private schools.  One was looking for a part-time English teacher; and since, I had absolutely no experience in that regard, I thought it would be a perfect match.  (Actually, I'm kidding.  If I remember correctly, they urged one and all to apply, but they got so many responses, they decided to only consider those with a teaching credential.  And yeah, that's right.  I might have applied on a whim, but I take my whims seriously and followed up.)
English Teacher Cover Letter
(At this point, I have no idea which resume I sent them; maybe not either of these.)
More Than Money Resume
Academic & Business Resume
(Nope, probably wasn't either of those; likely, it was this one.  I'd misplaced it earlier.)
Teacher/Tutor Resume

I may have mentioned how I perused the online ads while in Hawaii.  Now and again, a travel book publisher was looking for a local correspondent; so of course, I offered to lend a helping hand.
Hawaii Travel Writer Cover Letter
Resumes aren't so meaningful for this sort of work (unless, of course, you happen to have a long list of published works to your name), so I probably included a sample article or two.
Chinese Buffet - Restaurant Review
Akaka Falls - Writing Sample

During my time in Hawaii, I actually gave a great deal of thought -- along with a fair amount of effort -- towards putting together a travel guide.  In my ever so humble opinion, most travel guides are little more than advertising.  It really wasn't uncommon for my favorite restaurants to be missing from the popular guides.  I assume this was because these restaurants catered to locals; and so, considered the cost of paying for placement in the guides to be a waste of money.  Just a guess, of course.  (And also, just saying, if you happen to be the touristy type.)  Either way, I'd be delighted to resume working on such a project...

Given the dominance of the tourist industry in Hawaii (second only to certain agricultural endeavors, I am told), I had expected to eventually get a job waiting tables or otherwise doing something related to the fine art of  dining (see for more information on that particular subject.)
But whatever your opinion of my personal culinary skills, I made a resumes custom tailored for the local restaurants that I considered swanky enough to consider work at (no sense aiming low).
Restaurant Cover Letter
Waiter Resume

And because I like to think I have a sense of humor (or perhaps, just because I felt like it), I put together the following
Haole for Life - Menu of Attitude

Alas, the restaurant proprietors and I never did agree on my hours of availability.  I guess the 2-3 lunch hour shifts that I was proposing per week (which I would have been more than happy to limit to an hour or two each, with maybe a Friday afternoon or evening here or there) wasn't tempting enough.  (Or maybe my complete lack of experience was problematic.  Who knows?  Frankly, at this point, who cares?)

On the plus side, during my time researching the industry, I came across this little tidbit:
GigglesWorth - Pizza - Class Action Lawsuit Redemption Coupons

And as long as I'm posting GigglesWorth stuff (quite the guy, that GigglesWorth), I might as well upload these two splash pages, as well:
GigglesWorth - Nogolia - Ripe for the Picking  (no offense Nogolia)
GigglesWorth - Lava Real Estate

And since it would appear I've sidestepped into graphical layouts, here's a book cover I did, too:
The Sick: Drugs, Sex, & Celaphopods by Eddie Takosori

But I really did have a few more resumes to post, so let me get back to that.
I saw an add for a 'Game Writer' (I think posted by EA, but it's been a while); and since I like to write and I like to play games, I thought, What the heck?  (Attitude AND ambivilance, need I say more?)  Anyhow, I was in Hawaii and the company was based out of CA (still is, I think), so I'm not even sure that I actually sent the this to them -- perhaps, that may account why I never heard back from them.
Game Writer Resume

Believe it or not, I actually applied for a few serious positions.  (Though, I can't say I was all that serious when I applied.)  Anyway, I've worked  a traditional job selling construction supplies for a long-long time, so I had (and have) a resume for that kind of work ready to go; and here it is:
Construction Sales Resume
Tech Savvy (telecommute) General Office Work Resume

And then, the last resumed I made from that time period was for a Drug Rehab Counseling/Therapy position. My BS is in Psychology (though I am happy to BS in a multitude of other subjects, as well); and after earning the degree, I decided to go back to Jr College and get a certificate in Addiction Studies.  I'm not a licensed therapist or counselor (that takes experience, which takes a job, which already having the one in construction, might just explain why I wasn't all that serious about getting a second one).  But the pertinant fact is that I have all the required coursework out of the way.  So, seriously (and I mean seriously, no fingers crossed, no nothing), if you've got a program going, I'd love to get paid to sit in on a group, once or twice a week and do whatever I can to help.  And if you (hope beyond hope) actually run a no smoking shop, all the better.
Therapy & Social Work Resume

If that no smoking comment doesn't make a lot of sense to you, let me explain.  I attended classes with (among others) a slew of ex-junkies.  (Birds travel in flocks; ex-junkies travel in slews.)  And in that there slew, there were plenty of folks who had given up meth, herion, alcohol, (heck, you name it; one or two of them might of had a ridiculous passion for posting nonsensical articles to the Internet, but don't quote me on that, it's just a guess).  But of those who had given up tobacco, I could almost count on my hand.  So when folks talk about the hardest drug to kick, hands down it's tobacco.  Fact is, ex-junkies often smoke.  Very few ex-smokers still mainline meth.  It's just the way it is.  And the facts be the facts.  

So, really, maybe what I'm saying is that I'm a three dimension human being with a boatload of weird and wonderful experience in a range of categories almost too numerous to mention; all that, along with honor, integrity, a most excellent credit rating, and a true desire to achieve personal excellence as I set my sights ever higher, and I don't know how interested I am in working for someone, who can't appreciate all that.  I mean, why sell myself short?

Anyhow, I'll admit, I enrolled in the Addiction Studies Program on a whim; but then, after a good dozen specialty courses on top of my BS, it sort of goes to show that I'm more than capable of following through on my whims, so maybe a whim isn't the right word for it.  And I don't have much else to say about the program except that the only letter of recommendation I ever requested from anyone -- like ever -- arose from my work at DVC pursuing the Addiction Studies Certificate.  And although I never used it to get a job (or anything really), I have it framed and hung on the wall over my desk, so maybe I use it for inspiration, because, you know, the last sentence reads:

I fully expect that Brett will be highly successful whatever his focus.  He is personable, quick, and learned.  His academic skills are nested within a broader view of the world, a view which encompasses truth, compassion, and ability.

Like I said, that's just the end.  There's a bunch of stuff that comes before that.   In truth, it just sort of goes on and on.  I mean, it's enough to make a person blush... or, you know, go out, buy a frame, and mount the blessed thing on the wall over my desk -- so as to remind me not only of what I am promising my next employer, but what I am expecting from them, as well: greatness.  (Modesty, not so much.)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I think it's time to write a few more resumes... maybe next should be one for the circus.  I always wanted to travel around the 'verse with Ed's Big Top Travelling Extravaganza; perhaps, now's my chance.

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