Broken Stories

Shattered Dreams

...a slag pile of unfinished creative fiction...

In the ultra-clear past midnight
Before the mists of dawn
With eyes in back
I look on past
The moments that are gone

But moments vanish quickly
And chance does strike but once
So through the haze
I do but gaze
On dreams I left undone

...mostly by Brett Paufler...

Don't ask me why -- perhaps as a premonition of death... or perhaps, more likely, the realization that without action on my part (now, today, soon), all of this will disappear upon my death (and wouldn't that be a bloody shame). So, I've decided to post most everything I've ever written (bought, begged, borrowed, or stolen) to the web. Some of it's crap (maybe most). Most of it could use a little tender loving care -- polishing, if you will. But I do believe, I am done with all the stories linked to directly on this page. So, if you wish to develop any of these ideas further, I'm sure we can work out some sort of reasonable (liberal) override royalty fee, as I must admit, I find the idea of creative continuation far more enticing than merely money (perhaps meaning, if you never make nada, limited rights just might be free). But I suppose in the end, that matters who you are and your artistic intent. Anyhow, send me an email if any of that is of interest (outlining your proposal/vision) and maybe we can work out a deal. Or you know, if you just want to read, please enjoy...

Stories noted as being proto porn may not be suitable for all viewers. Heck any of the stories may not be suitable for all viewers, but the ones labelled proto porn are at the edge of what I feel comfortable posting. As such, reader discretion is advised. There is nothing on this page that I would call pure porn. But I am an old man. And my sense of decorum seems to have dissolved with age... or maybe it's just a sign of the times... or a sign of my growing paranoia... great writer's are often paranoid, you know... Nietzsche was paranoid... Mann, insane... and as for me... completely out of touch with reality... or so I have been told... probably in regards to my knowledge of Nietzsche's mental state... but anyway... enjoy... I mean... if that's what you're into... you, proto-porn pron loving freak, you.

The 86 List (a.k.a. Death Row, doc version)
Being a compendium of characters, plots, and ideas, some of which have been fleshed out elsewhere, most of which came here to die. The best being 100,000 word novels reduced to three lines of text: the greeting cards of the literary world.
The 86 List (a.k.a. Death Row, pdf version)

A is for ASCII (doc version)
Not such a bad idea, in that we have a nascent computer intelligence sharing its thoughts. But then, said thoughts seemed a bit dry and boring to me... or at least, that first chapter section did. So, I need to bump it up a notch or two.
A is for ASCII (pdf version)

Art Thesis (doc version)
What exactly is art? Read this and you will know. This is actually a finished piece. But it was filed in with my unfinished stuff, so here it shall stay. Make of it what you will. But make no mistake, it is art... or so, it shall forever claim.
Art Thesis (pdf version)

Avante (doc version)
It's high concept artistic literature -- otherwise known as Avant Guarde to philistines and heathens alike. So, you know how there's concept art? Well, this is a concept novel... or rather, the concept to a concept novel.
Avante (pdf version)

Today is the Best Day of the Rest of Your Life (aka Best Day: doc version)
A fun nonsensical ride to nowhere. Of course, if you're really going nowhere, it can hardly matter that the journey stops on a dime halfway there.
I really like the first thirty pages or so of this: nice, fun, quick witted, and fast paced. And then it sort of drifts sideways for a while before completely falling apart. Or maybe not. Certainly in the reread, I had a pleasant afternoon. I mean, come on, it's not like it's going to kill you to read the stupid thing. But then, maybe it would, maybe it does. Maybe it never got finished writing because the characters up and killed the author or whoever was responsible for turning the page, wouldn't be the first time. Or maybe I just lost focus and the foregoing has nothing to do with the plot, because the plot never really gets going. Ah, such is life. Still, those first few pages: brilliance.
Today is the Best Day of the Rest of Your Life (aka Best Day: pdf version)

Big Djinn: Rides Like the Wind (doc version)
More poetry than prose, likely something somebody cooked up on a rainy Sunday morning, couldn't have been me. A start of a start of which I like the starting part best. Tells the tale of going home, from abroad, after the border fell and grew back, as if nobody would notice something like that...
Big Djinn: Rides Like the Wind (pdf version)

Beauregard: Epic Fail by Celli the Happy Go Lucky Celaphopod (doc version)
It's fun, starts strong, seems like everything I want in a tale by Celli. And it stops on a dime on the fourth page. I guess sitting down to write a second time would be too much to ask. Still, fun while it lasts...
Beauregard: Epic Fail by Celli the Happy Go Lucky Celaphopod (pdf version)

In the Beginning sometimes, there's no need for a link. This is as far as I got in this particular tale. I can't begin to tell you how many times this is as far as I got in any one particular tale. I seem to like beginnings...
   In the beginning there was the word and the word was all.
   This is a book.
   This is a book about the process of writing a book -- not of setting the words to print or letters to page, but of the process of creating a story that is to be put to word.
   I shall never forget this.
   It is at the beginning.
   It is at the end.
   And it is at every step in-between.
The End

Bones (No Working Title) by Kevin Stillwater (doc version)
In the last two segments of this, Kevin veers off into politics. Perhaps that was the kiss of death. Or perhaps the fact the entire thing takes place in a graveyard was the real kiss of death. (Get it?) Fun. But just a start. No plot. No end. So if you like, I suppose the adventure could go on forever. Or, if you're looking for a brief overview of Kevin's World, a person could do worse than the first few segments, which pretty much concentrate on laying this fractured state of affairs on the line.
Bones (No Working Title) by Kevin Stillwater (pdf version)

Brett's Custom Word Dictionary (txt file)
This is one of those things where a person goes, 'WTF?' Well, the F is, that I'm going through my dead file of unfinished stories, notes, and whatnot. And in there, I found this txt file, which at one point was my custom dictionary for Microsoft word; and as such, has, in one handly place, a very comprehnsive list of the weird words, characters, and place names that I used prior to 6-10-10, which is when I saved this file (probably switching to a new computer or something).

Bridge Demystified by Crazy George (doc version)
Crazy George likes playing Bridge and apparently he doesn't cheat or use magic during the game. Why, you may ask? Probably because he is crazy. But that's just a guess. Anyhow, this is a rough draft of a Bridge Bidding Pamphlet he dropped off at my house going on five years ago. I think I got halfway through the original edit before I decided I didn't care enough about Bridge to read any further. But if you are keen on the art or just starting your journey, you may find some of his tricks to be of use. Or in other words, Bridge is a complicated game -- made all the more so by its bidding conventions. But most of those complicated bidding conventions are for special cases that hardly ever arise, so if one ignores them wholesale, and the game suddenly becomes much more accessible and the bidding easier to understand.
Bridge Demystified by Crazy George (pdf version)

The Bronze Statues by Fred Kremlitz (doc version)
Fred Kremlitz, author, gamer, dungeon master, murderer, currently serving six consecutive life sentences for offing a party of his players (not his player's characters, mind you, but the players, themselves). The story flows. The idea is nice, enough. But printing it out and sending it off for submission would have been too much of a hassle. So, here it is free for your use and enjoyment. Player characters getting the best of your campaign? Well, here's what you have to do: Kill Them!!! (Not intended as real advice. Six or more consecutive life sentences may result. Individual results may vary. And so on and so forth.)
The Bronze Statues by Fred Kremlitz (pdf version)

Buddy The Bee: One Wild Season at the Lamplight Cafe (doc version)
Buddy the Bee and Marla the Moth are characters in search of a completed project. They are among my oldest creations. And will likely never be fully developed by me, which is a shame. As each of them are most excellent in their own right. A tragic love story with a bittersweet ending. Anyway, something between these nine pages and a full blown novel what I am interested in these days. Or to put it another way. This is a bit short at nine pages. Doesn't do Buddy, Marla, or the story justice. But at ninety pages (much less 400), the material would be spread too thin. Perhaps nineteen pages should be my target on something like this. Or maybe just nine web pages. I just might be able to manage that before I, too, am on my death bed...
Buddy The Bee: One Wild Season at the Lamplight Cafe (pdf version)

Carmel Pops Story Notes (doc version)
Carmel Pops Story Notes (pdf version)
This was supposed to be a screenplay (call it a movie), but I never got around to organizing my thoughts enough to do that... or maybe I should say, Carmel Pops never organized his thoughts enough to do that. I should probably claim that this is the work of another, found in his van, after I someone managed to escape with my life, yada, yada. Anyhow, slasher flick from the point of view of a psychopath who fancies himself as a bit of a cinematographer. Below is an attempt at a comic, an attempt which lasted about a week. Anyhow, it's a good story, however unlikely that anyone else will ever be able to dicpher what said story is about from the materials posted forthwith.
Carmel Pops Comic (odg version)
Carmel Pops Comic (pdf version)

Chess: How to Win (doc version)
Not play (playing is for sissies and losers), this is a book about winning at chess, crushing your opponents, demoralizing them, making them run out of the room, crying home to mommy, the sissy boys. OK. It's rough. Garbage rough. But these twenty odd pages are just loaded with plenty of ideas, jokes, and just plain good chess advice. It's the chess book you never read, well, mostly because it's the chess book I never wrote. And that said, there actually is enough content in here to get a book out of -- word for word, one of those small joke/gift books. So, maybe it will get done yet.
Chess: How to Win (pdf version)

Chess Lessons: Two Simple Beginning Strategy Tutorials (pdf version)
Back in 2009 I was playing email chess very briefly with a younger relative. Perhaps I am a jerk. Perhaps they weren't having fun. Perhaps they just didn't like playing chess. I really don't know. It really doesn't matter. For whatever reason, we stopped playing chess. In my heart, I must have been putting these tutorials together for them, because I never looked at this project after that. Anyhow, I never did send these off to the intended (first intended, anyhow) market. And perhaps it's all quite presumptuous of me. I mean, I'm no grand master. But trust me, if you don't know how to play, and we play, I will win, so I know something. And a great deal of what I know is covered in these two short lessons. Or there's an idea. Maybe I never got to the third lesson, because I'd run out if things to say. But then, if you knew me, you'd know that wasn't very likely. Here I am jabbering on about nothing. And I'm just getting started...

[A Painting Deconstructed] Chipping Away the Parts that Aren't the Girl
[Brett Paufler] and Darling
This was intended to be a joint project. I don't do a lot of joint projects. Certainly, my stuff could use some editing... and somebody who actually knows how to monetize this sort of thing would be good to partner up with. But for whatever reason, I've not had (perhaps ever) a meaningful creative partnership. This was the start, a proposal for a joint project. So, this is my part, the first bit, and the other was to add. The other never did. Perhaps it was a solitary project all along...
   [She's sexy, good looking, a nymph of a girl -- newly in bloom, maybe a little na├»ve.
   He's... Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn, a little rascal; he's her younger brother and she adores him.
   She asks him to sit for a painting. Knowing it will be a long haul, he grabs his guitar. And as he strums and the setting summer sun highlights his hair with a natural born halo, a masterpiece is born.
   He is young, wild, and free. All of his life lies before him, an open book, full of endless possibilities, and the painting captures all this and more: a moment in time, a piece of the soul, a sister's love for her brother all brilliantly expressed in every brush and stroke.]
I suppose in any joint project -- any back and forth -- each partner is looking for some sort of completion, some sort of value added from the other to fill in the blanks of their own abilities. Well, my shortcomings should be fairly obvious to any who are interested, to any who have read. So, if you want to partner, convince me our talents mesh or drown me with effort and hope I value your contribution as much as my own...

Circle Jerk
I wrote the first chapter three times. Some of those versions are better than others. But all of them are a bit racy. So, none of this is for the faint of heart. The lot could have just as easily been called Evil Elves Get Their Kink On.
circle_jerk_broken_I.doc or circle_jerk_broken_I.pdf
circle_jerk_broken_II.doc or circle_jerk_broken_II.pdf
circle_jerk_broken_III.doc or circle_jerk_broken_III.pdf
circle_jerk_outline.doc or circle_jerk_outline.pdf

CivFanatics Posts by Crazy George (doc version)
Before SlaughterQuest, Crazy George was into Sid Meier's Civilization. Here are his posts to the civFanatics forum. Of what utility another would have for these, I do not know, as they are taken completely out of context.
CivFanatics Posts by Crazy George (pdf version)

Claire by Celli the Happy Go Lucky Celaphopod and occassional housemate (pdf version)
I travelled in The Realms whilst younger, met Celli there, bought the Earthen rights to the D-Bound series off him. Still think I got a good deal on the books even though I've never made a red cent off them. Anyhow, one of the perks (or obligations, I suppose it matters how one views these things) is that along with the books, Celli believes that I also sold him the rights to sleep on my couch whenever he wants. And what, with the new guest bedroom, he does seem to show up a lot. Usually it's with Nadia, but this time it was with Claire (or maybe Nadia just whipped up a spell and changed her name, I'll let you decided). Anyhow, I play bridge, the scorepad was lying around. And I suppose, Celli decided to make a project out of it. He stayed for the weekend, this is as far as he got. So, maybe a literary doodle would be more accurate.

Dark Liege a Theatrical Play by Brett Paufler (doc version)
Some things I should just throw out. But should, would, or could never mean the same thing. The idea is perhaps more interesting than the remnant. A play about why a writer becomes a writer as told from his varying points of view (person, author, narrator, fictional character and so on). Rest assured, if I ever put together a Best of the Best, this piece will never make into that collection. But my unfinished, unremembered, unremarkable collection? OK. Yeah, this one fits right in: maybe the poster child of the group.
Dark Liege a Theatrical Play by Brett Paufler (pdf version)

Dear for the Spammers (doc version)
Most spam is so obviously spam (poor writtenly good not) that there's got to be a market for professionally written spam ad copy. I never get that far, but the basic offer would be to transform Normal English into Spammer English. Thanks be with to you for the reading...
Dear for the Spammers (pdf version)

DRIP by Kevin Stillwater (doc version)
It's a first chapter, a first segment, the opening to a dream. Not to put words into Kevin's mouth, but sometimes the compulsion to start a piece is overwhelming... a compulsion that does not last through till the next day. Still, for a first bit, I like it. It's got that gritty, detective feel to it. But then, I've read a whole slew of Kevin's work, so perhaps, I know more of the backstory and where this might have been heading than most.
DRIP by Kevin Stillwater (pdf version)

Eye for an Eye (doc version)
The title will probably make a lot more sense if you assume it's a pun and reread it as I for an I and then understand that it's a switch point of view narrative... or that it would be had any of us (Celli, Kevin, or I) devoted more time to it. For my part, my I's glaze over. Not that it's bad. I seriously haven't a clue. All I know is that I can't be bothered to reread it, much less edit it, so it's unlikely that there will ever be a single line more. But then, let's be upbeat and optimistic and point out that it is indeed a switch point of view narrative; and as such, after three chapters, Celli, Kevin, and I have done our bit and the rest (or at least the next chapter) is up to you...
Eye for an Eye (pdf version)

The Failure of Augmented Reality (doc)
This is an abandoned first draft of the first chapter for a project whose second draft is now at 50,000 words. So, the idea was good enough. But for whatever reason, this attempt didn't work out.
The Failure of Augmented Reality (pdf)

The First One's Free (doc version)
At $100/hr, I'll write about anything. Or you know, depending, maybe less. This is an old come-on I put together back in 2008. I spent more time writing it than I did posting to Craigslist. I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that I should write with the intent of posting everything I write, for free, to my own sites. It'll be interesting to see how that effects my style...
The First One's Free (pdf version)

Flow List (proto porn maybe, vicerial thrills, quite possibly -- doc version)
Just random thoughts, like a diary. No story. No pretence at a story. Nor anything like that. Verbal garbage. Of the poetry that I've read, that I've enjoyed the most, I think it was because I was given the opportunity to crawl into another's mind while reading. And I'm not saying this is any good. What I am saying is that the editorial filter was down for the duration of these pieces -- that and nothing more. When adding content to this file, the intent was to write troublesome words, feelings, and ideas here, so they would not contaminate the rest of my work. Too bad I am genetically incapable of throwing anything out. And if the link doesn't work. Well, all that means is that I am a coward. Alas, I am sick and tired of being a coward...
Flow List (proto porn maybe, visceral thrills, quite possibly -- pdf version)

Forty Books This Author Will Write (doc version)
No one (not anyone) knows what the next big thing will be. If they did, all the money would pour into that and all the second, third, and fourth tier art, books, poetry, movies, films, theater productions, records, tapes, and so on, and so forth would never get made (at least, not by any of the big corporations). I suppose that's an opinion, but lots of folks have expressed it. The pertinent points is: success is unpredictable in the arts. So, if you're looking for why I'm publishing this stuff (putting it out on the web for free), well, think of each one as a lottery ticket of sorts. Sure, this one will never be made into a movie. But it might gain some degree of notoriety (it could, it's possible). That could bring traffic to the site. And while here, something more promising could get discovered. Something might take off. Something might become a hit. Sure, it's unlikely. But no one knows where the next big thing is coming from or even what it will be. Maybe this one. Then again, maybe not. Still. It's a nice short read that flows. I think it might have something to do with those author's bio's that they put on book jackets. I mean, it might. It could...
Forty Books This Author Will Write (pdf version)

A Fun Farce of a Fantasy Film Fit for the entire Freakin Family

F-Plus: The Map

F-Plus: A Fun Farce of a Fantasy Film Fit for the entire Freakin Family
Taking a trip to Hawaii, I walked up the Old Pali Highway and toured a mansion that was for sale (i.e. an open house); and between the juxtaposition of the two, thought to myself, this would make a great story. So, I contacted Celli, pumped him for all the free advice that I could get, and this is what I was able to output before he pulled the plug and insisted on cash in advance... or at least a few malted milks to sweeten the deal. Alas, he lives there and I here, so any collaboration over malted milks must wait. In the meantime, this is as far as I got on my own.

F-Plus: Peas Porridge Hot (doc version)
The first chapter: and seen through the eyes of my declining standards in my later years, quite good... or good enough not to throw out. I find it hard to believe that this is the first item anyone would read from this site, so take it with a grain of salt. It is buried quite deeply in the back with the other scrap. But for scrap, it's got a certain pizazz. And the robot text miners of the future will perhaps be able to turn it into gold (the audience to whom I find myself writing directly for more and more).
F-Plus: Peas Porridge Hot (pdf version)

F-Plus: Act I - Rough Cut (doc version)
So, having read Peas Porridge Hot, this fills in the blanks, expands on the concept, and is otherwise full of glaring omissions and story plot holes that one must fill in on their own.
F-Plus: Act I - Rough Cut (pdf version)

F-Plus: Schizoid Story Notes (doc version)
Schizoid Story Notes. Yeah, I think that says it all. These are the dots. I leave the challenge of connecting them to another, perhaps you, my dear robotic text miner from the future, don't let me down.
F-Plus: Schizoid Story Notes (pdf version)

Gabby (doc version)
The length of this story (or the relative portion that is finished) does not adequately represent how fondly I regard this little tale. Of course, I just might like it so much because it is a Will-o-the-Wisp more idea, thought, and conjecture than anything I've been able to put to page. Still, in my heart the skeleton of a structure is there and someday, perhaps, I shall return to it... or then again, perhaps not.
Gabby (doc version)

Gaul Gaul: The Thrill of the Hunt by Celli the Happy Go Lucky Celaphopod (doc version)
So, here's an interesting idea for a story. Do one of those Weekend Warrior Monster Hunt things and cast yourself in the role of the prey. It's real short, just an outline of an idea (if that). But it's got Celli (as the Gaul Gaul) and the Charlies as (Al E Gators), so it's fun enough while it lasts. And then, it doesn't. Ah, now here's an idea. Maybe the real reason the story stops on a die is because it's symbolic. As in, Celli stopped writing when one of those Warrior's got the kill. And it happened faster than he expected. Or maybe, Celli is Celli and he just bored with the idea and moved on with his life -- scribled words on a parchment the only clue he'd ever walked this way...
Gaul Gaul: The Thrill of the Hunt by Celli the Happy Go Lucky Celaphopod (pdf version)

Mr GigglesWorth Words, a friend, who like many others, when they hear I like to write, said to himself, I can do that. This is as far as he got...
   It should be no surprise that Jibber Jabbers continue to be oppressed. Created specifically as a focus for violence and abuse by a deranged non-profit, their road has been a hard one from the start.
Further than some, not as far as the rest...

Guten Tag My Robotic Overlords by Kevin Stillwater (doc version)
This actually gets better towards the end when Harry gets into the scene. Anyway, if you've ever wondered what writer's block looks like or perhaps more accurately what writers write before they decide writers block might be better, this may paint a vivid picture. Or, another way of looking at it is that I just haven't got the patience for long works anymore. In fact, my next project might simply be a scene, a simple scene, nothing more, standing in the rain maybe, no future, no past, just me and the rain. Sounds kind of nice.
Guten Tag My Robotic Overlords by Kevin Stillwater (pdf version)

Decline of the Hawaiian Language (doc version)
This is a paper I wrote bacl in 2005 for a MultiCulturalism class in pursuit of an Addiction Studies Certificate at DVC. I didn't cringe as much as I expected when I reread it just now. Actually, I was more embarrassed by the stilted language than anything I said. And you can bet, if I had more of my school papers lying about, I'd post them, as well. But this just might have been the last one I ever wrote. Oh, and yeah. I got an A in the course. If I remember correctly, everyone got an A in that course...
Decline of the Hawaiian Language (pdf version)

Horde Swarm: Outline for a Territory Control Strategy Game (doc version)
Recently, I've been doing a bit of coding. And I'm sure some of the ideas contained herein are relevant to my current project. But just looking at the size of the outline, I can tell the overall convept for this is way more complex than anything I want to get involved in at the moment.
Horde Swarm: Outline for a Territory Control Strategy Game (pdf version)

Howl at the Moon (proto porn, doc version)
Sometimes, often, I write to experience the visceral thrill of... sex... racing down a mountain road... and being a magical creature from another world. I suppose this story fit the bill for all three. Or at least, the first chapter does. That's as far as I got. And if the plot is unclear (and it probably is), it's the tale of a body snatcher of sorts -- a denizen from the Dog Star World visiting ours for as long as the body it's chosen can hold out.
Howl at the Moon (proto porn, pdf version)

Icy Snow by Kevin Stillwater (doc version)
All the pieces are there, a person could build a story out of this, a whole world, life, adventure. I think this piece adequately explains why I'm a fan of Stillwater's work. Sometimes it just flows. Oh, futuristic, cyberpunk, robot veteran returns from war, or something like that. I mean, need it be said, you can never go home. And the lucky one's died...
Icy Snow by Kevin Stillwater (pdf version)

Media Week (doc version)
The concept behind this webpage is that I should either post or delete (like permanently) everything in my unfinished (garbage) writing folder. So, I didn't feel like deleting this file. And if you are of the mind, you may read what magazines, TV shows, movies (almost none of the later), and music videos that I consumed over the course of the week. And though, I will own up to viewing (what apparently was quite a bit of) porn on the Internet, I neglected to make note of any of the sources or model's names. I can only hope they will forgive the slight. Ironically, part of me wants to forget the entire thing (i.e. delete entirely), the other wants to increase the coverage next time, if you know what I mean, which I think you do, nudge-nudge, wink-wink...
Media Week (pdf version)

Mouse (proto porn, doc version)
This story takes place in the same universe as Howl at the Moon. This story is deeper, more complex, structurally far more satisfying to my tastes. But much like Howl at the Moon, sex is a major plot point (though if you are looking for sex, you will be disappointed) and it stops dead at the end of the first chapter. That happens a lot to me. The next day, I just wasn't interested. Or you know, after starting with a rape scene, I was sort of convinced the sucker would never sell. And having gotten the rape out of my system, no sense continuing on. Or so, I'm guessing. It has been years and years. Still know what the main character looks like, though: jeans, white shirt, combat boots, and short black hair -- total tomboy... and out for revenge!
Mouse (proto porn, pdf version)

My Fucking Family (doc)
He has this family, see. And he feels the need to run away from them... which is not what the story is about, not by a long shot. But then, I only got so far, so maybe it is.
My Fucking Family (pdf)

NiL-E (aka Ni'Yat) by Guy de Mann

I actually wrote this, but attributing it to Guy seems sort of cleverish to me considering how Guy is Mann's Imaginary Friend / Alter Ego. Anyhow, this is unfinished, so it's a train wreck. And when asked why I feel compelled to post all this gibberish to the web, the real answer is that I believe one day (in a mere decade or two), computers (our robotic masters of the future) will know how to turn this straw into gold, the only catch being that they need the raw straw to work with. This then is the straw.

For those who want more of an intro than that, this is a Love Story, from beginning to... somewhere in the middle... featuring flying saucers, tentacle sex with nubile aliens, young college coeds, and a long suffering wife, who plays the role of all (to perfection, I might add), loving every minute of it.

NiL-E.pdf everything below in one handy dandy pdf

The individual parts and pieces in doc form:
NiL-E: Intro to the Posting
NiL-E: Abstracts (the idea)
NiL-E: Characters
NiL-E: Outline
NiL-E: Introduction (start proper)
NiL-E: The Room (Act 1)
NiL-E: Making Of Guy (he's not real, you know)
NiL-E: Dating Montage (perhaps the best part)
NiL-E: Restaurant (Chinese take-out being the best)
NiL-E: Mann (Part 6: or so the numbers tell me)
NiL-E: Garage (where NiL-E lives)
NiL-E: Alien Sex (The Climax, as it where)
NiL-E: The End (being The End)
NiL-E: Movie Outline (notes say, call it porn, so it's probably kind of raunchy)
NiL-E: Cum Crash (a sex scene, leading to a crash, ala Garp)
NiL-E: Notes
NiL-E: PDF Notes (hand written)

I can't remember how raunchy this gets, so be warned. Certainly sex is an ever present theme (love, perhaps, meaning different things to a Guy than an Alien Being such as a girl), so just, you know, not for prudes.

I restarted this story (ever so briefly), getting a single chapter finished, prior to realizing that my life is not presently organized so as to allow me the luxury of pursuing a book length manuscript. Still, the chapter itself reads fine enough. And false starts and hanging first chapters are exactly the sort of thing this page is all about, anyway. So, congrats. I've got another post.

Nil-E - 2019-01-31 (doc)
Nil-E - 2019-01-31 (pdf)

Note Carding (doc version)
Down and dirty writing advice. Nothing more.
   Note Carding: being the art of quickly and efficiently putting into writing that which you wish to say... and nothing more.
On note cards, of course.
Note Carding (pdf version)

Ravenna by Kevin Stillwater (proto porn violence, doc version)
Kevin lives in the future. Don't ask me why he sends his stuff back to the past. Anyway, mores are a bit different there, in the future, more relaxed... or certainly, more so than my past. This is the story of a boy beating up a girl. If that's what you want to read about, read away...
Ravenna by Kevin Stillwater (proto porn violenc, pdf version)

Road: Brick: Red by Brett Paufler
On this one, I got as far as the idea, nothing more.

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   Love me.
   I am great.
   Be Impressed.

   I started once before.

   # # # 1 # # #


   Did I mention that I started once before?

   New form: one idea a day, nothing more.
   No expansion. No contraction.
   Every day, true to an idea, a single idea. So, it will take awhile. Come back in a year if you want it all played straight through... or a week, if you do not think I have what it takes: the patience.

   Love me.
   I am great.
   Be impressed.

   One idea a day, only maybe a little more upfront to remind you where we have been and a little more at the end to let you see where I think we are going: a snapshot of the thoughts of the moment.

   # # # END # # #

The real question might be, why I cannot find the will to throw this obvious scrap out. It is not a bad idea. But at this point, I have not intention of implementing it and so it might as well be notes on a napkin. Of course, I actually know the answer to that. Deciding what to keep and what to toss would take effort. So, post everything. It is only that which I am not willing to post that is truly scrap...

Rudgar's Gold (doc version)
Lots of stuff on this page is garbage. To many, perhaps, this pieces is garbage... maybe one of the best examples of garbage on this page. Who knows? I'll let you decide that. But even if it is garbage, it's garbage that I spent hundreds of hours (maybe) daydreaming about. It has a place in my heart, in my mind, and my soul. I can smell Rudgar (the old pirate), see the growth of his beard, feel his handshake, and enjoy the boyhood mirth in his eyes as he bounces his eyebrows or gives a good hearty pirate 'Argh!' So, if you're looking for the real reason I don't just dump this all into my computer's Recycle Bin, it's because these pieces are like vacation photos of my mind, places I spent some time in, vacationing, getting away from it all. And some of them (output, quality, marketability, etc, aside) are quite close to my soul. This is one of those. When the siren goes off in the first scene, I can hear it. The lights flash. It's just a fun place for me to be. And if you've got that gift for reading between the lines, maybe for you, as well.
Rudgar's Gold Notes (pdf version) being a scan of pre-story, writing notes, more plot info, etc. I hardly ever work from notes, but this story was going to be complicated (perhaps too complicated, perhaps that was it's downfall). Whatever the case, them story notes be available there. Or the pdf version of the first few acts, below.
Rudgar's Gold (pdf version)

Rune Song: A Tarot Reading System by Morgana Feldstone and Fritz Heinmillerstein (doc version)
I won's say this is a complete Rune Reading System (of which Reading Tarot Cards is a subclass). But if this was all one ever knew about The Art they'd be farther along than most. To The Art is A Craft and this little document may (or may not) tell one all they need know about applying the one to the other. If one knows how to read between the lines, that is...
Rune Song: A Tarot Reading System by Morgana Feldstone and Fritz Heinmillerstein (pdf version)

The Sick Deconstructed by Eddie Takosori (doc version)
Eddie Takosori was known to live in his own little world wherein he claimed to commune with aliens on a regular basis, be the leader of an infamous cult that was taking over the world, and had world class model for a girlfriend, which, of course, is all lies. Don't get me wrong. Kelly, his wife, is/was a real knock-out, a real looker, totally gorgeous, but she was more of a stripper than a model and she'd most definitely gut him in his sleep if she ever thought he had a girlfriend on the side. Not that any of that matters. The principal point is that one of the worlds in which Eddie spent the most time was something I tend to call The Sick Mythos. And if you're interested in what that means, this is probably as good a primer as you're going to find anywhere. I mean, you know what they say, the first one is always free. But then, that's not the whole truth. Money is only money. And much more than receiving a few pennies for selling a book, I'd rather have the opportunity of introducing you to the world of The Sick. It has a way of getting under your skin. And then, of course, along with your money, the squids already own you -- heart, body, and soul -- and what does money mean in a world such as that?
The Sick Deconstructed by Eddie Takosori (pdf version)

Skull Lake (doc version)
Lake of Skulls is a book by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddel. I used the pictures therein as a focus for a writing exercise. Take a picture book (magazine, comic, whatever) and write your own story based thereon (without reading the real text). This is the result. Highly unsellable to be sure. But if Paul and Chris can gain a little notoriety or sell a few more copies of their work based upon my enthusiasm, I say, more power to them. It's the least I can do, seeing as how I got my copy of Lake of Skulls for free...
Skull Lake (pdf version)

Sleeping Beauty Revisited (pdf version)
These are rough story notes from back in 2009, so it's safe to say I have no intention of ever following through and finishing this thing. As a summary, I do believe it was an attempt to update and explain the Sleeping Beauty Legend in terms of the onset of menstruation... the pin-prick of blood and all that.

Snail Wrangling (an experimental proceedure, doc version)
No joke, this was an experiment I conducted for a month or so. Tim Pearce was amazingly helpful in giving a bit of free advice via an email. So if nothing else, I owe him a great big public thank you. And then, if you ever doubted me about this page being a dumping ground for things I didn't want to throw away, but perhaps (just perhaps) some of them really where garbage nonetheless. Well, this entry probably supports that theory. A lesser man would throw this sort of thing and be done with it. But alas, I am no lesser man.
Snail Wrangling (an experimental proceedure, pdf version)

Spiritual Death (doc version)
Nietzsche said 'God is Dead'. My claim is more along the lines of his being defined out of existence. So, not so much a story as an opinion blog. Though, I got to tell you. I read so many Metaphysical Pamphlets as a young lad mixed in the with SF and Fantasy that I have no doubt this kind of argument is a sort of fiction unto itself. A statement my detractors are sure to concede...
Spiritual Death (pdf version)

Steady on Steadwyck by Morgana Feldstone (proto porn, maybe more, doc version)
I'm going to have to give Morgana a call one of these days and see if she's interested in collaborating on some guided mediation, astral projection, past life regression, dream induction tapes; you know, the type that help you get where you want to go. I think she just might know a thing or two about that. And since this ditty remains unfinished (and likely always will) thing one and thing two is about as far as we need go...
Steady on Steadwyck by Morgana Feldstone (proto pron, maybe more, pdf version)

The Three Little LeeZards and the Big Bad Arm (doc version)
I never had any imaginary friends while I was growing up, took until I was thirty for that. Maybe better that way. After a decade, they still pay me a visit now and again: when I'm feeling gloomy, they're getting hungry, or the moment needs someone to share...
   That be what friends be for
   Say Arm, as long as we here...
   What Fred be asking, you got the Chippers!
   Or the Chocolate!
   Or the Fiz-Pepsidaisy!
   Fiz me Arm!
And the LeeZards have spoken...
   But obverously not louders enoughs
   Fred hungies
   Fred starvationing
You'll have to excuse me, they're worse than cats.
   Arm be careful what he say
   Or LeeZard take it out on hees Arm
   See what Fred do there?
   It the play on the wordies
   Because the Arm have the Arm
I think they get it. Why don't I just feed you? How does a grilled cheese sandwich sound?
   Only if eet come with the chippers
   And the tomatoe soup
   And the cookeries for dessert.
   Maybe eet best if he start with cookeries
   You know, in case he get distracted
   And he forget
   One moment the Fred be the here, the there
   The next moment, Poof!
   The Mister forget
   And in the flash, the Fred dissappear...
The Three Little LeeZards and the Big Bad Arm (pdf version)

Triple Play by Brett Paufler (doc version)
The only thing wrong with this story is that I couldn't get the font size on my name to go any larger. Other than that, it's darn near perfect -- brilliant, in fact. Bet you can't tell from the title alone what my one claim to sporting glory is...
Triple Play by Brett Paufler (pdf version)

Troglodyte (doc version)
If you've ever said to yourself, when I grow up, I want to be a Troglodyte, then this tome is for you. It's everything you ever needed to know in order to be a Trog... or would be, if I'd ever finished it.
Troglodyte (pdf version)

Trump Card Games Simplified (doc version)
I was curious about the differences between Bridge, Pitch, Whist and the rest, so I put together a short cheat sheet for myself. This is it. There really is nothing more to it than that. Very straightforward.
Trump Card Games Simplified (pdf version)

Wild West (is the working title) by Kevin Stillwater (doc version)
Stops midsentence after a page and a half. These things never make sense to me. I like the ride while it lasts, but mid-sentence, to say it stops on a dime would be a bit of an understatment. Oh, and if you're a connoisseur of Stillwater's work, I do believe the was intended to be dreamt from Steffan's point of view. So, maybe Stillwater outsourced the entire thing...
Wild West (is the working title) by Kevin Stillwater (pdf version)

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